How To Keep Your Air Fresh

Keep your air fresh with Airfree and Febreze

How To Keep Your Air Fresh

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My son and I moved into our new home a few weeks ago. Before moving in, there was some deep cleaning I wanted to get done, such as getting our carpets professionally cleaned. The previous owner had a cat (we are allergic) and the carpets just looked dingy and dirty. After the cleaning, our carpets looked much better! However, there is still a smell here and there.

Are you looking for ways to keep your air fresh in your home? We found a few products for you to try!

Fresh air with Airfree Onix3000 Air Purifier

We’ve only been back in California for a little over a year and I feel like November was the worst month for air quality for us due to the Camp Fire in Butte County. During that time, we stayed indoors as much as possible and I was thankful I had my collection of houseplants that helped purify our air. A few months before, I had given my Airfree Onix3000 Air Purifier to a friend of mine who works outside full time. I knew he needed it more than I did at the time I gave it to him.

Since I knew I was moving into my own place, I looked into purchasing an air purifier or two. At the time, I found another brand that was a tad bit cheaper than Airfree and was all set to purchase it. And then I read the fine print: they don’t ship to California! When I saw that, I was so turned off! So, I’ll stick with the Airfree air purifier brand!

I am so thankful Airfree was kind enough to send me another unit for our household. I proudly keep the Airfree Onix3000 Air Purifier in the middle of our home (the living room, dining and kitchen area).

With the right air purifier, they are effective and efficient! Airfree air purifiers are low energy, require no replacement filters, and completely silent!

I plan on purchasing a few additional units for our bedrooms. I am kicking myself for not purchasing them when they went on sale! I still check the prices and waiting for them to drop again.

Airfree air purifiers keep your air fresh in your home!

Febreze air freshener bundle

I used to use soy candles to help freshen up our air and add a little scent. These days, I use essential oils and an oil diffuser.

Now that I have my own place again, I wanted effective products to use in the bathroom or around the home. I wanted an air freshener I could use just before guests arrive. I want my place to smell nice when people stop by!

I’ve never tried Febreze products before, so I am very excited to have them in our new home!

Febreze offers a variety of products to keep your air fresh!

Febreze smallSPACES Meadows & Rain in package

I’ve tried air fresheners from another brand that sat in the bathroom. I liked having them to help freshen up the air. I bought a few here and there when I used to do basic couponing at Walgreens.

Febreze smallSPACES Meadows & Rain in bathroom

I am so excited to have the Febreze smallSPACES Meadows & Rain in our bathroom! We have two bathrooms, so I have this one in our second bathroom. I don’t want to leave any spray products in his bathroom for fear he would misuse them.

I love that the Febreze smallSPACES Meadows & Rain is an easy product to use around children because they can be hidden or used as part of your decor since they have a neutral look and blend in.

The Febreze smallSPACES Meadows & Rain is a great odor eliminator product to keep on hand in any room of your home.

I am really excited to have Febreze AIR products to use! I’ve never really used odor eliminator air sprays before. Now that I have my own place, I now have a quick way to freshen up with air fresheners with Febreze AIR Fresh-Cut Pine and Febreze AIR Meadows & Rain!

Both products are super easy to use and don’t require you to shake them before spraying. When I know someone is stopping by, I just grab one and start spraying throughout the house.

Febreze AIR Fresh-Cut Pine

I love using the Febreze AIR Fresh-Cut Pine as it is perfect for the holidays and beyond! It isn’t too “Christmas” smelling to where if you find yourself using it in January, February and after, it won’t be weird! It smells fresh!

Febreze AIR Meadows & Rain

I like using the Febreze AIR Meadows & Rain in my bathroom. I keep this one readily available for use for anyone who wants or needs to freshen up the bathroom for those moments.

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Tell us how you like to keep your air fresh! Have you tried Febreze? Do you use an air purifier?

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  1. I love me some FEBREZE! I went to their headquarters last year and saw how they made the products. The products are made for families with kids and pets so I use in all my rooms. A fresh smelling house is so nice to walk into! Thanks for sharing all this info too!

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