Focus On Skin In Dry Weather

When winter rolls around, my lips, skin, and even my hair takes a beating. My lips get so dry and chapped. Even the skin around my lips feels itchy and dry. This winter, my face has dry patches that I have never experienced before. With winter here, it’s time to focus on skin in dry weather.

Focus On Skin In Dry Weather
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The dry patches on my face were pretty uncomfortable. I’ve never had such dry, itchy, and tight skin before. It felt like sandpaper just trying to cleanse and apply moisturizer. That’s why I was so thankful to try facial oils! 

Protect your skin 

I chose 3 different facial oils from Juno & Co., including Cold-Pressed Grapeseed Oil, Organic Cold-Pressed Rosehip Oil, and Cold-Pressed Jojoba Oil. Protect your skin with natural facial oils.

Cold-Pressed Grapeseed Oil

I chose 3 different natural facial oils for my son and I to use. At first, I was using the Cold-Pressed Grapeseed Oil to help repair his skin as he is suffering from acne.

Organic Cold-Pressed Rosehip Oil

 I was using Organic Cold-Pressed Rosehip Oil, and Cold-Pressed Jojoba Oil to help keep my face moisturized and help with the dry patches on my skin. 

Cold-Pressed Jojoba Oil

The 3 facial oils are interchangeable with us. I am now using the Cold-Pressed Jojoba Oil on my son’s skin and  Cold-Pressed Grapeseed Oil and Organic Cold-Pressed Rosehip Oil on my own skin.

I think the grapeseed oil is helping to repair my dry skin. My skin is feeling better with each use! The jojoba oil helps to keep my son’s skin moisturized, even while using acne medication! 

Keep your lips supple

It seems we use lip balm all year long. It’s especially important in the winter time. Our lips get so dry and cracked! I also like to wear lip gloss when I want a little color on my lips. I was sent lip balm and lip gloss from noyah.

I love our regular lip balm, but I am looking for a clean lip balm for us to switch to. I am so excited to try the lip balms from noyah.

4 flavor combo pack

I was sent the 4 Flavor Combo Pack, which includes Unscented, Vanilla, Cherry, and Spearmint. All are organic! We use lip balm throughout the day, and these keep our lips soft and moisturized. The price is a little bit higher than what we pay with our regular lip balm, however, with noyah lip balm being organic and natural is worth the cost. 

Summertime Peach Lip Gloss

I was also sent lip gloss in Summertime Peach. I love the “live try-on” feature. I uploaded a photo and it shows me what the noyah lip gloss would look like on me. This helped me choose a few favorite colors! 

Keep the stink away

When it comes to deodorant, it’s important for me to choose natural deodorant for both my son and myself. While natural deodorant doesn’t prevent sweat, it does help keep the stink away! Yes, I sweat when I workout and walk outside! I love getting exercise. The sweat is embarrassing, but the stink is even worse!

Pure Sage & Lime Deodorant

I love using natural deodorant, so I am thankful I was sent two products from Hand Over Heart. I’ve been using their Pure Sage & Lime Deodorant for the last few weeks. 

Pure Sage & Lime Deodorant label

My son hasn’t had a chance to use the Pure Sage & Lime Deodorant yet, but I am excited for him to use it soon. I’ll add it to his rotation of natural deodorant

I feel confident when I am using the Pure Sage & Lime Deodorant. Yes, sweating is natural but Pure Sage & Lime Deodorant helps keep the stink away.

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