2 Tools To Help With Your Kid’s Hair

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I didn’t know being a mom meant I had to be a beautician too. Always on the hunt for tools for my kid’s hair. I’m always asking myself what the heck can I do with kid’s hair! Most moms wing it, I know I did until they became teenagers. That is when I wanted to pull my hair out!

First Tool For Kid’s Hair- Wave Glyder

My son kept talking about WAVES. What the heck are waves? I had no clue and couldn’t help the kid. I watched a couple of videos and gave up. I told him to brush his hair forward, but we both were lost.

As a mom, I felt like I let him down a bit because he wanted to look good, and I had to know idea how to help him. I took him to the barber hoping to get help there, but I was just talked down too, but that is okay I was on a mission. Knowing my son, he wasn’t going to give up, so I did more research, and I found a product that might just work- the WAVE GLYDER!

Wave Glyder Tools for Kids Hair

The Wave Glyder is the ultimate hair smoother. It is designed to lay down your hair & accentuate your wave pattern, not replace the brush. When we got the Wave Glyder, it seems very simple to use, and my son was on a mission to get waves. He had his Wave Glyder with him everywhere he went!

I can see how this tool would help out any parent get the look of WAVES their kid might want! The Wave Glyder is for any age, but it is a tool for moms to help with their kid’s hair.

Check out this video- it explains EVERYTHING you need to know about the Wave Glyder Kit-

Second Tool For Kid’s Hair- Curl Peace

Now onto my daughter! WOW now, this was harder for me. I couldn’t just comb her hair into a ponytail and on with our day. Nope! She wanted defined curls, and she was on a mission. My daughter, as she got older, took it upon herself to learn how to do her hair- thank goodness because I barely had time to do my hair.

But one of the issues we had was the right product that would work with her hair. We have gone through so many products and tools for her hair and didn’t get the result she wanted. Then I came across Curl Peace from Just For Me hair products.

Curl Peace is a fantastic tool for Kid's Hair

OMG…I hit the motherload of products that came in handy! Every product in this collection is fantastic! My daughter uses Curl Peace every day to style her hair. She was able to get the curls she wanted, the softness she also wanted, and her hair is not one big FRIZZ BALL (her words)! Her natural hair was so beautiful, and I loved how she embraced her hair and made it what she wanted.

Tools for Kids Hair

Thank goodness for Curl Peace, and I highly recommend this for moms who need help take the stress out of styling-tug resistant, tender-heads can get back to the fun and games. The products are formulated with gentle ingredients like Shea Butter, Raw Honey, and Marshmallow Root Extract, Curl Peace™ leaves kid’s kinks, coils, and curls tangle-free, moisturized and soft.

Make sure to get your tools to help with your kid’s hair- it will make your life easier, especially on picture day at school!  

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Virtual Summer Camp-Join Us for 8 Weeks! #CampWarnerBros

Virtual Summer Camp- Come Join Us #CampWarnerBros

OMG Summer is HERE! As a mom- what the heck am I going to do with the kids this summer? With most of the Summer Camps closed across the nation- what are kids going to do? Well, we have something to cool for all you- Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is hosting their first-ever Camp Warner Bros! We are super excited we got picked to be part of the Virtual Summer Camp!

Every week for 8 weeks (yes 8 weeks) we will be sharing some camp activities you can do with the kids around the house PLUS our review of a kid-friendly movie! My daughter is excited to participate in this virtual summer camp because it gives her something to do while we are in the house!

Camp Calendar

Week 1- June 22-26th- Super Hero Training Movie- LEGO® DC: Shazam! Magic and Monsters 

Week 2- June 29- DIY Crystal Gems- Movie- Steven Universe: The Movie

Week 3- July 6 Gummy Bear Slime- Movie- We Bare Bears: The Movie

Week 4- July 13: Cooking & Coloring Movie- Scooby-Doo and the WrestleMania Mystery

Week 5- July 20: Character Bank Movie- Teen Titan’s GO! Vs Teen Titans

Week 6- July 27 Summer Goals Chart & Family Fitness Movie- Alex and Me

Week 7- August 3 Drive-In Movie – Movie- Tom & Jerry: The Fast and the Furry

Week 8- August 10 Talent Show-Do the Urkel – Movie Family Matters: S1

Virtual Summer Camp- Come Join Us #CampWarnerBros


Hope you can JOIN us for this amazing Virtual Summer Camp!

A Meal Delivery Subscription with Kids in Mind

A Meal Delivery Subscription with Kids in Mind
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As a Mom of 4, I have so much on my plate. Figuratively of course. Often I find myself wondering after the kids have gone to bed if I am doing enough for them? One of my biggest doubts is their diets. I find myself just rushing to the most convenient items, which let’s be honest, is macaroni and cheese and fast food. Not the best meals at all for them. Recently I came across a Meal Delivery Service with Kids in mind. Including picky eaters. Now I can order healthy meals for the week, in advance, and have peace of mind that I am checking one of the mom-guilts off of my list.

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Feel Good Products for 2020!

I want to use products that make me feel good and are good for me!  I look back over the last five years I wasted a lot of money, time, and space on products that weren’t worth it! I’ve been cleaning my home for the past month and feel good getting rid of just plain JUNK!  For 2020 I’m only going to use feel good products.

I felt like I needed to share with our readers on some products that are 2020 worthy!  

Inspirational Clothing-Feel good!

So there is this brand that I feel we all need to get behind in 2020. BRAVEHOODS- their mission is to give kids comfort and hope while they fight cancer. I love me some BraveHoods for many reasons, but the main one is for every item bought one is donated- so basically you are buying 2 for the price of 1.  

The hoodies are hecka comfy too! I’ve never been a pullover bulky hoodie girl, so I don’t own a lot of hoodies, BUT this brand I want them all.  Why…they are lightweight and super soft. I put mine on with jeans and boots then out the door I go. My daughter and I have matching ones, and OMG, we look cute.  When we wore them out one day, we had three people ask us where we got them. Of course, I shared who and why they need to get one too! 

People…in 2020, let’s try our hardest to GIVE BACK!  BraveHoods hoodies make a difference and are inspirational. By the way, they have donated 7,000 Bravehoods to kids all over the country. They are more than just a HOODIE! This is my go-to shirt any day! 

Feel Good and RELAX more in 2020!

2020 should be a chill year. There is so much chaos going on inside the home, and outside of our homes when I say chaos, I mean a lot going on! I have two teens, a grumpy hubby, and a spoiled pitbull.  

I know I need to relax more, so I choose the Social CBD Lavender CBD Hemp Extract All In One Vape Pen.  Now I’ve never tried a vape pen until now, and I love it. I take CBD oils on a regular to calm my anxiety, but this was a different experience that I enjoyed. 

It tasted like lavender- now don’t make that face- it tasted good. It was super easy to use- inhale, and the end lights up when you are using it. The vape pen holds up to 200 puffs – so this will last me a bit.  I take about two hits before bed, and my sleep has been amazing. Now there are more vape pens I think I need to look into like the- Focus (peppermint) and Revive (lemon or grapefruit)! 

Now let’s talk about my Harley- almost 3-year-old pit.  He is my cuddle buddy, but when we have company over, or I’m gone for hours, this guy gets super excited.  His anxiety level goes sky high sometimes, so even his VET suggested CBD drops, which has worked miracles with his jumping and barking. 

Harley LOVES bacon, so of course, I had to get the Pets Bacon Broad Spectrum CBD Drops for him. It is 100% hemp-derived Broad Spectrum CBD extract with fractionated coconut oil and all-natural herbs and spices. So no I’m not giving my dog anything that would harm him, it helps him- a couple drops in his food when I know I’ll be gone all day or when my kids’ friends are coming over- to ease the anxiety he feels- he is far more CHILLED with Social Pets. 

Bring In 2020 with a BANG!  Feel real GOOD!

Celebration of the New Year, we are cracking open a bottle of 9 Lives Wine! We had one bottle on Christmas Day, and oh my goodness, YUMMY! I’m not the biggest wine drinker, but on special occasions, I will take a sip or two. I prefer wines that cost under $20 because that’s just me, so 9 Lives fits in that price range- $9! 

  • 2017 9 Lives Reserve Sauvignon Blanc ($9.99)-This pale, straw yellow wine has a bouquet that boasts hints of grapefruit and peach. It is fresh and well balanced with attractive fruity notes.
  • 2017 9 Lives Reserve Malbec ($9.99)– Garnet red in color, with intense and fruity with subtle floral notes. Smooth tannins and a delicate, persistent finish.

In my area (Bay Area, Ca), I can get 9 Lives Wine at Total Wine & More, so do a search, and you will be able to pick up a bottle or two near you! 

So let’s bring in 2020 with brands that are amazing and inspire people! No more wasting your money on crappy products! The Beauty Brite team will suggest more feel good products in 2020!

Check out Healthy Snacks For Your Picky Eater plus comment below on what kind of products you want to see more of on BeautyBrite.com!

Our Top Five Tips for a Happy Holiday Season

Top Five Tips for a Happy Holiday Season
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Thanksgiving is officially here, which can only mean one thing. It’s the most stressful, I mean wonderful, time of year. Between travel, baking, parties, traffic, and shopping, the holidays can start to feel a little less than merry. To help you keep calm and carry on we’re sharing our top tips for a happy holiday season.

Happy Holiday Season Tip 1: Have Fun 

I know this tip seems obvious, but let’s face it, the holidays aren’t always fun. We often get so lost in the shuffle of prepping and consuming (and I’m not talking about all things chocolate and peppermint), that we forget what it’s all about; enjoying new and old traditions with the ones we love.

Happy Holiday Season - Have Fun

So this season, make fun the top task of your to-do list. Think about what are your favorite things to do during the holidays? Is it building a snowman with your kids? Meeting up with friends for some adult hot chocolate? Going to look at the lights and windows displays in your town? Watching every Hallmark holiday movie you can?

Tip 2: Get Organized & Get Planning

This happy holiday season tip is more on the practical side and involves to-do lists, wish lists and calendars. Before you attend one party or shop for one gift, take 20 minutes or so and get organized.

Break out that calendar and write down every party, event, deadline, etc. you and your family will be attending or completing over the next month. Then share it digitally or post it in a prominent place so everyone can see it.

Tip 2: Get Organized & Get Planning

Next, if you are planning a party, hosting family or have to do some holiday baking, make a list of what you need to do and when you need to do it. If others are involved in the process, share your lists and ask for help. Remember, it’s more fun when you do things together.

Finally, create a gift wish list. For instance, a few years ago, my family started a Hanukkah Wish List Google Doc. Each person has their own page where they can fill out their wish list for the season. It might not sound sexy, but I would much rather give someone what they want or need than try to be super creative and fail.

Tip 3: Break out the Yoga Mat
MySolMat Avocado

Now before you think this tip is all about not having that second helping of cookies, think again. Remember, this post is about having a happy holiday season. It’s not about judgment, so indulge how you see fit. Instead, this tip involves reducing holiday stress by breaking out the yoga mat for a workout or for meditation. Moving your body or calming your mind can really help you feel centered and calm during all the hustle of bustle.

I plan on using my new MySolMat, which the brand was kind enough to send me, to make my holiday season zen. What I love most about MySolMat, besides the fun avocado print, is the 6mm of soft cushioned support and the two no-slip textures.

MySolMat closeup

It’s also very lightweight and portable. In fact, it comes with a detachable carry strap for easy storage and travel. Not to mention, the material is eco-friendly, anti-bacterial, and free of Latex, PVC & Chloride, which makes it allergy-free and the perfect gift for yourself or anyone on your list.

MySolMat Strap

My avocado print mat and I will be working through some Pilates moves to help me feel release holiday shopping muscle tension. I’m also planning on using it for some Yoga Nidra practice or meditation to help relieve some holiday stress and quiet my mind.

Tip 4: Make Lazy Sunday a Monday Or Thursday

Now, this tip should apply to the entire year, but it’s especially important during the holidays. If you want to wake up refreshed and ready for 2020, rest and relaxation are a must.

Happy Holiday Season - Tip 4 Lazy Sunday

Stay in those pj’s all day. In fact, I highly recommend doing it at least a couple of times over the next month. Have a family pj day.  Watch movies, listen to music, make some cookies, drink some hot chocolate, and just be.

I also highly recommend sleeping in as much as possible. If you don’t have somewhere to be, then forget about your alarm and wake up when you wake up. Or go to bed early. Sometimes it’s fun to put that to-do list away and climb into bed before that clock strikes 9:00. Read a good book, listen to a holiday podcast, or spend time cuddling with the one you love.

Tip 5: Make a Holiday PlayList

Our final tip has me feeling nostalgic for the days of the mixtape, or more commonly known as the playlist these days. Whatever you choose to call it, let it be all about creating joy and a happy holiday season. You can use iTunes, Spotify or Pandora to make the perfect playlist to accompany all of your holiday adventures.

For me, that always involves listening to “Last Christmas” by Wham and the numerous versions of “The Hanukkah Song” by Adam Sandler on repeat. Of course, I also have to watch the music videos of both songs. I can’t get enough of George Michael frolicking in the snow in all his 80s glory. Or Adam Sandler making the eight crazy nights of Hanukkah so very entertaining.  

We hope these five tips help make your holidays a lot more fun and a lot less stressful. And if you have any other tips please share them with us. We loved to know, how do you have a happy holiday season?

And don’t forget to grab yourself or someone on your holiday list a MySolMat. With ten fun prints to choose from, they’ll make this season and all seasons to come merry and bright.

Keep Your Family Healthier This Winter

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As a mom of four, I feel like someone is always battling some sort of cold. With the two oldest in school, and then the two youngest in preschool our house is constantly a petri dish of germs. Add into the mix that I work at a daycare teaching the one and two-year-olds, this mommy is constantly on the search for ways to keep our family healthier.

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5 Essential Things To Do Before The Biggest Day Of Your Life

For most people, one of the biggest days in their lives is when they get married. Of course, that means there is a lot of preparation and organization to get right if your big day is to be everything you want. In fact, there are at least 5 Essential Things To Do Before The Biggest Day Of Your Life. A topic you can get the lowdown on in my post below. 

5 Essential Things To Do Before The Biggest Day Of Your Life

Have the talk 

Before you can do anything else, you and your SO need to have a talk about your marriage plans. In fact, it is common for this to happen before even getting engaged these days. After all, things are much more equal now, and that means no one should be surprised or feel pressured into a proposal that comes entirely out of the blue. 

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3 Back To School Essentials For The House

It’s Back To School time! We all know school supplies are mostly for school, but we have some fresh ideas for back to school essentials for the house. Sure do, things you probably wouldn’t think about or have on your list.

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Let There Be LIGHT-Healthy Light that is! 

Teens will have a lot of homework and if they have a desk they will need a lamp. Just in case they are working in the wee of the night or early morning. So we want to introduce you to the Ottlite LED Desk Lamp which is a healthy light option for your kids. Eye strain is no joke so yes this is a back to school essential.

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Puddle Jumping Our Way Through Safe Water Play

Puddle Jumping Our Way Through Safe Water Play

Summer is still in full swing where I live. North Carolina doesn’t usually start to cool down until the end of September which is both a blessing and a curse. Safe water play in these warmer months is extremely important. One huge benefit in our favor though would be our puddle jumpers. Whether its a day at the lake, the community pool, or even our inflatable pool in the back yard – I have peace of my mind that my children are safe in their puddle jumpers.

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Dried Orange Peel Bath Bombs

There are times when I want to relax and take a hot bath. I honestly haven’t taken a bath in a long time, but I recently whipped up a batch of bath bombs and just love treating myself! I also wanted to start making bath bombs to add to my son’s bath. He loves baths, but I also wanted to add a fun addition to his bath! Get ready for a refreshing experience with the Dried Orange Peel Bath Bombs! 

Dried Orange Peel Bath Bombs

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

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