How To Prepare For A New Pet Part 1: Toys, Tags, Cleaning For Your New Pet

We recently adopted a dog from the local SPCA and she’s been such a great addition to our family and lifestyle. The Coronavirus may have forced everything to shut down, however, we’ve always been homebodies. Whether you’re a new pet parent or just need ideas on what you need, we share our tips on how to prepare for a new pet with toys, tags, cleaning for your new pet!

How To Prepare For A New Pet Part 1: Toys, Tags, Cleaning For Your New Pet
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I once tried being a foster dog mom. It was my very first time and looking back, it wasn’t a good fit overall. The dog had major surgery and I didn’t have the support from the shelter when I needed their help. Needless to say, that whole experience made me realize I needed to focus on our own family. 

Now that we are stuck at home, I find that we have more time. I wanted a dog in our life! It was time. 

As a new pet parent, this was my first time having a pet as a single mom and on my own. I knew I wanted a small breed dog. Finding Freya was a difficult journey for me. But I am so glad we found her as I do believe things happen for a reason. The other dogs we met were not right for our family! 

In her first few days in her new home, she had a few accidents! 


Freya had not officially joined our family but I wanted to prepare for her arrival. When I saw the T-Rex and Woolly Mammoth Plush Toys, I knew I had to have them! I chose them because they were so cute and unique! All of the toys from Rocco and Roxie are unique but those two really stood out to me. 

T-Rex Plush Toy

The T-Rex Plush Toy just reminded me of all those videos of people wearing the T-Rex costume. It also reminded me of the Jurassic Park movies

Woolly Mammoth Plush Toy

The Woolly Mammoth Plush Toy is just as cute! It reminded me of the character from the movie Ice Age. 


One of my priorities was to get her properly licensed with my city and update her records with the microchip company.

Pink Cream Collar in Small and Personalized Dog Tag in Sage

I knew I needed a dog collar and dog tag for her. I chose the Pink & Cream Collar in Small! I also wanted a fancy dog tag, so I chose the Personalized Dog Tag in Sage! 

Pink Cream Collar and Personalized Dog Tag

The Pink & Cream Collar is lightweight and fits perfectly on her. The dog tag is lightweight as well. I love how high quality both items are. The Personalized Dog Tag proudly displays her name and my phone number. 

Freya is now the coolest puppers! 

Be prepared for accidents

I knew I needed cleaning products specifically for carpet cleaning, stains, and odors! I actually had to purchase a new carpet shampooer her first week in our home. My old one broke, which was fine, it was big and very difficult for me to maneuver. 

Oxy Stain Remover and Stain and Odor Eliminator

When it comes to accidents, you definitely need to have the Oxy Stain Remover and Stain and Odor Eliminator on hand. 

The Oxy Stain Remover can be used to people and pet messes! This is a powerhouse product to have, especially as a parent or a naturally clumsy person like myself. I do my best to keep our home clean and tidy. While it is not perfect and we have clutter, I do my best to maintain, vacuum, clean our carpets and floors and more. 

The Stain and Odor Eliminator comes in handy for the pet messes! I can easily use this product before or after I use my carpet shampooer! I like to do an extra layer of cleaning, so I use this one before and after. I am trying to stay on top of our home not smelling like dog. When I do start smelling dog, I know it’s time to vacuum and even pull out the carpet shampooer. However, when I need to do a quick cleaning and refresh, I can use the  Stain and Odor Eliminator on any surface! 

The Stain and Odor Eliminator and Oxy Stain Remover are now available at PetSmart.

Be sure to stop by part 2 of our guide on how to prepare for a new pet.

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