Staying Healthy In Our Little Space

Staying Healthy In Our Little SpaceBeauty Brite Disclosure

As a mom, it is important to keep my son healthy so he can attend school.  In years past, he has missed so much school from getting sick!  I also do my best to stay healthy.  If I am sick, I am unable to care for my son.  With his Autism, I choose aromatherapy. How are you staying healthy?

I prefer using natural ways to staying healthy in our home.  Have you ever tried using an oil diffuser?

When using the right essential oils and blends, you can experience:

  • keeping a positive outlook
  • improves your attitude
  • keeps germs at bay
  • purifies indoor air

My son and I recently moved out of state for the second time this year and the second time in 5 months. As you can imagine, it’s been a huge change for us. I really did not want to move mid-school year for him because of his Autism but my husband and I went through a conscious uncoupling and it was time for me to move.

At the time of our move, he was just getting accustomed to his new school and his new teachers were just getting to know him! It was a tough choice to make but I had to move. Thankfully that transition to his new school went smoothly. His class has a teacher and 5 or 6 assistant teachers who help out in the classroom.

I was lucky enough to move back in with my parents. They made the room for us. We spend most of our time in my brother’s old room and the front living room. Adjusting to a new environment always takes time. With my son back in elementary school, I wanted to be ready for the colds, allergies and other sicknesses he can bring home.

When my son and I moved, we took the train and only had 8 bags with us. Our bags ranged in size from a backpack, diaper bag/backpack, and luggage bags all varying in sizes. I know, crazy right?  We moved over 2000 miles with only 8 bags! I packed most of my clothes and all of his clothes. I also brought a blanket (for the train ride) as well as all of my houseplants. I was not about to start all over again with rebuilding my houseplant collection yet again. Over the many moves we have made, I always ended up having to rebuild and buy all new plants.

GuruNanda Mini Tree Essential Oil Diffuser in boxNow that we are settling into our new living space, I wanted to stay healthy with aromatherapy. My son does not take traditional medicine, so I rely on natural health!

Lotus Oil DiffuserOvernight Comfort

To keep us breathing easy, healthy and alleviate any colds, I am excited to add the Lotus to our bedroom. I keep it on our nightstand. I chose the Lotus because of its size, the water capacity is 500 ml. Anything smaller than that would not last all night for us.

Do you have any essential oils that you turn to?

How are you staying healthy?

Lotus Oil Diffuser and oils

I was also sent Riches Blend and Lavender essential oils!

I like to diffuse Riches Blend during my workday. It helps me avoid getting stressed out about my daily “to do” list! Instead, I just focus on each task and not get overwhelmed with everything I have to do!

I like to diffuser lavender in the evening to help my son relax and unwind for bedtime. He can get excited and hyper or even get upset. Lavender helps calm him down either way.

GuruNanda Mini Tree Essential Oil Diffuser with oils

Workspace Zen

You can easily create a zen workspace with an oil diffuser. Not only do oil diffusers help guide and improve your mood and health, but they are so pretty to enjoy! Add a gentle elegance to your view!

I tend to get anxious when I think about all the things I have to do! I love the GuruNanda Mini Tree Essential Oil Diffuser because it fits perfectly on my work desk. I have it in the back corner of my desk, behind my laptop. Since it is a USB, I plug it into my laptop!

The Mini Tree Diffuser may be small but I love the compact size for my workspace. It may only be 100 ml, but since I use it during the day, I can easily refill with water when needed. I like to add different oils, especially the Riches Blend or Peppermint!

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Do you have any tips on how your family stays healthy naturally?  Do you have any green-friendly cleaning tips?

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  1. mami2jcn says

    I’ve never tried aromatherapy. It sounds like a good idea.

  2. Kelly Kimmell says

    I love using essential oils. This looks like a great diffuser.

  3. I might have try the Lotus oil diffuser in my office. It sounds like it might help reduce my stress & reduce the dryness which irritates my allergies.

  4. Natalie says

    My friends have great things to say about aromatherapy. I should try it out!

  5. Stephanie Z says

    I’ve never tried aromatherapy either. Looks relaxing!

  6. i love aromatherapy, really works

  7. gloria patterson says

    I am learning and using oils to help me breath better I have COPD so anything that helps

  8. tat2gurlzrock says

    I love using my Essential Oil Diffuser. One of my favorite oils is the Lavender.

  9. Amy Orvin says

    I use my essential all the time. I love aromatherapy so much! I am so addicted to it!!

  10. I like the compactness of this diffuser; great blend choices 🙂 peppermint and lavender. I lean towards citrus blends for the one next to my bed.

  11. Angelica says

    I don’t think there’s a day when I don’t have my diffuser going! I love putting lavender in at night and lemongrass in the morning. Relaxing and energizing! 🙂

  12. I love the benefits of using a diffuser. I appreciate your sharing this news with us.

  13. rose cantu says

    Love aromatherapy great for relaxing

  14. I think aromatherapy has its place and can to a lot of good. However I also feel that it was originally used years ago but some people were not getting what traditional medicine could give them or they wouldn’t have stopped using it. But I do think we can benefit from using aromatherapy.

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