Fighting Covid Hair Loss

Have you heard of COVID hair loss? Hair loss after COVID seems to be a real symptom for many.

Are you fighting Covid hair loss?

Fighting Covid Hair Loss
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As the Covid-19 pandemic is continuing to be an ever-present issue all over the world, many are finding there is one side effect that isn’t being spoken about all too often but it affects so many people. That side effect seems to be hair loss. Unfortunately, I am experiencing this all too much myself.

Why is this hair loss from COVID happening?

Hair Hair

In October of 2021, I started feeling unwell and I just figured it was a small cold. Fast forward a few days later when I was extremely sick, I took an at-home Covid test and it instantly turned positive. I had all the symptoms, exhaustion, loss of taste and smell, cough, high fever, and congestion. I was so sick I hardly ate for over a week. After about 2 weeks I started to feel better and finally was on the mend. It wasn’t until about a month later that I really started to notice the hair loss.

One day I was in the shower and combed my fingers through my hair and it started coming out in clumps. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. What is going on and why was this happening. Yes I had dyed my hair in the past but not to the point of having clumps of hair. After talking to several people and reading articles it seems that hair loss is something a lot of people who’s had Covid are dealing with. Hair loss happens when your body is under a mass amount of stress. Such as an extreme sickness or high fever.


What can I do about Covid hair loss?

I have recently found these adorable gummy vitamins by Kalavita. Hair Hair is a great sugar-free vitamin that is perfect to help promote new hair growth and helps restore hair to brighter and stronger glory. These peach-flavored gummies are so cute, shaped just like gummy bears you will want to make them a part of your everyday routine. If you are interested in finding out more about the Hair Hair vitamins be sure to visit their website, Facebook, or Instagram.

Post Covid Haircut

Dealing with the affects of hair loss

I recently chose to take the leap and do a big haircut to get rid of a lot of my damaged hair and give myself the chance to grow new and healthier hair with the use of Kalavita’s Hair Hair gummies. If you have had the Covid virus have you noticed that hair loss is a post-sickness result? What are some tips and tricks that you have found to help regrow your hair?

Finding Your Way Back To A Normal Life

Slowly I’m finding my way back to a normal life after my world was turned completely upside down. What does this new normal life look like? How will I adapt and change to find this new normal, and what does the future look like?

Finding Your Way Back To A Normal Life
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Ok, let’s start at the very beginning, I remember waking up on this day ( November 5th, 2016 ) thinking this day would be like any other. But boy was I wrong, this day from hell was just the start to my beginning nightmare. The morning and afternoon was normal just like always but that’s when it all changed. I remember leaving work around three pm and getting on the interstate, I was headed home to take the kids to the pumpkin festival in town. The next thing I remember I woke up in the major trauma center two towns away.

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Must-Have Fall Accessories

Must-Have Fall Accessories
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It’s finally here! Fall is by far my most favorite time of year! The crisp air greets you when you walk out of the door. The beautiful colors that nature has to offer. Let’s face it, it’s the best time of year. How can you make your Fall even better? in a crazy world such as the one we live in today. Getting out and enjoying every day is so very important. Check out these amazing fall accessories that are sure to be the perfect addition to create the perfect fall look.

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Self-Care Is Worth It

Self-care is worth it
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When you put everyone else first, you tend to forget the most important person of all. Who’s that you ask? Why YOU! Self-care, easy to say but not always to remember. Check out these great CBD-infused products sure to rejuvenate your body and ease your mind.

I’m the mother of four small children ages nine to three, so to say I have my hands full is an understatement. I also work full time as a store manager and work a minimum of 45 hours a week. I feel like I go all day and then come home and go some more. And in years past I always used to put myself and self-care on the backburner. For too long I didn’t take care of myself, and it almost got the best of me. My anxiety and depression were so bad that I didn’t know how I was going to get out of bed. So finally I decided that for once, I take care of ME first.

Self-care for the busy mom.


When I look for something to help me I usually look for something that can be done even in just a few quiet moments I have right before bed to help me get a better night’s rest. My favorite thing to do is soak in our huge jacuzzi tub, light some candles and apply my Sheabrand Electric Daisy Enzyme Face Mask. This mask as the name says is electric! It leaves you skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Using natures “Electric Daisy” it’s basically its own form of botox. This face mask tightens your skin and renews it’s elasticity. I was shocked by the refreshing feeling it left my face in afterwards. You use this mask once a week, and you can find out more information or to get yours from their website, Facebook, or Instagram.

Electric Daisy

Another of my favorite self-care products is CBD-INFUSED FACE AND NECK MOISTURIZING OIL by Just Beauty CBD. This Face + Neck Night CBD Oil is the perfect nighttime product to end your busy day. The light lavender scent helps soothe you senses and help you rest better. With the main ingredients of grapseed, prickly pear, and rosehip and it’s gluten free! Simply apply 4-10 drops into your hands and apply to your face, and cleanse your face in the moring. It locks in your skins natural glow! Be sure to check you their other amazing products over on their website, or check out their Facebook or Instagram for more information.

Face and Neck

So if all else fails and you don’t take anything else away from this, take this momma: YOU are enough, YOU matter! Even when you feel like the world is crashing around you remeber that You are a rockstar. Make sure you take care of yourself, take even just a few seconds because you are worth it. Moms peace of mind starts with those few seconds of self-care. We can’t take care of those tiny little chaos creators if we are constantly in chaos ourselves.

Breathe ~ You have this momma!

Support Where You Need It Most

Support Where You Need It Most
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I’m a mom of four, and a full time store manager; so I need all the support I can get when it comes to working long days and spending so much time on my feet. Keep reading to see some of the great products I’ve found that give me the much-needed support when I need it the most.

A little over four years ago I was in a car accident that came really close to killing me. I broke three out of four limbs, and spent 6 months in a wheelchair and learning to re-walk after my heel was left shattered. You can learn more about my accident by clicking here. Meaning I now have alot of struggles finding the correct footwear and being able to be on my feet all day. Unfortunately, as a store manager that is exactly what I have to do, so I look for items that can help and that is where I have found some amazing insoles to give me that support.


Align Med is leading the change when it comes to apparel that gives you the support you need. It was truly a game-changer when I found their Full Range Insoles. These gel channeling insoles are so different from other insoles I’ve used before. When you walk you can feel the cushion, and where most other insoles are bulky these are only 1mm thick and you hardly know they are there. One of the key benefits of these insoles are that they help to increase your circulation in your feet. Which after my foot had been completely reconstructed I need all the help I can get with that. I think my favorite part of these full-range insoles is that I can even wear them with flip-flops!

Full Range Insoles

My next favorite product by Align Med is their Posture Sports Bra. It doesn’t matter if your lifting boxes at work or lugging my kids around my back is always taking the brunt of the stress. This sports bra has made a world of difference. You can see the change in posture from just a regular bra. I’m no longer in pain when I come home from the end of the day. I love the fact that the bra has wide shoulder straps, I don’t have to worry about it digging into my shoulders. This bra comes in four different colors and is front closing making it so much easier to put on. You can see the amazing results side by side. ( The awesome Posture Sports Bra on the right ) Look how much better my back is aligned.

Posture Sports Bra

If you are interested in finding the perfect items to add to your closet to help with all your support needs be sure to check out Align Med’s website, Facebook, and Instagram. I’m so thankful for the difference these products have made in my daily life.

Where do you find you need more support in your daily life?

When You Have Lost Yourself

When You Have Lost Yourself
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When you finally realize that at some point you have lost yourself. Where do you go to pick yourself back up and start again?

As I look in the mirror the tired eyes look back at me. Dark circles from being up and down all night with a three year old who refuses to sleep in her own bed. My hair loosely tied back with two days worth of dry shampoo. Slouchy clothes, from years before no where close to fitting.

You hear the bigger kids in the other room arguing over who’s watching the tv. You sigh and wash your face as you try to steel yourself for another day. Take a deep breath and do it all over again.

When you have lost yourself

You have lost yourself.

I love my kids, they are the reason I breathe every day but sometimes there are days where the arguing from them drives me up the wall, or they won’t eat dinner after I’ve worked hard to make it. Or when you are just completely touched out. And then the mom guilt kicks in and I feel horrible for feeling that way.

I have four kids ages 9 to 3. There is never a dull moment in my household. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. But I have realized that I had lost myself somewhere in the midst of being a mom. That was who I had become, I was mama, there was no Kansas any longer. My identity revolved around that role.

Brooklyn Cardigan

After so long not taking care of myself I decided it was time to find me again. I started with looking for some functional clothing that helped me be comfy but also look nice and that’s when I found the beautiful Duffield Lane line of clothing. I think my favorite item is the Brooklyn Cardigan. This beautiful Cardigan is so soft and goes with any outfit to keep you warm and looking stylish.

Blaine Dress

And I think my favorite dress that they make is the stunning Blaine Dress. I love how it goes with everything. You can dress it up or pair it down. Perfect for church or a PTA meeting. This dress is flattering on any shape, even mine and it’s hard to find self-love after carrying and birthing four kids. If you are interested in finding your perfect fit or style check out their website, Facebook, or Instagram.

Lennon Dress
Phoebe dress

It’s not always easy learning to take care of yourself again. Just know that you are worth it. If you can’t take care of yourself and put your mental health first, it’s going to make it hard to put that into your home. As mom’s, we tend to feel like we have lost yourself and put everyone but yourself first. So mom to mom just let me say…


You are WORTH it.

You are doing an amazing job momma, keep your head up!

You haven’t lost yourself!

Calling all Pokemon Trainers

Calling all Pokemon Trainers
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I remember as a kid when Pokémon first came out and hit the scene. It was a massive hit and everyone wanted to be a trainer just like Ash and his trusty sidekick Pikachu. Little did I grasp that twenty years later the Pokémon crazy would still be going just as strong.

Pokémon Adventures!

Pokemon Trainer

I was 9 when the craze hit the US. We would spend recess at school trading cards, talking about our favorite characters what our favorite Pokémon was ( mine are Bulbasaur and Togepi ). Which actually ended up causing the school to ban bringing the cards to school because they caused so much of a distraction. One of my very first movies seen in a theater was the original Pokémon movie. I remember my dad actually picked me up early from school to go see it. That in itself is a memory I cherish dearly since my dad is no longer alive.

I was so excited when my oldest daughter first asked me “mom” have you ever heard of Pokémon? Being the nerd I am, I was so proud that, that gene got passed down. It’s a great show and franchise to be able to share. One of our favorite things to do is go to the park and play Pokemon Go. Not only has it brought us closer as a family but it gets the kids active and moving. Plus who doesn’t love trying to catch your very on Squirtle, or Charmander?

Pikachu Walkie Takies

Now having four kids my house is full of fun Pokémon toys all the time. From a handmade Ash costume to tons of plushies, trading cards, and even some really fun Pokémon Pikachu Walkie-talkies! With Pikachu right by your side, these walkie-talkies can reach long distances and are static-free. Perfect for those outside adventuring activities.

Walkie talkies

In today’s day and age it’s really refreshing to be able to have something like Pokémon to be able to share with my kids. It’s so fun to be able to look back on a simpler day and time. To see the joy on my kid’s faces when they are telling me all about their favorite Pokemon or something they caught while playing one of the games. In my opinion, that’s so much of what this world needs these days are to go back and take a breath and look with the eyes of a child and find joy in the little things.

Whose your favorite Pokémon?

Pamper Yourself with Great Skincare Products

Pamper Yourself
Pamper Yourself
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Pamper Yourself with These Great Products

Everyone can use a little pampering. I found some fabulous products just for the occasion. Pamper yourself with these great skincare products.

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Keeping Their Memory Alive

Keeping Their Memory Alive
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No one is ever ready for the time to say goodbye, it’s never a good time. So how to we keep that memory alive? Does the pain ever get better? Keep reading to learn how I’m keeping my grandfather’s memory alive.

My grandfather was my best friend. He was the best man I’ve ever known. He even walked me down the aisle when I got married. We also had a special relationship. He knew just what to say to give me that encouragement when I needed it, and wasn’t afraid to give me that push either.

A memory never forgotten.

Memories With Grandpa

I lost him ten years ago this September. When he passed it, I was worried it would be a gap that would never be filled. I wanted to make sure his memory was truly honored. The biggest way I could think of was to give my son his name. My son, Salvatore Robert ( Robert is my grandfather’s middle name ) but my little man goes by Sam. My little man has the same goofy, loving, and cunning attitude that my grandfather had.

I have also inherited his love of photography, you would always see him with some type of camera in his hand. After he passed my grandmother gave me two huge trunks of nothing but old photo albums that he had taken. One of my favorite times with him was at my high school graduation after I had walked the stage we were all standing outside taking pictures, and I have a picture of him taking a picture of me taking a picture of him with the biggest smile on his face. That the memory I cherish I hold on too so much.


I wanted to find a way to keep that picture with me for everyone to share and that is when I came across 3D Innovations. 3D Innovations specializes in custom laser etched crystals. They help to keep those memories alive. They turn your 2D picture into a 3D masterpiece. My Medium Cube is perfect. They captured his personality so well just through this picture. I almost started crying when I first opened this box! Paired with the Small L.E.D. Light Base it’s the perfect way to keep his memory alive. To find your perfect 3D creation be sure to visit their Website, Facebook, or Instagram.

3d innovation
Med Cube

My grandpa is so missed, I wish everyday that he was still here and able to enjoy my kids. His love and his memory is forever cherished in my heart and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. I hope he’s looking down and proud of the woman I’ve become.

What picture would you get turned into a 3D creation?

Helping To Make Virtual Learning Easier

Helping To Make Virtual Learning Easier
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With the world still reeling from Covid, virtual learning is now the go to way for kids to learn right now. Not only are teachers having to adapt we as parents and children are trying to figure out how to make this new way of education work. We are taking this day at a time and hoping at the end of the day we are doing our best.

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