Sing 2 Opens In Theaters December 22nd

Are you ready for Sing 2? I just watched the Sing movie this week and can’t believe I missed it when it came out! Sing is such a cute movie, I am anxious to go see Sing 2. The characters are all so cute. They are like a group of misfits finding their way to make a beautiful show work! 

Get ready for Sing 2! Opens in theaters December 22nd! 

Sing 2 Opens In Theaters December 22nd

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Review Wire Media for Universal Pictures.

I am so excited to share that Sing 2 will open in theaters on December 22, 2021! 

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Teacher Gifts After An Epic School Year

The 2020/2021 school year was one for the books! Learning during a pandemic was quite a challenge. My son loves school, so not being able to be on campus was such a bummer for him. When school finally returned to in-person learning, I think he really thrived! He and I were both very excited! I found teacher gifts after an epic school year we all went through! 

Teacher Gifts After An Epic School Year
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My son started a new school last year, which means a new teacher. His teacher happens to be a brand new teacher. Her first year of teaching, in a pandemic! I am so thankful he has such a caring teacher. 

I wanted to put together a sweet gift bag for her. I really appreciate how hard she worked, especially meeting my son over zoom instead of in-person! 

Restful sleep

Silken Pure Sleep Mask in pink

When I saw the Silken Pure Sleep Mask, I knew it would be the perfect gift for my son’s teacher! It’s been such a crazy year, a good night’s sleep is always welcomed. She works extremely hard and works well past school hours to prepare materials and lessons for her students. 

The Silken Pure Sleep Mask is made from pure mulberry silk, which makes it extra soft on your skin

Personalized Gift

I have been lucky enough to have a few pieces of art that represent the night sky for special occasions! Our most recent star map is from the day I got the keys to our home! The other special date I wanted to capture was the night my son was born! As you can imagine, both dates are very important to us! 

Well Told Night Sky Insulated Tumbler

I wanted to give the Well Told Night Sky Insulated Tumbler to my son’s teacher, knowing she drinks tea! I thought it would be perfect for her to use at home, on-the-go, or even in the classroom! 

Since it is a personal gift, I did have to spill the bean and ask for a special date she had in mind. She chose the day she got married! 

Learning toys

Originally, I wanted toys for my son to use during his ABA Therapy. However, I’m thinking they may be best for his classroom at school so all of his classmates can use them! I’ll wait until we start ABA Therapy again and see how it goes. 

Skoolzy Matching Eggs Color Sorting Toys

The first toy I chose, is the Skoolzy Matching Eggs Color Sorting Toys. I don’t like toys with a lot of pieces. But I also wanted something my son could use to learn colors, shapes, and assemble items together. 

The Skoolzy Matching Eggs Color Sorting Toys is fun exercise my son and I play with. I disassemble the eggs and mix them up. I then have him match the colors and shapes together and put them back in the carton. 

Skoolzy Shapes Puzzles - Educational Color Matching & Shape Sorter

Next, I chose the Skoolzy Shapes Puzzles – Educational Color Matching & Shape Sorter! I wanted something a little more complex for him to match shapes, numbers, and more. Next time I will have him assemble the foam puzzle pieces. This will come handy during his therapy as well! 

Sun Soul Silk face masks

We received silk face masks from Sun Soul. I chose black and purple, one for my son and myself! 

So far, I love how soft they are. They are sturdy and well made. We have other silk masks and they are flimsy and lose their shape. 

The Sun Soul silk face masks have adjustable straps, easy to clean and keep their shape. I love that they have a built in nose bridge thing, now I know which way the face mask goes! 

The mask is a bit big on my son’s face, which is fine, I can easily adjust the straps to make them fit better. 

With proper care (hand wash and hang dry), I see these lasting for a long time! 

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Explore Your Artsy and Adventurous Side Indoors

When schools first closed, I realized I needed to keep up with school lessons and I wanted us to stay somewhat active. I bought a few art supplies and balls for us to play with! I made a few lessons for him to do each day and even incorporated little games where we tossed a ball to each other. Since we’ve been home for months, I’ve been adding games and trying to stay motivated with everything. We gathered items to explore your artsy and adventurous side indoors! 

Explore Your Artsy and Adventurous Side Indoors
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Since we prefer to stay home, which works since it’s keeping us safe with COVID, I wanted my son to try more art projects and find ways to be creative! 

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Quarantine Halloween: Making The Best Of It With Family

Halloween is looking mighty different this year due to the pandemic. In my town, trick-or-treating is not an option since we are in the red with COVID cases. At the very last minute, I decided to throw my family a small Quarantine Halloween party just for the 8 of us!

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Time To Put Down The Screens And Bring Back Family Game Night!

Board games are an amazing tool to have in your home. Dedicating an evening to family game night has many benefits. Not only can board games be educational; they can teach strategy, how to be a team player and reduce stress. With virtual learning in full effect, our kids are on the screen more than ever and family bonding has an ever growing gap. Board games have been known to bring families closer together creating healthier family relationships.

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Toys That Teach

My son is a teen with Autism. He started ABA therapy just before schools closed due to Coronavirus. Since he started ABA, I’ve been slowly adding toys to our household. Before, we didn’t have any toys because he would destroy them, throw them down the toilet, or throw them away! However, they use board games in his therapy! I found some cool toys that are perfect for children with Autism and beyond! Let’s take a look at toys that teach! 

Toys That Teach
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ABA Therapy 

I am so thankful I found an ABA Therapy company as it was a very difficult journey. I had to find a company that had openings, took our insurance, and served his age group! I found this to be very difficult. I called and emailed several companies over a period of a few years. There were times when I got discouraged because I always received a “no.â€Â 

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Helping To Make Virtual Learning Easier

Helping To Make Virtual Learning Easier
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With the world still reeling from Covid, virtual learning is now the go to way for kids to learn right now. Not only are teachers having to adapt we as parents and children are trying to figure out how to make this new way of education work. We are taking this day at a time and hoping at the end of the day we are doing our best.

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Educational Tools Sent Right To Your Door During Quarantine

This is not your typical school year. With quarantine still in effect due to COVID-19, many parents are opting to keep their kids home during the pandemic. To ease some of the stress, educational subscription boxes can be an amazing tool to add to your virtual/homeschool curriculum. They can offer so much that you and your child can learn together.

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3 Favorite Camping Tips Plus A Free Camp Recipe Printable!

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Solar powered twinkle lights, propane lanterns & stunning bonfires. The night time portion of camping seems magical at times and it’s actually our favorite part of the camping experience.

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Week 8 #CampWarnerBros Talent Show- Do The Urkel

WOOHOO and BOOHOO- Last week of CAMP! This week in camp it’s time to do the URKEL!!!

Family Matters- Week 8
Family Matters: The Complete Series is now available to own on Digital 

Campers, it’s time to strut your stuff with our first-ever Camp Warner Bros. Talent Show! Let’s celebrate the last week of camp, and allow our campers (and even our Camp Directors) to stand out, feel great, and showcase their best dance moves in support of the Digital release of Family Matters: Season 1 from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.  


OMG- I remember every Friday night we would on the coach ready to watch Family Matters at 8 pm! Now, remember this sitcom was one of the best 90’s sitcoms – a global phenomenon. Everyone was watching!

The sitcom lasted nine seasons, and I watched every episode. My daughter and I watched a couple shows from the 1st series this week, and she loved it. She laughed so hard one time she had run to the bathroom.

Now I don’t know about you, but URKEL was my favorite character on the show. He was the neighbor that irked the Winslow’s, but families worldwide adored him! He also had a “thing” for the daughter.


So for the last week of camp – we figured we would bring back America’s favorite geek – and show how cool it can be  – always to be yourself! I think a lot of us forget that! It’s cool to be YOU!

Week 8 Talent Show- do the Urkel

THIS WEEK- Grab your cameras to record your campers, and help us make this iconic dance video go viral! Now, remember, practice makes perfect!

To enter the Talent Show, all you have to do is watch this video clip from the series below, copy Steve Urkel’s epic dance moves, and upload your videos to your TikToks, Facebooks, Instagrams, and Twitters –  and don’t forget to hashtag #CampWarnerBros to share the fun!

Viral dances define moments in history and leave them etched in our brains forever. Our goal is to get fans across the world to spontaneously break out their best Urkel moves – and we need you and your campers to start the trend!

Please share your videos!- Tag us @beautybrite and make sure to use the hashtag #CampWarnerBros!


Thank you for following along with #CAMPWARNERBROS this summer!