Toys That Teach

My son is a teen with Autism. He started ABA therapy just before schools closed due to Coronavirus. Since he started ABA, I’ve been slowly adding toys to our household. Before, we didn’t have any toys because he would destroy them, throw them down the toilet, or throw them away! However, they use board games in his therapy! I found some cool toys that are perfect for children with Autism and beyond! Let’s take a look at toys that teach! 

Toys That Teach
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ABA Therapy 

I am so thankful I found an ABA Therapy company as it was a very difficult journey. I had to find a company that had openings, took our insurance, and served his age group! I found this to be very difficult. I called and emailed several companies over a period of a few years. There were times when I got discouraged because I always received a “no.â€Â 

Hand and eye coordination

Since I’ve been looking for additional games for my son, I’ve been admiring PlayMonster toys for awhile now. They sent me Stacktopus and Free Play Magnatab, which my son loves playing daily! 

PlayMonster Stacktopus

When I saw Stacktopus, I knew it would be the perfect game for him to incorporate into his ABA Therapy! Not only does it help teach him taking turns and waiting for his turn. He is also learning to match colors, manipulating the cups in the correct order, hand and eye coordination, and more! 

The first time he played Stacktopus, he wasn’t too thrilled about it. But they kept playing and now he is slowly getting used to the game! I love that he’s learning and reinforcing his colors and learning to hold objects with his hands! 

Stacktopus can also be found at Target and Walmart. 

Free Play Magnatab

I chose the Free Play Magnatab because it is only a two piece toy. It is fun, easy, and unique to play with. 

My son loves playing with it. After therapy, he will pull out the Free Play Magnatab and quietly play. He’s been really good with putting his toys away when he’s done with them. If anything, the Free Play Magnatab is encouraging his creative side! 

Free Play Magnatab can also be found at Amazon and Walmart.

Self Comforting

I was sent 7 Mimbleballs and instantly fell in love with all of them! They are so darned cute. They even have names: 

Ira (grey)

Theo (light blue)

Gabe (green)

Ivie (white with pattern)

Bimble (white with denim)

Thimble (pink)

Vanessa or Violet (purple) 

Mimbleballs ladies

I was immediately drawn to Ivie, Thimble, and Vanessa or Violet! 

Vanessa or Violet is weighted, so I like to hold her for extra comfort! 

Ivie with her white hair reminds me of Doc from Back to the Future! 

Thimble reminds me of sheep, more specifically Lamp Chop! 

I have all 3 little ladies on my bed and they sleep next to me! I also like to hold my Mimbleballs when I am watching television and winding down for the day! 

Mimbleballs crew

As for my son, he has the rest of them in his room! I hope he will warm up to them and let them sleep next to him at night because the Mimbleballs are so cute! 

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Stephanie is a full time single mom to a teen with Autism. She is a homeowner and starting a new chapter! Feel free to contact Stephanie for more information on how she can help your company.

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