We Tried This Convenient Cleaning Product Line and We Think You’ll be Impressed

We Tried This Convenient Cleaning Product Line and We Think You'll be Impressed
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Pollen season has finally passed in N.C. or at least the high tide of it and Summer is almost here finally. I had been telling myself for weeks I needed to get out of my slump and get my house cleaned up. You know the really deep clean that gets rid of all the dust and build up from Pollen season as well as from last winter. The issue has been finding cleaning products I really enjoy. Non-toxic, leave the home actually smelling clean. and convenient for me to use. Truman’s Cleaners have taken the cake on this battle and my house is looking fantastic because of it!

TRuman's Cleaning Cartridges

According to Truman’s Cleaners, There are 57 different types of Cleaning solution found on grocery store shelves. FIFTY-SEVEN!

That’s 57 excuses that finding the perfect cleaning solution for my problem areas is an issue. With every cleaning product on the shelf, I have to determine which ones are non-toxic? Which products are worth the price? Which cleaning product smells good enough that I don’t mind my house smelling like it for hours after? All of this can be a little daunting which is what makes Truman’s Cleaners that much of an easier choice for.

You see Truman’s has simplified their cleaning line to 4 cleaners that get ALL The cleaning done. That’s right, just 4 solutions for all of your basic cleaning needs.

Windows, Floors, Kitchen, and Bathroom.

It also helps that Truman’s solutions come in tiny little concentrated cartridges. You simply insert the cartridge Truman’s spray bottles, add water, screw on the lid, and mix up a little bit. It is literally MAGIC!

Truman’s Window Cleaner is fragrance-free. This cleaner works on glass windows, mirrors, and anything else you would typically use glass cleaner for.

The Kitchen Cleaner I received is scented like a Garden. This cleaner can be used on counters, stove tops, range tops, cabinets, refrigerators, and even grills!

Truman’s Floor Cleaner that I received has a floral scent. This cleaner, as expected, can be used on flooring whether its tile, laminate, wood, etc. Truman’s claims their floor cleaning solutions clean so well you can eat off of the floor. I personally haven’t tested this theory. I will say it does get stubborn dirt up with no issue at all!

Truman’s Bathroom Cleaner that I received has a Citrus Scent. It can be used on your toilets, bathtubs, shower stall, shower door, and even shower curtains. They do recommend that you do NOT use their bathroom cleaning solution on marble or stone. Use their Floor cleaning solution for this task instead.

Truman’s offers 43 different scents for cleaning products.

TRuman's Funny Sayings on their Cartridges

I really liked the fact that each of Truman’s cleaning solution capsules came with funny remarks on the label. At first, I didn’t even notice these funny statements. Once I did, it instantly became another reason I enjoy Truman’s cleaners. I mean really, a cleaning product that adds a giggle into your day? I don’t think it gets much better than that. Well, except if they sent me a personal maid but for now, the funny sayings will do.

What is so convenient about Truman’s cleaning products?

  • Truman’s cleaners come in a cleaning kit that has these magical cartridges. The concentrated solution isn’t released until they are inserted inside of Truman’s specially made bottles and the lid is screwed on.
  • Truman’s Cleaners also can be ordered online with refill kits on the specific cleaner you need. Each refill kit comes with 4 cartridges which should ideally last 6 months.
  • The most convenient factor is that you do not have to spend time deciding which of the 57 cleaners. You can also purchase Truman’s cleaners and know you are saving 90% of plastic use.

Want to give Truman’s Cleaning Products a try?

Look HERE to order your own Truman’s Starter Kit. By purchasing Truman’s Starter kit and their refill plan, you can save 20% on refills. Hey, that’s even more money saved!

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  1. Wow, I’m impressed will try them for sure. Thanks for the great cleaning advice.

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