Explore Your Artsy and Adventurous Side Indoors

When schools first closed, I realized I needed to keep up with school lessons and I wanted us to stay somewhat active. I bought a few art supplies and balls for us to play with! I made a few lessons for him to do each day and even incorporated little games where we tossed a ball to each other. Since we’ve been home for months, I’ve been adding games and trying to stay motivated with everything. We gathered items to explore your artsy and adventurous side indoors! 

Explore Your Artsy and Adventurous Side Indoors
Beauty Brite Disclosure

Since we prefer to stay home, which works since it’s keeping us safe with COVID, I wanted my son to try more art projects and find ways to be creative! 

Explore the artsy side

When I saw the Paint By PomPom kits, I wanted to try them with my son. I chose the DinoPom Pal and PuppyPom Pal kits! 

DinoPom Pal

What I love about Paint By PomPom kits is there is no mess to worry about. Also, the projects are easy and fun for my son to try! 

PuppyPom Pal

I also love that each project is already framed! These will hang in my son’s room! They are so cute and colorful! Honestly, I’m ready to collect them all! They are perfect for any age! 

Explore the adventurous side

My son has had toys before but there were times when he’d throw them in the toilet, destroy them, or they’d end up all over the house. After that, we decided to get rid of all his toys. I kept our household toy-free until a few months ago when we added a few board games. 

I am slowly warming up to more toys in the house! 

Bandai World of Zombies Deluxe Sports Set

As a fan of The Walking Dead and their spin-offs, I had to have the World of Zombies toys! We received the Bandai World of Zombies Deluxe Sports Set, Zapan Sumo Wrestler, and France Zrench Chef.

Zapan Sumo Wrestler and France Zrench Chef

I love the Zapan Sumo Wrestler and France Zrench Chef! They are definitely zombie-like and fun to display! I plan on keeping them in my little collection of toys! 

The World of Zombies toys makes great gifts for the zombie fan in your life or even for the kids! 

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