Hair Trimmers For The Family

COVID really changed the way we live. We were forced to quarantine, meanwhile many businesses were forced to close or change the way they serve their customers. COVID may have shut down hair salons, beauty salons, and barber shops, forcing people to forgo getting their haircut or learn how to cut at home. We found hair trimmers for the family

Hair Trimmers For The Family
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COVID really didn’t change the way I cut my son’s hair as we have always cut his hair at home. When I became a single mom, I had to learn how to cut his hair. I watched a few youtube videos for tips and suggestions. I still don’t know what I’m doing, but I am doing the best I can and I think I am getting better each time. 

I have a routine down and I am getting better and more efficient each time. When it comes to my son, he can barely sit still, so I have to be quick when I cut his hair. 

Meet the Beardscape Pro

I am so excited to have the Beardscape Pro. In the past, we’ve tried two other sets, but not like this one. I love the carrying case! It keeps everything organized

Beardscape Pro in carrying case

Our previous kits don’t even have a case, and they are basically stored in cardboard boxes. When it’s time to cut my son’s hair, I have to shuffle through the box and find the right size guards that we use. It’s such a hassle! 

Beardscape Pro and accessories

The selection of guards is perfect too! Our previous kits only offered 4 or 5 different guards. With the Beardscape Pro, we have 8 to choose from! The kit also includes a charging stand, charging cord, oil, and brush! 

I was looking for a personal trimmer for the last several months. There were two brands that used to make a “bikini trimmer” razor that was just perfect. They allowed me to trim, not shave. I found a few generic brand “bikini trimmers” with low reviews. I also found plenty of electric bikini razors and trimmers but the reviews didn’t seem very positive.

So, my search halted during those months of searching. I knew what I was looking for and I wasn’t finding it. I am still bummed that my favorite bikini trimmer razors are no longer being made!

Meet the Ivy Trimmer

I am so glad I found the Ivy Trimmer. It’s compact, quiet, smooth, and easy to use in tight areas.

Ivy Trimmer in carrying case

I especially appreciate the carry case as it allows me to store everything in one place!

The Ivy Trimmer includes accessories and it helps to have a case to store them in. I love that the Ivy Trimmer is rechargeable!

Ivy Trimmer and accessories

The Ivy Trimmer can be used by men and women.

The different size guards allow the user to choose what type of trim they want. The brush allows the user to keep everything clean!

The Ivy Trimmer is a no fuss, easy to use trimmer! I love it. It’s lightweight and can maneuver as needed!

The Beardscape Pro and Ivy Trimmer from Brio Product Group are the perfect kits for both men and women. The extensive guards, carrying case, and charging accessories allow the user to have everything they need! 

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  1. Nerlande says

    These look and sound like great hair trimmers for families.

  2. Kari B says

    I like how compact the Ivy Trimmer is.

  3. Penny Branson LeBaron says

    These would be nifty to have for any future lockdowns

  4. Lori Pierce says

    Thank You for this review. Now I know what to get my son for Christmas.

  5. Tara Enright says

    Looks like a nice pair of trimmers. Although none of us trim hair my boyfriend does though. I like your review though.

  6. KATHRYN TEEL says

    The Beardscape Pro looks nice and seems like it would be a good thing for my son, maybe a nice hint as well!

  7. Rosanne says

    I wouldn’t have much use for the women’s one because my hair is longer.

  8. K says

    Thank you for your review and information! I like how it comes with a case to store everything in.

  9. Adriane says

    That;s a nice kit

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