Work From Home Essentials

When COVID hit, many were forced to work from home. Schools were closed and moved to distance learning. Being stuck at home was normal for us. It was the distance learning that was a challenge for us as my son thrives with in-person learning. When we were forced to quarantine, people were in search of work from home essentials. What have you added to your home office? We have some fun and useful ideas! 

Work From Home Essentials
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When schools closed due to quarantine, I did purchase a handful of school supplies, games, and toys. I created fun worksheets for him to complete. We also made time to go for a walk outside or play ball! 

Now that my son is back in school, I am happy to be working from home and managing my time to get things done throughout the day! 

Personalized Door Hanger Sign

When I saw the beautiful wood crafts from Mad Tree Woodcrafts, I knew right away what product I wanted! Although, I should say, I could have easily chosen 3 other items because they are so beautiful! 

personalized door hanger sign

When I saw the personalized door hanger sign, I knew I wanted one for my front door. Of course, I could easily add a funny doormat, but I already have a high quality doormat and stair mats to match. Instead, I chose the Personalized Door Hanger Sign

I wanted to use humor to get a few simple points across. First, yes, we do have a dog. He barks at every noise he hears. He also barks at his own reflection and when he sees and hears animals on television! Second, I’ve seen this phrase on doormats and such and always wanted something like it! I do not have the best hearing, so if someone knocks, I may not hear it, especially if I am farthest away from the front door. 

Elevated Laptop Stand

Since I use a laptop, I discovered using an elevated laptop stand helps with my posture! The Curve laptop stand may be geared towards Macs, I am able to use it with my HP laptop with no issues. 

Curve laptop stand in use

Tired of your laptop overheating or feeling hot when it sits on a flat surface? An elevated laptop stand allows your laptop to stay cool! It allows air to flow through! 

I find that the Curve laptop stand sits a little low for me, so I plan on gifting this to a family member as she is an Apple user. 

If you need a simple way to elevate your laptop, the Curve laptop stand may work for you! 

Now that you have an elevated laptop stand, you will want to sit comfortably too! 

Ergonomic Seating

Create an inviting workspace with ergonomic seating. Since you are sitting at a desk, you should be comfortable and aware of your posture. 

Now that you’re using the laptop stand in your home office, you should care for your posture, which helps strengthen your core. A strong core means a strong back. Your body is all connected. 

I found the most comfortable seat cushion and back pillow to use at your workspace. This can easily be used at the office, your home office, and even around the home! If you have a favorite spot on the couch or chair at home, you can add comfort!

I have been working from home for years now. I prefer using a comfortable seat cushion. My workspace is at my dining table, which means my chair is not that comfortable. I am so glad I found Cushion Lab, because they offer ergonomic products for the best comfort! 

Cushion Lab comfort cushions

You will see they offer products in different colors to fit your personality. I love my Pressure Relief Seat Cushion and matching Back Relief Lumbar Pillow. Apparently, with the way I sit, I don’t use the back pillow as much, I may move it to my chair to use when I watch television. Both products can be used for other activities, such as reading, watching television, and more! 

I have a special coupon code just for you! Shop Cushion Lab and save 10% off your order when you use coupon code: COMFORT10.

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