Houseplant Addicts

Are you a houseplant addict? Join our friendly, helpful, and amazing groups!

Houseplant Addicts Fan Page

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Houseplant Addicts FB group

The Houseplant Addicts is our main group! We try to keep it family-friendly, positive, fun, and helpful! We are growing quickly and we’d love to have you join our family!

Houseplant Addicts Turned Up FB Group

Houseplant Addicts Turned Up was our second group. It’s a little more risque, off-the-wall, a different kind of humor. We realize this group is NOT for everyone. We do discuss non-plant topics!

Houseplant Addicts Buy, Sell, and Swap FB Group

The Houseplant Addicts Buy, Sell, and Swap group is one of our newest groups. After seeing so many of our members looking for a place to buy, sell, and/or swap, we knew we needed a place just for you!

Houseplant Addicts Outdoor Garden Edition

Many of our members have a garden outside. We had to create a group just for them! That’s where the Houseplant Addicts: Outdoor Garden Edition was born!

Houseplant Addicts Street Team FB Group

Our groups are very fast paced. We are growing daily. We are always looking for moderators to help monitor our groups. We can’t do it all on our own! Our groups are open worldwide, so your location does not matter. All potential moderators must start in our street team group! Stop by to see what it’s all about.

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