Fashionable Walking Gear For Puppy

We added a new puppy to our family! I decided to take the leap and add a puppy to our household. With that, I was scrambling to gather the basic necessities I would need! I found fashionable walking gear for puppy and excited to share!

Fashionable Walking Gear For Puppy
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As a new pet parent, I was definitely a rookie when it came to choosing the necessities. I basically chose the affordable items. Now, I make the fashionable choices! Cute designs helps show off his personality!

Are you ready for fashionable walking gear for puppy?

Puppy background

I found a breeder that I really liked. I joined their Facebook group and saw the comments from their families. I lurked in the group for months, which gave me a chance to really decide if I was ready. Originally, I told myself I would wait until I found an amazing partner to share a life with. However, being single, it can be very lonely! 

I had signed up for a few breeder emailing lists. My favorite breeder sent out a newsletter saying they were expecting mini labradoodles in early December. I ended up putting a deposit down that day! 

A few days after I put my deposit down, another breeder reached out letting me know they have cavapoo puppies available in December. I was a little bummed that I had just put a deposit down but still stayed positive and excited. 

Long story short, the breeder I was working with had a cavapoo puppy they offered me. The mini labradoodle litter had two puppies and they gave me a choice of the cavapoo puppy that was available now or one of the mini labradoodles. I ended up choosing the cavapoo and I am so glad I did. We have our good and bad days but being a pet parent is worth it. 

I am also going to put him through boarding and training at the end of January. I am excited about that. 

Fashionable walking gear for puppy

When I received the call about the cavapoo that was ready to come home, I wasn’t even prepared. I quickly ordered items that I thought would fit him. I ordered a dog bed, dog crate, harness, collar, leash and a few other items. 

I found out the harness and collar were too small for him. I had to order one size larger and wait a few days for that to arrive. Since I had to order the basics so quickly, I chose basic colors and the most affordable options.

If you’re looking for fashionable walking gear for your fur baby, Lucy & Co. has beautiful designs! I was sent their Space Doodles design and I love it! 

Since my cavapoo is such a small dog, I was excited to receive the Space Doodle harness. I am so grateful it fits him perfectly and it’s also reversible! One harness with two looks! 

Space Doodle Reversible Harness

Wearing his fashionable reversible harness

You cannot go wrong with a fashionable reversible harness!

I may be a new pet parent, I am so excited for my pup to wear fashionable walking gear

Pup wearing Space Doodle Harness

This is my sweet puppy wearing the fashionable reversible harness, he’s so playful and energetic, I have to “hold him back” just to take a photo of him sitting still. 

In addition to his fashionable reversible harness, we also received a matching Space Doodle collar and leash!

Space Doodle Leash and Collar

I was a bit worried about the collar staying on him. I read several comments on a pet shopping site and almost every review stated that the collar didn’t stay buckled! So far, the collar stays put! 

The Space Doodle leash is the perfect size. I am thankful I was sent the small leash, I have two other large leashes and they are a bit too big for my little fur baby

Since we live in a condo, we do not have our own yard. That means, I have to take the pup out to go potty! We go to the park at least once a day, that’s where he gets his main exercise. 

I am grateful I was also sent the matching Space Doodle Poop Bag Holder. I did have one poop bag holder but the pup ended up chewing it up and now it doesn’t zip up!

Space Doodle Poop Bag Holder

My Space Doodle Poop Bag Holder is super cute! I love that it’s lightweight on the leash. It doesn’t get in the way of my hands or my dog’s paws. Plus, it comes with a carabiner so you can clip your poop bag holder to your belt loop, purse strap, backpack strap or anything else you want to carry it around with!

If you love going for walks with your dog, choose fashionable walking gear for puppy!

My fur baby is definitely a puppy.

He loves to play. He has a way of letting me know he wants to play. We usually play with a few of his toys. The You’ve Got Mail Plush Toy is perfect for him! It’s soft and easy for him to bite on! 

You've Got Mail Plush Toy

You can’t go wrong with adding the You’ve Got Mail Plush Toy to your cart! Dogs love toys and it’s an excuse to play with your puppy! The You’ve Got Mail Plush Toy is perfect for any pup, but especially those who are extra cuddly. It’s made of plush material that’s soft on their teeth and gentle on their gums.

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Let us know what fashionable walking gear for puppy you would choose!

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