Clean Skincare For My Teen

I am always trying different skincare products. However, since my son is a teenager, I know he could benefit from natural and clean skincare products. I currently use two different acne washes for his face and body. I also wanted to focus on moisturizing his skin too! I am so excited to try clean skincare for my teen

Clean Skincare For My Teen
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My son’s skin is suffering from acne and looks dehydrated at times. I like that Veriphy Skincare offers products that are vegan, natural, and clean! As I read about their product line, I knew both my son and myself could benefit from using their products. 

I chose to receive the Core Trio Gift Set and Hit or Mist, that includes: Power Trip Facial Serum, Self Absorbed Facial Moisturizer, and 20/20 Eye Cream. 

I have been using Hit or Mist and 20/20 Eye Cream exclusively. 

Hit or Mist Facial Toner

The Hit or Mist can be used after cleansing as a facial toner, as well as throughout the day to refresh the skin. I also use it as a makeup setting spray. 

The mist has a nice light scent. After allowing a few minutes for the mist to dry, I then apply my makeup for the day. 

2020 Eye Cream

I use one small dab of the 20/20 Eye Cream to apply under my eyes. I lightly pat the skin around my eyes until absorbed. I use the eye cream morning and evening. The cream feels light and absorbs quickly into my skin. 

I have used the Power Trip Facial Serum and Self Absorbed Facial Moisturizer a few times but I mainly use it on my son’s skin in the morning and evening. 

Power Trip Facial Serum

After cleansing, I apply the Power Trip Facial Serum on my son’s skin. It’s light and gentle on his skin. Even though he has a few breakouts, the serum does not cause any irritation. 

Self Absorbed Facial Moisturizer

Following the serum, we then apply the Self Absorbed Facial Moisturizer. The moisturizer is lightweight and absorbs quickly! 

We’ve been using Veriphy Skincare products for about a week and my son’s skin looks moisturized and feels soft! His skin looks less irritated and less redness. 

I appreciate that Veriphy Skincare products are safe and gentle enough to use on my teen’s skin. 

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