Cruelty Free Holiday Makeup Looks

The Holiday season is here. I am looking forward to the holidays this year! I bought my son a new tablet! The last tablet I bought him he has since outgrown. I am also stocking up on various supplements that I can use throughout the year, technology items, and work items that need to be upgraded. My son and I look forward to enjoying another quiet holiday season!

When it comes to the holidays, many celebrate with parties and gatherings! Check out our cruelty free holiday makeup looks!

Cruelty Free Holiday Makeup Looks
Beauty Brite Disclosure

I seem to be stocking up on eye palettes recently. I guess they will come in handy to use throughout the year! Plus, I am always looking for new looks to experiment with! It never hurts to change your look! I tend to favor dark colors. Peach, beige, and yellow colors do not work with my skin tone. Which is why I lean towards purples and grey/silver. What type of colors do you enjoy wearing? 

Vegetarian Eye Palettes

I am happy to share that Mineral Fusion eye palettes are vegetarian friendly. They are also hypoallergenic. I remember growing up, trying to find hypoallergenic beauty products was not easy. My mom would have to read the labels so carefully looking for hypoallergenic products for us to use. I am so thankful that beauty brands offer products that are safer for consumers.

In addition, Mineral Fusion is cruelty free, gluten free, talc free, fragrance free, paraben free, and phthalate free.

Mineral Fusion Sultry

I love the Mineral Fusion eye shadow trios. They make it easy to create an eye look that works for the user! I tend to use between 2 to 4 eye shadows for my look! When I saw Mineral Fusion Sultry, I knew I would love it. 

Mineral Fusion eye palettes in Sultry and Density

Mineral Fusion Sultry is a sexy eye shadow trio! This beautiful trio includes deep matte charcoal, shimmering silver, and matte cream! 

I start with matte cream as the base, all over my eyelids. Then I follow with shimmering silver all over the lids. Finally, I use deep matte charcoal in the outer corner of my eyes. 

Mineral Fusion Density

The Mineral Fusion Density is my favorite trio! This trio includes deep matte plum, shimmering taupe, and matte cream. I love purple, and this trio is perfect for me! 

Mineral Fusion eye palettes are perfect for makeup lovers and those new to eye palettes! They are easy to work with and you can create your own look that works for you.

Nourishing Lip Gloss

I am impressed with the Mineral Fusion Hydro-shine Lip Gloss! This vegan lip gloss is a product that everyone needs! I rarely wear lip gloss or any lip color but every so often, I want to add a subtle color to my lips! 

I chose Venice, which is a shimmering pink shade because it looks so pretty! When I tried it on in person, it looks so perfect for me. I don’t like a bold color on my lips, just a little color. 

Vegan lip gloss

Mineral Fusion Hydro-shine vegan lip gloss in Venice

The vegan lip gloss adds shine, feels great on my lips, adds moisture, and does not feel sticky on my lips! When I want to feel pretty, I just swipe Hydro-shine vegan lip gloss on my lips! 

Velvet Paint

I am so excited to share R2R Cosmetic velvet paint! Their products are vegan and multipurpose! When I saw their velvet paint in 4AM, I knew I had to try it. I love the silver shimmer look. 

R2R Cosmetic velvet paint in 4AM

I watched the video on how I can apply it and I’ve been keeping it pretty basic. I am also following their tip of applying with my finger tips, so it melts on my skin. I use the velvet paint to add a beautiful glow. I use it as a highlighter, add a shimmer to my eyes, and little on my nose!

Mineral Fusion and R2R Cosmetics makes it easy to create your own cruelty free holiday makeup looks! Get creative!

Vegan Lashes

Finish off your holiday look with beautiful lashes!

While I have always dreamed of having luscious lashes, I have considered trying lashes! I love seeing women with lashes, they look so pretty and glam! 

Ashley Kennedy vegan lashes

I discovered Ashley Kennedy, which is a black-owned beauty brand! They offer vegan and cruelty free lashes! They are lightweight, reusable, and provide all-day comfort.

I am excited that the lashes are reusable. No need to worry about wasting product after one use!

Ashley Kennedy Lash Adhesive Pen

Ashley Kennedy lashes are affordably priced starting at $9.99. Use their revolutionary Lash Adhesive Pen, perfect for a simple, mess-free, and stress-free way to applying your lashes. The Pens are under $20.00 and available in Black or Clear! 

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