Achieve Cruelty-Free Living Around Your Home

The New Year is here and I am obsessed with trying different cruelty-free products around the home and beauty products. Just recently, I am obsessed with goat’s milk soap, healthy scalp and hair, and how to get my cabinets to shine! I’ll dive into my journey with finding products that work! Are you ready to achieve cruelty-free living around your home?

Achieve Cruelty-Free Living Around Your Home
Beauty Brite Disclosure

When winter time comes around, my scalp and hair suffer from dryness! I never thought there could be a solution except using nourishing shampoo, conditioner, and coconut oil for my scalp and hair. Let’s talk about healthy scalp and hair using cruelty-free products! I am excited to share 4 products that I am using daily! 

Healthy scalp and hair

A few weeks ago, I received Amla Oil, Restore Advanced Hair Thickening Serum, and a Jade Comb from rthvi. I had no idea what hair products I wanted to try, so I explained what issues I was having, my straight hair looks so flat and also looking to add volume.

Restore Advanced Hair Thickening Serum

I start with applying the Restore Advanced Hair Thickening Serum to my scalp and work my way down to the ends. I use 2 pumps and work my way through my hair. If needed, I add a little water to help get the most out of the serum

Amla Oil

The Amla Oil is so lightweight and gentle on my scalp! I use 5 drops on my fingertips and then massage into my scalp. I apply the oil a few hours before my shower. It does not leave my hair looking oily or feeling weighed down. 

Jade comb

Jade Comb

I already love crystals and have some around my home. I also use a gua sha and jade roller! A jade comb is completely new to me, so I am so excited to use it! 

Once I apply the serum and oil to my scalp and hair, I then use the jade comb to gently comb my scalp. I like to massage my scalp around my hairline and crown

Rosemary oil for scalp

Have you heard of using rosemary oil for scalp?

I am also obsessed with using Rosemary Oil for scalp health to help slow down graying hair, dry scalp, dandruff, and help with hair growth. Since I am using 100% pure Rosemary Oil, I use a dab or coconut oil as a carrier oil when applying to my scalp and hair! 

Rosemary Oil for scalp

I have only been using rthvi products for less than a week and my hair already feels transformed. My hair is soft and smooth, my scalp looks and feels refreshed and healthy! I only started using Rosemary Oil a few days ago and look forward to pampering my scalp and hair! 

Cruelty-Free Goat’s Milk Soap 

I recently switched to Goat’s Milk Soap mainly because my son has sensitive skin and he’s had bad acne breakouts for a few years now. He’s also been using 3 different medications for about a year and they have not helped. During this time, I have also tried using different natural products. 

Cruelty-Free Goat’s Milk Soap is said to be gentle and moisturizing on the skin. I have looked into making my own goat’s milk soap at home as well! It looks like fun! 

One With Nature Dead Sea Mineral Bar Soap Goat's Milk and Lavender

Cruelty-free goat’s milk soap

We received the One With Nature Dead Sea Mineral Bar Soap Goat’s Milk & Lavender from Vitacost to try! I love that it comes in a pack of 6! I am already a fan of dead sea and Goat’s Milk Soap and to combine the two ingredients is perfect! The soap is gentle and long lasting! I am also able to create a nice lather and apply on our skin! 

I hope the One With Nature Dead Sea Mineral Bar Soap Goat’s Milk & Lavender will help soothe and calm my son’s skin and even help with his acne. I don’t know what else to try.

Natural wood polish

Last month, I saw my neighbor’s cabinets and they shined so much. I’ve been on a mission to try natural products to make my cabinets shine too. I have tried a few of my natural cleaners and two other products. So far, I have used coconut oil and a wood conditioner. They both help condition the wood and give them a gentle shine. 

Better Life Wood Polish Cinnamon & Lavender

Start by cleaning your cabinets first

It also looks like my cabinets need to be cleaned and scrubbed a bit. I’ll work on it as I go. I wanted to try the Better Life Wood Polish Cinnamon & Lavender from Vitacost! You do need to shake before using. I like that it sprays thick and doesn’t run down the wood, so you have a chance to really rub into the wood! My cabinets do look better after using the polish. I will continue to clean and then use the polish! 

Use natural wood polish all over the home

I also used the Better Life Wood Polish Cinnamon & Lavender around my home, including the dining table, side tables, and dressers. It really makes everything shine and look clean! 

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