Beauty Essentials To Obsess Over For Fall

I thought I was ready for Fall. I love Fall! However, it was the weather that confused me. For the longest time, we went from 80s and 90s one week, and the next week would be 70s and 80s. Well, Fall is finally here and here to stay for a bit! Now that Fall is here it’s time to switch to new products! 

Beauty essentials to obsess over for fall

Beauty Essentials To Obsess Over For Fall
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Aside from skincare, I wanted to focus on the rest of my skin as well. The Tip To Toe Moisturizing Set includes S.O.S Cream Intensive Moisturizing Skincare Protectant, Ultra-Hydrating Body Cream, Ultra-Hydrating Foot Cream, and Ultra-Hydrating Hand Cream. 

I am so excited to try Bee&You products! I love that they offer such a variety of skincare products! 

Body Care With Bee Products

I use the Ultra-Hydrating Body Cream every evening. Using the cream reminds me to take time to pamper my skin too! The body cream absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy residue! 

Body Cream & Skin Protectant

I use the S.O.S Cream Intensive Moisturizing Skincare Protectant from head to toe. I use it for dry lips, dry skin, irritations, scratches, burns, and more. I recently burned myself and I’ve been using the S.O.S cream on the small burn. It’s a minor burn, but it helps keep the skin protected and moisturized. 

Hands and Feet Care with Bee Products

I am always washing my hands throughout the day, which means my hands get dry! I keep the  Ultra-Hydrating Hand Cream at my workspace, so I can reapply as needed. I also toss it in my bag when I have to run errands. 

Hand Cream & Foot Cream

I use the Ultra-Hydrating Foot Cream every evening. My feet used to be so dry and cracked. After a few applications, my feet are super soft! 

Bee Venom Beauty Products

Face Care

The Anti-aging Set with Bee Venom includes Anti-Aging Natural Bee Venom Face Cream, Anti-Aging Face Serum with Bee Venom, and Anti-Aging Eye Contour Serum with Bee Venom.

Anti-aging Set with Bee Venom

I love trying new skincare, especially anti-aging focused! I’ve been using the Anti-aging Set with Bee Venom each morning and evening. It is gentle on my skin. I like that the products absorb quickly and work perfectly under my makeup without making my skin feeling heavy and greasy. 

Vitamin C Serum for Face

The Vitamin C Serum is gentle on my skin. I apply right after cleansing and the Anti-Aging Eye Contour Serum with Bee Venom. The Vitamin C Serum absorbs quickly, so I do use 2 to 3 drops, or as needed, just to get good coverage on my skin! I use the Vitamin C Serum morning and evening. 

Since I started using Bee&You products, my skin looks healthy, feels soft and moisturized, especially for cold Fall weather! 

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