Review FAQs

We love working with brands! We are always asked how our review process works! We hope this page will help you better understand how we do what we do! We truly enjoy trying new products!

We only accept full size products. Sample sizes will not be reviewed. We are writing a review in exchange for products. The products are considered our compensation. The review includes an inclusion on our blog and shared on social media. 

How does your review process work?

Once product(s) are received, please allow us 2-6 weeks to try your product(s), take photos, edit photos, and write our post. There are exceptions to this, such as timely/seasonal content. Or if you have a specific deadline in mind, please let us know.

Please note: if your product states “results may take up to 6 weeks, 8 weeks, etc.” Please allow us that extra time. 

You can read our Review Policies for more info.

You will be sent a link to the post

Once the review is posted, we will email you the link. Of course, if we are away from home or miss the post going live, you are more than welcomed to check the blog any time:

However, once we see the post live, we will email you as soon as we can.

Affiliate links

Please understand we use automatic affiliate programs on our site. Our posts may contain outside links that are affiliated. We do not have control over which keywords are affiliated.

Outgoing links

All outgoing links are “no followed”

Link back

If your brand chooses to link back to our blog, please let us know. We will add a link to our In The Press” section! We are very proud, honored, and humbled when we are mentioned on your site! 

Lastly, please understand we do our best to meet deadlines. If there is an emergency in our families, health issues, natural disaster, etc., there may be a delay with our reviews.  

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