Time To Put Down The Screens And Bring Back Family Game Night!

Board games are an amazing tool to have in your home. Dedicating an evening to family game night has many benefits. Not only can board games be educational; they can teach strategy, how to be a team player and reduce stress. With virtual learning in full effect, our kids are on the screen more than ever and family bonding has an ever growing gap. Board games have been known to bring families closer together creating healthier family relationships.

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A Game of Strategy

Trailz Game

Trailz is a unique and fun new game from PlayMonster that involves logic. This game of strategy is meant for 2 players ages 7 & up. The purpose is to outsmart eachother to get your ‘shroom’ safely to the other side. But you need to watch out, the slugs can eat the shrooms!! The players need to make smart moves to carefully reach the destination.

Watching my boys play Trailz was like watching a game of chess with the level of concentration they had. A lot of critical thinking was involved and of course, strategizing. My son’s had a blast playing and were constantly laughing, which is the best type of ruckus any momma loves to hear!

A Game For Littles

Playing board games with your toddler can seem overwhelming. But they are important to introduce at a young age! They teach patience and the importance of following rules. It even helps them learn how to be a good sport whether they win or loose.

Colorforms Silly Face Game is perfect for kids ages 3 & up. The characters are from Netflix’s popular children’s show ‘Charlie Colorform City’. The Colorform stickers are re-stickable so you can use them over and over again. Colorforms Silly Face Game comes with an easy to read spinner that uses pictures, several sheets of restickable stickers and blank face cards.

The object of the game is to complete a whole silly face to win! This allows your child to be creative, have fun, and learn basic rules in board game play.

Crafting Fun

Hands on activities are always fun! Fashion Plates Classic Styles brought me back to my childhood. I used to have this kit and it was one of my favorites. I love that not much has changed from the original kit in the 80’s (as they say, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’), but small upgrades made it that much better. Fashion Plates Classic Styles is great for aspiring designers to create one of a kind looks by mixing and matching plates.

Simply choose the fashion plates you want to put together and use the rubbing crayon provided to transfer your look onto paper. Once you have your design transfered, it is time to color in. I love the carrying case that Fashion Plates Classic Styles provides because it acts like a ‘designers portfolio‘. There are even patterns on the opposite side of the fashion plates to create texture to your designs.

Fashion Plates Classic Styles comes with enough paper to create 20 different designs and colored pencils. The colored pencils, in my opinion, were not pigmented enough; so we decided to use our own colored pencils for a more vibrant design. An added plus is that you can even purchase expansion kits to create more designs to expand your portfolio.

The Y’Art Craft Kits are another fun activity. Y’Art is almost like a paint by numbers, except with yarn. The Y’Art board is similar to the harder side of the velcro strip that helps the yarn stick. The provided pen helps guide the yarn in the pattern you choose to create, but we found it easier to use our hands. If you make a mistake, it is easy to fix by carefully pulling the yarn away from the Y’Art board.

Y’Art Craft Kits are helpful in teaching hand eye coordination and boosting creative outlets. When you complete your Y’Art design, you can cut out the provided frame from the back of the box and attach your Y’Art Craft for a finished look.

What is your favorite activity for family game night?

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