Ultimate Travel Pillow For The Whole Family

Ultimate Travel Pillow For The Whole Family with the Infinity Pillow

Ultimate Travel Pillow For The Whole Family

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As a single mom, I haven’t had the time or resources to travel as much as we would like to. I miss traveling. Due to my son’s special needs, we usually traveled by car or train. In the last several years, I’ve only traveled by plane a few times. Each time, it was such a culture shock for me because I learned so much from what other travelers used.

I learned that many frequent travelers used a travel pillow. On one of my trips, I ended up buying a neck pillow so I had something to use on the plane.

It’s time to discover the ultimate travel pillow for the whole family! Anyone can get comfortable using the pillow that is adjustable and cozy for anyone!

Infinity Pillow from above

When I saw the Infinity Pillow, I knew I had to try it. I like to have an extra pillow to use when I’m working, watching television or relaxing in the evening. I like reading and having a pillow to use would be ideal!

As you can see from the picture above, the Infinity Pillow can roll up to a compact size for easy storage. I chose the grey color because it a nice calming and neutral color for my son and myself to use.

Infinity Pillow rolled on side

When it the pillow is all rolled up, it comes with a cloth strap to keep it secure!

I love the travel pillow because it is so versatile.

There are eight awesome ways to use the Infinity Pillow. Check out the cheat sheet on their website! Which ways would you use the pillow?

My favorite way is using it as a back cushion when I’m working or watching television. I also enjoy the duo comfort position. It’s the perfect support for my neck and back.

I can also use the travel pillow to get comfortable sleep at home!

Infinity Pillow unrolled with storage bag

With the travel pillow, I knew I needed the storage bag and it comes in handy when we’re not using it. There is also a strap on the back of the storage bag, which is perfect to hook on to our luggage when we do travel!

I like to neatly roll the travel pillow up and carefully pack it in the storage bag.

Not only can the pillow be used at home, I can see myself using it in the car during long car rides. I hope we can travel soon. Regardless, the pillow offers comfortable sleep anywhere I choose to use it!

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What color travel pillows would you choose for you and your family?

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