Upgrade Your Kitchen Necessities

My son and I moved into our home almost two years ago! Since then, I have had so much fun getting us settled in and making our house our very own home! Over the last few years, I’ve decorated, organized, and worked on keeping our home clean! We found a few items to help you upgrade your kitchen necessities! 

Upgrade Your Kitchen Necessities
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Since we’ve been here for a few years, I’ve noticed there are things we still need or items that need to be replaced! One of the reasons I don’t have everything that I need or always replace things right away is that I am a single mom and we live on a fixed income. Also, with schools closed, my son is home all the time. I feel like we spend more on food and even our bills are a little higher lately. 

Quality Knife

Right now, I have a basic knife set that I received a few years ago. It is a small set of 3 knives that I was using for the past few years. One of the knives even had the tip break! I knew I needed new knives, but replacing them was not a priority! 

Meet a quality knife you need in your kitchen! 

KUMA Multi Purpose Chef Knife

I was introduced to the KUMA Multi Purpose Chef Knife and I just love it. It is much bigger than I am used to. I am overly careful when I use the knife because I am scared of slicing myself! 

I’ve been able to cut up veggies, baked potatoes, and more with the KUMA Multi Purpose Chef Knife! One of my knives was actually damaged when I was cutting into baked potatoes, so I am excited to have a knife that is tough! 

The only downside to this knife is that I wish it came with a storage container, bag, or stand! Right now, I keep it on top of a small appliance in my kitchen! I’m too scared to store it in the utensil drawer with the rest of our things as my son uses that drawer!

Update your tools

I have a set of cooking utensils that I love. They are green, which is why I chose the Silicone Spatula Set in green! 

Silicone Spatula Set in green

While the Silicone Spatula Set is geared towards baking, I can still use them for mixing and frying! I like to quickly whip up veggies in a non-stick pan! 

The Silicone Spatula Set is BPA Free, heavy duty, smell proof, and will last a long time! 

Food Storage 

I am always saving food, making sure food is stored properly, and tightly sealed. I’ve had sliced cheese go bad because I didn’t seal the package all the way! I knew I needed an alternative. When I saw the Silicone Food Storage Bags, I knew I had to try them! 

Silicone Food Storage Bags

I dislike having to use sealed plastic bags for snacks and such. I find myself using them very rarely and even then, it’s when we are out and about running errands! I like to carry snacks with me, especially when I volunteered in my son’s class, doctor’s appointments, etc. I knew we were going to be away from home for hours, so I wanted snacks with me! 

Around the house, I use plastic bags to store leftover food, little toys, and more! 

I love using the Silicone Food Storage Bags because they are BPA Free, non-toxic, dishwasher, and microwave safe! They are platinum food-grade silicone that is safe for the freezer, boiling water, and oven up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

I just adore the idea of reusable food storage bags. I really don’t like using sealed plastic bags and when I do, I try to reuse them if I can! 

Decorate with art

I love art, even personalized and meaningful art! I have positive, fun, personal, and beautiful pieces of art all around our home! I love it! I have a few framed pieces that I haven’t hung up because I don’t know how. In the meantime, they sit in my son’s room. 

I’ve been meaning to add art in our kitchen and dining area. We have an open floor plan, so our home opens into the living room, dining room, and kitchen! When I saw a few pieces that would be perfect for our kitchen and dining area, I knew I had to have them!

Avocado Poetry and Fork Poster

I chose two pieces of art, the Avocado Amor Poetry Poster and I Fancy a Fork Poster.

Avocado Amor Poetry Poster

The Avocado Amor Poetry Poster is so cute! I love avocado and I even have a few seeds growing! I actually prefer to eat avocado plain, on toast, or in a sandwich! How could I not have this piece in my home?! 

I Fancy a Fork Poster

I love the look of the I Fancy a Fork Poster! It’s fancy, cute, and just plain awesome! Plus, it reminds us to use eating utensils! 

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