Fashionable Walking Gear For Puppy

We added a new puppy to our family! I decided to take the leap and add a puppy to our household. With that, I was scrambling to gather the basic necessities I would need! I found fashionable walking gear for puppy and excited to share!

Fashionable Walking Gear For Puppy
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As a new pet parent, I was definitely a rookie when it came to choosing the necessities. I basically chose the affordable items. Now, I make the fashionable choices! Cute designs helps show off his personality!

Are you ready for fashionable walking gear for puppy?

Puppy background

I found a breeder that I really liked. I joined their Facebook group and saw the comments from their families. I lurked in the group for months, which gave me a chance to really decide if I was ready. Originally, I told myself I would wait until I found an amazing partner to share a life with. However, being single, it can be very lonely! 

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Making Snail Mail Fun Again

Making Snail Mail Fun Again
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In a time where technology rules the world, the time for mail is slowly falling out of style. When you can get something at the push of a button the term snail mail is true when you have to wait. Now with Sunny The mail snail, you can bring joy to your child’s face when they get their very own Snail Mail package!

Letter from Sunny

Snail Mail bringing smiles to your face!

Snail Mail

As a small child, I remember I used to feel like a million bucks when I would get something in the mail. The excitement of opening it up and seeing just what I had gotten! Which now isn’t so fun when most of its all bills. Keep an eye on your mailbox because now Sunny the Mail Snail, is making snail mail fun again for the whole entire family.

Tell me more about Sunny you say? Sunny will send your family weekly letters about his adventures around the world. Along with these letters are little mementos, trinkets, stickers and lots of fun. When we opened our box for the first time we were greeted with our very own stuffed Sunny plushie. Next, we found so many fun items; a fun and colorful map of the world with lots of fun animal pictures. There was also feathers from Sunny’s best friend “Bluebird” who gives him rides all over the world.

Sunnys Adventures

Our box also included Sunny’s passport with plenty of room for your kids to document all of Sunny’s travels. We have received a letter weekly from Sunny telling us all about his travels. He always includes some many fun items inside his letters. From pictures of animals to fun stickers all the kids love to document his progress around the world. It’s so much fun to see their smiles when we open the mailbox and find a letter from our little friend. To get your very own subscription to Sunny’s travels be sure to check out his website, Facebook, or Instagram.


I think right now while the world seems to be on lockdown Sunny the Mail Snail is the perfect addition to your family. It gives your children a sense of adventure, and a chance to see the world when we are all feeling a little cooped up right now. It also is a great way to encourage reading and the love of animals.

Where would you live to see Sunny Visit?

Soothe Your Pet with Snuggle Puppy

Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy
Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy
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Many pets get anxiety. Especially during the current pandemic, while most people are working from home, it can be a confusing time for our pets. Well Smart Pet Love created the Snuggle Puppy just for this purpose. Soothe Your Pet with Snuggle Puppy. Snuggle puppy calms your pet with a simulated heartbeat and heat.

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4 Reasons Why I LOVE My Dog!

My dog makes me happy every morning. I get up, and Harley is looking at me with his big brown eyes and wagging tail.

The main reason why we got a dog is that every family needs a dog. However, when I was 5 years old, someone shot my dog in front of me, so that has been a traumatic experience that stopped me from having another pet until Harley came into our life. But my kids didn’t experience that, so I needed to let go of that trauma and start over with my family; it only took 45 years!

The kids begged for many years, and I finally said yes 3 years ago, and it has been the best thing for ME!  I got the dog for the kids, not me, but I fell in love the moment I saw him! 

We (oh I mean I did) named our dog Harley.  What is funny about this situation is the kids wanted a dog so bad, but after like 3 days, they were over him and really didn’t help much with him anyway, which is fine because Harley is my dog!  Three years later, everyone in the house is JEALOUS of Harley!  

Let me explain why I love my dog so much!

4 Reasons Why I LOVE My Dog!


My dog makes me happy every morning. I get up, and Harley is looking at me with his big brown eyes and wagging tail.  He is super excited to see me!  No one is awake when I get up, so Harley loves to spend this time with me. I smile every morning because of my dog, Harley. 


My Harley is a dog who barks very loud and can scare the neighbors when they walk by. But he is the biggest cuddle monster when he gets to know you.  He protects our home better than a surveillance camera. He can either hear or smell something different within minutes.

It amazes me every time he does that; when someone is at our gate, he will notify us even before he sees the person. He even knows certain vehicle sounds- like our friends will pull up, and he will start barking like hey look who is here. He sure does know when the UPS driver is in our area.  I feel safe in my home knowing I have my dog, Harley. 

Unconditional Love

My dog doesn’t care what type of mood I am in either; he wants to be near me. I don’t mind that either he is my comfort zone.  He can tell when I’m sad and will try to make me feel better by snuggling up or licking me to death.  By the way, I am the only one who loves his licks! 


Which leads me to this reason- having a dog is very therapeutic for me.  I can take him for a walk to clear my mind or throw the ball to him while thinking about things.  Ever since getting Harley, my mental health has been a lot better.

When I feel I need to balance myself, I will sit down and pet Harley.  Now don’t laugh. I also sit and talk to him.  He sits there and listens- no interruptions or excuses like I get from the kids. I can honestly say Harley is one of my best friends.  

How I show Harley LOVE

Since he shows me so much LOVE, I also show him ways I love him like his food- NO grocery store bulk food for him! Only the best for my dog- well within my budget.  I want to share a pet food company with you that is so amazing- PORTLAND PET FOOD COMPANY.  

We were able to try out samples of their fully cooked, ready to eat Homestyle Dog Meals.  Their motto is Crafted by humans and loved by dogs, which are PERFECT for this company.

  • They use all-natural and local meats, vegetables, and grains. 
  • Human Grade.
  • USA Sourced. 
  • No preservatives. 
  • No added hormones. 
  • No meat by-products.
  • No rendered meats. Ever.

My dog feasted on Hopkins’ Pork N’ Potato Grain, Rosie’s Beef N’ Rice, Tuxedo’s Chicken & Yams, Grandma Ada’s Turkey & Yams Grain, and then his favorite was Wally’s Salmon N’ Rice.  

4 Reasons Why I LOVE My Dog!  Plus how I show him love- Portland Pet Food Company

I highly recommend buying the Meal Variety Pack for $34.95 and guess what they even have a code – Enter TRYPPFC at checkout for 40% off your purchase of one (1) trial pack to test out all 5 of our ready to eat 100% Natural Human-Grade meals. Discount limited to one (1) use per customer.

If you really want to spoil your dog- heat the pouch in the microwave!  Oh yes- Harley enjoyed a hot meal when we did too. I already make him food, so having these pouches helped me when I was low on food or wanted something different. The pouches have a two-year shelf life- which is amazing! 

Now let’s talk TREATS! 

Their treats are 100% sourced and made in the USA. The dog biscuits are sustainable, natural, and delicious. My dog gets so excited when I bring out these special treats. All the biscuits are twice-baked in the oven to create a light, crunchy texture that’s easy to chew or break into smaller pieces.  Grain and Gluten-Free options are also available.  

Harley’s favorite treat is Brew Biscuits with Bacon Dog!  He goes crazy when I bring out these special treats. I feel good giving him these treats and will buy MORE! 

4 Reasons Why I LOVE My Dog!  Plus how I show him love- Portland Pet Food Company- Treats

Portland Pet Food Company is 100% Natural Human Grade Pet Food and Treats that we have tried and love.  Oh yeah, they also GIVE BACK- 5% of the net profit is donated to local non-profit animal shelters and programs. 

The best part is I don’t have to live in Portland to get this yummy food for Harley – I can go to my local Whole Foods! However, Portland Pet Food Company usually has deals going on for its customers so I would check there first!

I hope you check out Beauty Brite’s Holiday Gift Guide– so many amazing gift ideas- even for the PETS!

How To Prepare For A New Pet Part 3: Pet And Household Needs

Adding a new pet to your home takes so much responsibility! They can add so much love and teach patience! Since adding the dog to our household, it forced me to upgrade our carpet shampooer! I used to try to deep clean our carpet at least once a month, but now that we have a dog, I try to do it more often than that! Let’s discuss how to prepare for a new pet part 3: pet and household needs! 

How To Prepare For A New Pet Part 3: Pet And Household Needs
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We’re focusing on pet needs and household needs! In the meantime, be sure to visit how to prepare for a new pet part 1 and part 2

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Ginger Cat Appreciation Day: Meet My Cheeto-Boy

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day -- Cheeto

Today is Ginger Cat Appreciation Day. Some have called me a crazy cat lady due to always having multiple cats in my home. Well, I’ll take it. It ain’t the worst thing I’ve ever been called. LOL

My whole life has been populated by pets, I can’t imagine my life without them. Much the same as my children have been very loved and cherished, so too have my cats and dogs.

And my horses, ducks, and chickens. And the rat my son asked to have after a teacher sent her class pet rats home with a student for the summer and the males breached the divide from their section of the cage to the female side and had a little too much fun. And the fish my daughter was obsessed with for a few years before she moved out on her own. And the hermit crab we brought back from vacation when the kids were younger. And the little aquarium frog my husband and I had when we were first married — many a moon ago.

Since pets’ lifespans are much shorter than human ones, these loveable creatures come, stay a while, and then cross the Rainbow Bridge. I like to think that every pet I’ve ever had the pleasure to share my life with are all together over there, having the time of their afterlives — playing in rays of sunshine, napping on fluffy beds, swimming in cloud-ponds, and generally just getting all the rewards they deserve for all the joy they brought to us during their life times.

My daughter has moved on from fish (too much work for her to keep up with to her satisfaction). But, she is definitely following in my Crazy Cat Lady footsteps with her three little kitty-children that she loves and dotes on. We have a standing agreement that should anything ever happen to either of us, the other will absolutely adopt the other’s pets. It sounds weird to say (or write) that, but it’s important to make arrangements for the important things in life (children, pets, property and assets) in case the worst should happen, right?

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day -- Cheeto

This little guy, Cheeto, gave us quite the scare last year. He wanted to go outside so bad. We live in a semi-rural area and his big sister cats would go out and play in the yard, chasing birds up trees and squirrels into the woods. We decided to start letting him outside, even though I was worried that he might be inclined to wander unlike his sisters who stick near the house pretty well.

The first few forays into the outside world when well enough. Until my worst fear came true and he didn’t come home one afternoon.

What followed were 12 days of hell — posting flyers, visiting nearby houses asking if anyone had seen him, driving the neighborhood with the windows down calling his name, asking for help in neighborhood lost pet groups online, checking – rechecking – and checking again with local vets and pet shelters, leaving one of the litter boxes outside alongside bowls of food and water and one of my shirts draped over a chair on the deck hoping the scent would lure him home.

I went outside at all hours of the day and night calling his name hoping he was wandering around looking for the way back home and wasn’t hurt or dead somewhere.

Finally, after twelve long days and nights, less than 20 minutes after one of my outdoor calling sessions he showed up back at the house. He was missing his collar, much skinnier, afraid and clingy, but with only a small wound on the base of his tail. He ate like there was no tomorrow. And once he settled down a bit, he purred so loudly and cuddled like he thought he’d never see me again. He didn’t even try to go back outside for months.

I was so relieved. And angry — with myself for not getting him microchipped before allowing him to wander outdoors. We did a well-check visit to the vet and got that microchipping issue taken care of immediately after his return. I just felt so bad that he’d been on his own for so long, but a little proud that he had figured out some way to get food and survive and find his way home.

He’s finally started going outdoors again a little bit. And, so far (fingers crossed) he’s stayed close to the house and comes when he’s called. But, he’s still a boy. And cat or no, boys will be boys, so I still worry he might wander off again. I hope not, so I just do what I can and enjoy him, love him, and spoil him rotten for as long as I can — and hope it’s enough to keep him safe in this big old world.

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day -- Cheeto

So, this is my long-winded way of expressing my deep love and appreciation for my little ginger boy, Cheeto. He makes every day better!

Check out my Cheeto Boy in his Unicorn Zoo Snood. He was pretty cute, though not as adorable in it as our Callie Girl was. Zoo Snoods have some pretty awesome hand-knit headwear for cats and dogs.

Tell us all about your favorite ginger-colored feline friend! What is your favorite memory with him or her?

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day Ginger Cat Appreciation Day Ginger Cat Appreciation Day Ginger Cat Appreciation Day Ginger Cat Appreciation Day Ginger Cat Appreciation Day Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

Keeping Your Puppy Busy

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New puppies are tons of fun, but they are also little balls of energy. Keeping your puppy busy is so important for your puppies growing mind and body. Keep reading to find out any this fun new box that is sure to get your puppies tail a-wagging!

We got our little maltipoo named Arthas back in July. He’s now a 12-week old ball of energy! I’ve noticed after having many dogs growing up when puppies get bored they get destructive. Our little guy is no exception to this rule. That’s when I decided to start looking for the perfect subscription box. After searching I found the KONG Box.

Keeping Your Puppy Busy

Kong Squeaker Toys

The KONG Box is a great choice for any type of pup that you have. I love that there are 7 different types of boxes from separation anxiety to boredom, there is something for all your furry pal’s needs. All items that go in your new box are hand-picked to make sure all the items are just what you’re looking for. Keeping your puppy busy has never been easier!

With the Bored Dog Solution Box We got some fun new toys, a couple to hide treats, ( and included 3 tasty treats inside ) and his favorite toy a tiny squeaky bear perfect for his tiny teeth to pick up and play with. KONG takes the time to get to know your dog so that they can make sure their items fit all their needs. I love that they invest in getting to know your dog.

Kong Box Toys

In your box you also get a fun new recipe for a treat your do is sure to love. A easy and healthy idea made for your dog to help support healthy habits and lots of fun when put into the Kong toy for mental stimulation. Keeping your pup’s brain sharp will also help in keeping your puppy busy.

I was surprised when I opened my box to find something special just for me. KONG Box included a cloth face mask. I love that they care not only about their puppy friends but their owners as well and making sure they are healthy. In this crazy COVID time right now everyone needs a little bit more compassion.

Kong Face Mask

The KONG Box is a great option for your dog no matter what they need. Keeping your dog happy and healthy. For more information or to get yours visit their Website, Facebook, or Instagram.

For another great box be sure to check out this blog, Beating The Dog Days Of Summer.

How To Prepare For A New Pet Part 1: Toys, Tags, Cleaning For Your New Pet

We recently adopted a dog from the local SPCA and she’s been such a great addition to our family and lifestyle. The Coronavirus may have forced everything to shut down, however, we’ve always been homebodies. Whether you’re a new pet parent or just need ideas on what you need, we share our tips on how to prepare for a new pet with toys, tags, cleaning for your new pet!

How To Prepare For A New Pet Part 1: Toys, Tags, Cleaning For Your New Pet
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I once tried being a foster dog mom. It was my very first time and looking back, it wasn’t a good fit overall. The dog had major surgery and I didn’t have the support from the shelter when I needed their help. Needless to say, that whole experience made me realize I needed to focus on our own family. 

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Happy Dog Happy Life!

My Harley is everything to me; he is family! I treat him like he is one of my kids; he follows me around just like them.  I couldn’t see life without my Harley.  He makes me happy, and I want to make him happy.  Here are some easy ways to have a happy dog

Our Harley has been with us 3 years- we love him!

Happy Dog Happy Life- with my pit Harley

Weight Control

Food is super important- don’t give dogs cheap filler food and be careful with human food.  Do your research!  One thing I was very unclear when it came to feeding my dog is HOW MUCH, and I’m sure I fed him too much for the first year or so.  But now OMG I have it easy with the Portion Paw.

Happy Dog- Portion Paw helps with portion control!
  • They all have a different portion size, and I wanted to make it easy to feed them every day.
  • With three sizes in 1, the Portion Paw allows me to give our family the right portion…every time!
  • To make it even easier, the Portion Paw clips right to your bag of pet food.
  • Over 55% of dogs and cats are overweight… help out your furry family members!

I love this gadget!  Mainly because I’m not going through bags of food like I was- I’m going to assume I was feeding him too much.  His vet did say he was gaining weight every month, and we needed to walk him more.  But his last vet visit- we got GOOD BOY comment that he hasn’t gained any more weight and was exactly where he needed to be on the scale of his age.  Woohoo! 

I highly recommend the Portion Paw for all dogs! Plus, the price is under $6! 

TREATS always make a Happy Dog! 

Oh my gosh- Harley goes crazy when it comes to TREATS.  We love to try new treats to give to him, and we were gifted these amazing snacks

Cooper’s Treats -meat-based, frozen dog treat mix that’s easy and fun to make at home, plus it’s great for your pup! All you have to do is add water to the mix, freeze, and give to your dog. These treats are the perfect summer activity for any dog-owning family, and the Starter Kit makes a great gift. We highly recommend Cooper’s Treats!

Happy Dog- Pupsicle Starter Kit contains everything you need to whip up easy, homemade frozen treats for your dog!

Pupsicle Starter Kit contains everything you need to whip up easy, homemade frozen treats for your dog! They are so much fun to make too.  My daughter has made herself in charge of making Harley’s PUPSICLES.  With the starter kit, you get one jar of Turkey and Cinnamon Treat Mix and one jar of Beef and Cheddar Treat Mix, two silicone treat mold trays, and a tablespoon scoop. The kit makes 48 treats!  Wow!  This is a product we will buy again and again! Easy to make, and Harley loves the taste and the coldness. 

Cooper’s Treats mixes are great for your pup – they are:

  • Made with real turkey and beef
  • Packed with protein
  • Non-GMO
  • Full of nutrients to promote healthy joints and a beautiful coat!

How about Doggie Desserts? 

Introducing the Barkaron – the first-ever handcrafted doggie dessert that is decadent, safety-tested, super healthy, plus it comes in an elegant, eco-friendly gift box made with handcrafted paper.  My Harley LOVES these- mainly because he is a CHEWER!  

Happy Dog - Barkaron – the first-ever handcrafted doggie dessert that is decadent

We were able to try the Barkaron® Superfood Blend with Camel Cheese (16 pc dog macaron gift box) and OMG I was like Camel Cheese Ewwww- but Harley he won’t stop jumping until I give him one- so he must love this flavor-(Camel Cheese: Dogs as Chocolate: Humans).

This box is for Skin & Coat plus Joint & Mobility Support.  Very healthy and pure ingredients and under $25 (which I feel is so worth it), these are special treats and given to Harley when he does something special! 

How about FARM FRESH INGREDIENTS for your doggie?  

Now, who wouldn’t want to give your pup amazing treats that were tasty but also healthier.  My Harley gets treats daily for nothing- I know some people only give treats for things the dog does, but I give treats because I LOVE HIM! 

I feel so good giving him treats that aren’t bought at the local grocery but come from a company that makes their treats from 100% farm-fresh ingredients and are completely free of antibiotics, hormones, chemicals, and pesticides.

Farm Hounds are a MUST on the Dog Treat list- they have so many treats, gifts, toppers, box subscriptions, plus monthly deals! We highly recommend the Variety Pack w/ Hide Box, which has a little bit of everything they offer. 

Happy Dog- Farm Hounds are a MUST on the Dog Treat list- they have so many treats, gifts, toppers, box subscriptions, plus monthly deals!

Each Variety Pack Box comes with the following: $50 per month!  (worth $70) 

  • One bag of Jerky (3.5oz)
  • One bag of Beef Organ (4.5oz)
  • One pack of breakable Treats (4.5oz)
  • One pack of Gizzard Sticks (4.5oz)
  • 1 Beef Hide Roll (Small Box – 6″ Roll / Large Box – 10″ Roll)

My Harley goes crazy every time I pull a Farm Hound bag out of his drawer- he is so excited to get such a yummy TREAT.  

More HAPPY DOG products you need in your life, and you might not know it! 

Why not a PILLOW?  

Yep, I did say a pillow.  I love pillows, and my bed is full of them.  They don’t even match each other (now that is another post-HAHA), but I love pillows.  So does my doggie-Harley. Since we both love pillows, why not get a pillow with HARLEY on it!  Yes, that is exactly what I got! 

Happy Dog- LifeLike Pillows is the world's first 100% custom-shaped pillow that allows you to turn your favorite images into a double-sided, ultra-soft, realistic pillow.

LifeLike Pillows is the world’s first 100% custom-shaped pillow that allows you to turn your favorite images into a double-sided, ultra-soft, realistic pillow.

That’s right: you can create a pillow that looks exactly like your pet = extra snuggles & take them just about anywhere.

  • 100% soft-velvet polyester fabric (so comfortable!)
  • Handmade with environmentally-safe, high-quality materials
  • Machine wash/dry safe
  • Celeb-approved: Eminem, Paris Hilton, Snoop Dog, Pauly D, and more
  • Made in USA (Chicago, IL)
  • Available at

OMG, I love my Harley Pillow, but as you can tell, it is a different color than my Harley, but that was my fault.  I sent them a picture of Harley that I put through a filter- duh, so yes, the color is off, but it’s him, and I love it!  I think any pet owner would love this as a gift!  Remember, the holidays are creeping upon us! 

Keep the FLEAS away! 

This is one thing for sure that will help you have a happy dog- keep fleas and ticks away. My doggie got fleas so bad last summer; it was CRAZY, and I felt so bad for him.  It took us a bit to get rid of them; I felt I was in a vicious circle. He kept getting them, even after we got rid of them in the house.  So we knew this year we had to do something but nothing toxic or dangerous that would hurt Harley or the family. 

HAPPY DOG-First Saturday Lime-

Well, we found out about First Saturday Lime- (btw they were on Shark Tank) and knew right away this is what we needed!  

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.  Eco-Friendly.  Patent-pending.
  • Just pour around the base of your home once a month for insect control. One 20lb bag goes around an average 2,000 sq foot home.
  • Safe for children, pets, animals and organic farming
  • Treats ants, fleas, ticks, lice, mites, aphids, small hive beetles, mosquitoes in water, and more.
  • No respiratory hazards nor silica compared to diatomaceous earth.
  • Control algae growth in water bowls, pans, troughs, birdbaths, and more.
  • An eco-friendly barrier with multiple uses that include chicken coops, stables, barns, kennels, gardens, sheds, and more.
  • Use as a limewash for walls, crafts, coops, fruit, and trees.

Besides having a dog, we also have a garden that we are always having issues with aphids, so this was a no brainer for us.  This summer, Harley is FLEA FREE, and that makes him a very happy dog!

Do you have any products that fall in the HAPPY DOG HAPPY LIFE zone?

We also have more doggie items on this post- Beating The Dog Days Of Summer

Beating The Dog Days Of Summer

Beating The Dog Days Of Summer
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What’s that old saying? It’s the dog days of Summer! I’m a dog person plain and simple. Growing up I remember us always having a dog, and as soon as I moved out on my own. It’s a memory I wanted my children to share also. So let’s talk about some of my favorite pup products and how they will help you in beat those dog days of summer!

Recently our beloved dog Twinkie passed at the old age of 12, I got her when I was 18 and she was one of the most amazing dogs ever. When she passed at the end of 2019 my children were heartbroken. I wasn’t really ready to get another dog just yet but my children started asking for another puppy and in May of 2020 our sweet Arthas was born. We just recently brought him home and couldn’t be more excited to have paws in the family again. Arthas will actually start training to be an emotional support pup for my 6-year-old Ansley who has several anxiety disorders.

Emotional Support Animal

Beating The Dog Days Of Summer!

What do you need when you have a new pup? New toys for him to love! Now with Pupcycle, you can have them shipped right to your front door. Pupcycle is the first Eco-Friendly dog toy box with fun goodies that your pup is sure to be over the moon for. What is my favorite thing about this box ( well it actually comes in a 100% recyclable bag )? It’s that there is no monthly subscription! This is what has turned me off on so many other dog boxes it because it’s another added expense each month but with Pupcycle you order when YOU want.

pupcycle box

So what comes inside the bag? Arthas’ favorite toy is the plushie by far. Perfect for tiny chewing teeth. We also got a hide a treat toy, and a squeaky toy, both of which he’s growing into. Help the planet, and help your pup have fun and get your very one Pupcycle box, and be sure to check out their website, Facebook, and Instagram for more information!


Bug be gone.

With Summer and with getting a dog that means you are outside a lot more. Being outside brings those dreaded fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. We live close to a wooded area so we get all kinds of creepy crawlies. Don’t worry because Wondercide can take care of those pests. These amazing products kill on contact and keep them at bay. It’s a great choice because it’s safe to use around pets and your family.


My favorite items that came in my Wondercide package was the Scent Sampler Flea & Tick Pack. This sample comes with four different scents to make sure you love the product you pick for your pack! My favorite scent is the Lemongrass Spray With a clean crisp smell it leaves your home refreshed while keeping those fleas and ticks away. It’s proven to start working in just 2 minutes.

Flea and Tick home spray

Not only is this product safe for pets but it’s safe for home and use for your family. Great for outdoor play for your little ones, made with all-natural ingredients, I don’t have to worry about chemical contact with my kids. Are you interested in getting your very own Wondercide products? Be sure to visit their Website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Seeing the joy that our new pup has brought to my kid’s lives is something that every parent is thankful for. Since getting Arthas my children have that little part of their lives back that they were missing when Twinkie passed away. I hope that you love these pet-friendly products from Pupcycle and Wondercide as much as our family does, and helps beat those dog days of summer!


What kind of fur baby do you have?