Adorn Your Walls With The Stars

Adorn Your Walls With The Stars

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Earlier this year, a friend of mine shared what her husband gave her for Valentine’s Day and I thought it was incredibly unique and special. Her husband had a star map made for their anniversary! It was the sweetest gift I had ever seen. Before that, I had never heard of such a cool gift.

What if you could adorn your walls with the stars? This is the perfect gift for friends, family, parents, and more!

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when Modern Map Art contacted me about reviewing their star map! At first, I was so excited because I thought it was the most beautiful and meaningful piece of art for anyone!

Being single, I had no reason to have my anniversary made into a star map. Thankfully, I saw many examples of what other people have done. They made a star map of the night their child was born. What a fabulous idea and unique gift idea!

Are you a parent? Did you know you could adorn your walls with the stars with a personalized star map for your child?

First draft star map

I decided to create a star map for the night my son was born. I had a difficult time deciding on the quote, font, and what information to include in our piece of art! The picture above depicts my first draft of the star map I chose. However, after seeing examples and what other parents have done, I changed it all up!

Don’t get me wrong, it is so much fun creating the map online and playing with the different fonts and features. I easily spent hours creating and thinking over the entire design of my star map. I wanted the perfect quote, appealing and easy to read fonts, and include so much information.

Star Map In Frame

I wanted my star map to be perfect and appealing to the eye. With all the options available, ultimately, I chose something that would be meaningful to me! Again, there are so many looks to choose from and so many things you want to include on your poster. Choose the look, think on it, and then just go for it.

I chose the 18×24 size poster and purchased a beautiful white frame from Michaels. Once you see your star map in a frame, you will see what a unique gift this will make for yourself or loved ones.

Adorn Your Walls With The Stars - social media

Adorn your walls with the stars with a personalized star map! What would your map look like?

You can find Modern Map Art on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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  1. Wendy R. says

    These are really neat! What a fun and unique way to be reminded of the important dates in our lives. Love the anniversary idea.

  2. Jerry Marquardt says

    This is such a special element to help out with education. I love astronomy so teaching the 88 constellations is a great beginning.

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