Teacher Gifts After An Epic School Year

The 2020/2021 school year was one for the books! Learning during a pandemic was quite a challenge. My son loves school, so not being able to be on campus was such a bummer for him. When school finally returned to in-person learning, I think he really thrived! He and I were both very excited! I found teacher gifts after an epic school year we all went through! 

Teacher Gifts After An Epic School Year
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My son started a new school last year, which means a new teacher. His teacher happens to be a brand new teacher. Her first year of teaching, in a pandemic! I am so thankful he has such a caring teacher. 

I wanted to put together a sweet gift bag for her. I really appreciate how hard she worked, especially meeting my son over zoom instead of in-person! 

Restful sleep

Silken Pure Sleep Mask in pink

When I saw the Silken Pure Sleep Mask, I knew it would be the perfect gift for my son’s teacher! It’s been such a crazy year, a good night’s sleep is always welcomed. She works extremely hard and works well past school hours to prepare materials and lessons for her students. 

The Silken Pure Sleep Mask is made from pure mulberry silk, which makes it extra soft on your skin! 

Personalized Gift

I have been lucky enough to have a few pieces of art that represent the night sky for special occasions! Our most recent star map is from the day I got the keys to our home! The other special date I wanted to capture was the night my son was born! As you can imagine, both dates are very important to us! 

Well Told Night Sky Insulated Tumbler

I wanted to give the Well Told Night Sky Insulated Tumbler to my son’s teacher, knowing she drinks tea! I thought it would be perfect for her to use at home, on-the-go, or even in the classroom! 

Since it is a personal gift, I did have to spill the bean and ask for a special date she had in mind. She chose the day she got married! 

Learning toys

Originally, I wanted toys for my son to use during his ABA Therapy. However, I’m thinking they may be best for his classroom at school so all of his classmates can use them! I’ll wait until we start ABA Therapy again and see how it goes. 

Skoolzy Matching Eggs Color Sorting Toys

The first toy I chose, is the Skoolzy Matching Eggs Color Sorting Toys. I don’t like toys with a lot of pieces. But I also wanted something my son could use to learn colors, shapes, and assemble items together. 

The Skoolzy Matching Eggs Color Sorting Toys is fun exercise my son and I play with. I disassemble the eggs and mix them up. I then have him match the colors and shapes together and put them back in the carton. 

Skoolzy Shapes Puzzles - Educational Color Matching & Shape Sorter

Next, I chose the Skoolzy Shapes Puzzles – Educational Color Matching & Shape Sorter! I wanted something a little more complex for him to match shapes, numbers, and more. Next time I will have him assemble the foam puzzle pieces. This will come handy during his therapy as well! 

Sun Soul Silk face masks

We received silk face masks from Sun Soul. I chose black and purple, one for my son and myself! 

So far, I love how soft they are. They are sturdy and well made. We have other silk masks and they are flimsy and lose their shape. 

The Sun Soul silk face masks have adjustable straps, easy to clean and keep their shape. I love that they have a built in nose bridge thing, now I know which way the face mask goes! 

The mask is a bit big on my son’s face, which is fine, I can easily adjust the straps to make them fit better. 

With proper care (hand wash and hang dry), I see these lasting for a long time! 

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Making Snail Mail Fun Again

Making Snail Mail Fun Again
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In a time where technology rules the world, the time for mail is slowly falling out of style. When you can get something at the push of a button the term snail mail is true when you have to wait. Now with Sunny The mail snail, you can bring joy to your child’s face when they get their very own Snail Mail package!

Letter from Sunny

Snail Mail bringing smiles to your face!

Snail Mail

As a small child, I remember I used to feel like a million bucks when I would get something in the mail. The excitement of opening it up and seeing just what I had gotten! Which now isn’t so fun when most of its all bills. Keep an eye on your mailbox because now Sunny the Mail Snail, is making snail mail fun again for the whole entire family.

Tell me more about Sunny you say? Sunny will send your family weekly letters about his adventures around the world. Along with these letters are little mementos, trinkets, stickers and lots of fun. When we opened our box for the first time we were greeted with our very own stuffed Sunny plushie. Next, we found so many fun items; a fun and colorful map of the world with lots of fun animal pictures. There was also feathers from Sunny’s best friend “Bluebird” who gives him rides all over the world.

Sunnys Adventures

Our box also included Sunny’s passport with plenty of room for your kids to document all of Sunny’s travels. We have received a letter weekly from Sunny telling us all about his travels. He always includes some many fun items inside his letters. From pictures of animals to fun stickers all the kids love to document his progress around the world. It’s so much fun to see their smiles when we open the mailbox and find a letter from our little friend. To get your very own subscription to Sunny’s travels be sure to check out his website, Facebook, or Instagram.


I think right now while the world seems to be on lockdown Sunny the Mail Snail is the perfect addition to your family. It gives your children a sense of adventure, and a chance to see the world when we are all feeling a little cooped up right now. It also is a great way to encourage reading and the love of animals.

Where would you live to see Sunny Visit?

Upgrade Your Kitchen Necessities

My son and I moved into our home almost two years ago! Since then, I have had so much fun getting us settled in and making our house our very own home! Over the last few years, I’ve decorated, organized, and worked on keeping our home clean! We found a few items to help you upgrade your kitchen necessities! 

Upgrade Your Kitchen Necessities
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Since we’ve been here for a few years, I’ve noticed there are things we still need or items that need to be replaced! One of the reasons I don’t have everything that I need or always replace things right away is that I am a single mom and we live on a fixed income. Also, with schools closed, my son is home all the time. I feel like we spend more on food and even our bills are a little higher lately. 

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Items You Never Thought To Upgrade

We gathered a few items you never thought to upgrade! It may be small changes, but they can add to your lifestyle! One item is so perfect in today’s climate of Coronavirus and social distancing. 

Items You Never Thought To Upgrade
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When I think of running errands, I just want to carry around as little as possible! I like to carry a small backpack that carries my wallet and a few other items! Have you thought of upgrading your wallet and even your business card holder? 

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Soothe Your Mind, Health, And Senses Naturally

Being stuck at home has been tough. With our schools having switched to distance learning, I feel like we’re trapped. My son loves school and he is forced to learn at home. Sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy, but I remind myself to take time for myself. We found fun ways to soothe your mind, health, and senses naturally! 

Soothe Your Mind, Health, And Senses Naturally
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I am not one to turn to medication. I prefer natural remedies, especially essential oils in my oil diffuser. Using aromatherapy truly helps us! With my son, he tends to have meltdowns or get upset. Lavender essential oil helps calm him down. Also, when he’s too hyper for bedtime, I use oils! 

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How To Prepare For A New Pet Part 1: Toys, Tags, Cleaning For Your New Pet

We recently adopted a dog from the local SPCA and she’s been such a great addition to our family and lifestyle. The Coronavirus may have forced everything to shut down, however, we’ve always been homebodies. Whether you’re a new pet parent or just need ideas on what you need, we share our tips on how to prepare for a new pet with toys, tags, cleaning for your new pet!

How To Prepare For A New Pet Part 1: Toys, Tags, Cleaning For Your New Pet
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I once tried being a foster dog mom. It was my very first time and looking back, it wasn’t a good fit overall. The dog had major surgery and I didn’t have the support from the shelter when I needed their help. Needless to say, that whole experience made me realize I needed to focus on our own family. 

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4 Ways To Make A House Into A Home

You want to make your house into a home, huh? And yes, they are two different words. A house is a structure, and a home is what you turn it into. Like your personalized stamp! We have some ideas on how to make a house into a HOME!! 

Bring in Plants! 

Plants make a house so homey!  Plus the color green is vibrant that represents freshness

Plants make a house so homey! Plus the color green is vibrant that represents freshness.  Seeing plants in a house makes me smile. I love to see plants in every room.  It just uplifts its surroundings and makes it more lively. Also, remember green is a year-round color. 

Now there are so many plant ideas, and my favorite blog House Plant Addicts has some fantastic ideas, plus I love these Plant Artwork too! 

Add Favorite YOUR Colors

What colors do you like? Or maybe you want to create a calming area so bright pinks and purples would not be the right choice.  Think about what you want from your home- comfort, inspiration, or maybe do individual rooms in different styles. 

 It is your house-make it your home.  

When I think of the bedroom, I want calming and neutral colors so I can sleep better.

When I think of the bedroom, I want calming and neutral colors so I can sleep better.  I love my living room to be bright and vivid because that is where the family has fun. Have a plan for each room when you pick the colors. 

Create a SPACE just for you! 

I would love that, but I only have a corner in the living room where I have my favorite chair so that I can read, write, and meditate. I put all my favorites in this little part of the house that is all mine.

I have to share a room with my husband, so I need a space for ME!  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a huge room dedicated to just to you? I would love that, but I only have a corner in the living room where I have my favorite chair so that I can read, write, and meditate. I put all my favorites in this little part of the house that is all mine.  

Personalized Artwork Helps Turn a House Into A Home!

When you start adding pictures of you and your family, then you are creating a HOME.  But let’s not forget our furbabies too. I never thought about getting a picture of my dog, but when I received a custom portrait of Harley from West and Willow, I wondered why it took me so long.  I think I might have found what I want to give as gifts from now on.  

But let’s not forget our furbabies too.  I never thought about getting a picture of my dog, but when I received a custom portrait of Harly from West and Willow

The portraits are clean and simple but so lovely!  I smile every time I walk past my picture of Harley- wouldn’t you?  I think my next step is a customized phone case. 

Custom portrait from West and Willow

 COUPON CODE: PAWFRIENDS15, which gets you 15% off entire order

Or what about ARTWORK you create!

My family is very creative, so we have all kinds of artwork around the house, but we have never done Augmented Reality (AR) artwork.  When we had the opportunity to create a personalized work of art, we had a lot of fun. Both beginners and seasoned artists alike can create wall-worthy artwork with Cupixel.  

The experience begins with the Cupixel Art Box. The Box contains EVERYTHING needed to create masterful works of art. The Cupixel Art Box contains enough art supplies to create multiple works of art. When in need of refills, users use the app to place an order for the Cupixel Refill Box. The Refill Box provides additional proprietary painting canvases, as well as an additional Cupixel frame to showcase the artwork.

My daughter was so amazed at how she was able to create her custom artwork with her phone. This was an experience we won’t forget, and we have a new portrait to put in the house- made by Sahara! 

When we had the opportunity to create a personalized work of art, we had a lot of fun.  Both beginners and seasoned artists alike can create wall-worthy artwork with Cupixel.

Now you have some ideas on how to turn a house into a HOME.  We want to hear your thoughts, too, comment below and let us know how you create a home. 

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Get Inspired! 6 Easter Basket Themes For Tweens & Teens

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There is always something about Easter that my kids never get tired of no matter how big they get. We love decorating eggs using the Egg-Mazing & of course our ‘slightly competitive‘ annual Easter egg hunt. After all that running around hunting for candy filled eggs, they get to dig into their personal Easter baskets.

I usually try to create a basket based on what my kids enjoy. So to help out with creating an Easter basket for tweens & teens, here are some great ideas to help you get started.

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2 Ways To Show Off Your Love Of Plants

It’s no secret that I love houseplants. When my son and I moved into our home over a year ago, I wanted to slowly rebuild my indoor jungle! I quickly built my collection without going overboard. Every so often, I get the urge to add new plants! We share 2 ways to show off your love of plants! 

2 Ways To Show Off Your Love Of Plants
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As a homeowner and single mom, I feel stressed and overwhelmed almost daily! Houseplants help me feel less stress in our living space! I also like keeping the look of nature indoors! Caring for plants allows me to feel relaxed and focus on a hobby that brings me peace. As a condo owner, I don’t have my own yard to enjoy nature, so I bring the greenery indoors with my plants! I am very thankful my son always knew not to touch my plants. He seems to keep his distance from them, which I appreciate. 

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Your Ears Will Thank You

Your Ears Will Thank You
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Are you looking for so great fashion accessories that will look great with every outfit? I’m talking about earrings. They may be tiny but they can sure bring a whole outfit together. I’ve found a couple of great products that you are going to love. Your ears will thank you for sure!

Your Ears Will Thank You!

Style Coop

I have the hardest time finding earrings that work for me. Usually, within an hour of putting them in, I can tell you if I will be able to wear them or not. My ears will usually become so sore that I have to take the earrings out, and clean them with alcohol to get them to heal, so earring shopping is really hard. I have finally found a great company that I can wear with no problem at all, no sore or red ears and most of all no pain! This company is called Style Coop. Style Coop supports Eco-friendly, women-owned and made in the USA products. The Shop was founded in 2019 and is owned by the amazing Monica.

Rose Gold Bar

When I received my beautiful Fair Trade 18k Rose Gold Bar Studs I was so excited to try them. I have recently fallen in love with anything that’s rose gold. I think it just looks so elegant. You can pair these beautiful bar studs with any outfit and they can be dressed up or down. They are seriously some of the prettiest earrings I’ve seen. These would be a perfect gift for any lady in your life. To find the perfect set of beautiful earrings for you be sure to visit their Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

Now, what is the only bad thing about earrings of any kind? For me, it’s the fact that I can’t keep up with the backs to save my life. I’m constantly losing them. Chrysmela catch is a game-changer when it comes to earring backs. This inventive earring back are patented with a lock and unlock feature that is made to fit all sizes of earring backs. Invented in 2008 these backs come in platinum, 24K Yellow and Rose Gold. They are setting the fashion world on track. Be sure to visit their website to find out more and get your own.

Chrysmela Catch

To me, earrings can be such a staple item to your everyday look. They can dress you up or down, depending on the need. Be sure to check out these amazing products, your ears will thank you if you do. If you are interested in more ear wear check out these awesome 3D Printed Earrings I’ve previously reviewed.

What is your favorite style earring?