Items You Never Thought To Upgrade

We gathered a few items you never thought to upgrade! It may be small changes, but they can add to your lifestyle! One item is so perfect in today’s climate of Coronavirus and social distancing. 

Items You Never Thought To Upgrade
Beauty Brite Disclosure

When I think of running errands, I just want to carry around as little as possible! I like to carry a small backpack that carries my wallet and a few other items! Have you thought of upgrading your wallet and even your business card holder? 

Upgrade your wallet

Right now, I am using a slim wallet and it’s been working for me for several years. It’s the perfect size because it fits in my small backpack and my crossbody purse! However, I’ve been wanting to upgrade my wallet! 

Wrapped In Love Wallet

I found the Wrapped In Love Wallet and I just love it! I even had it personalized with my name! 

Wrapped In Love Wallet Opened

The quality of the wallet is amazing. The leather is so soft and I am so scared to use it because it is so nice! 

I did use a little bit of lemon essential oil as a natural leather conditioner and so far, no issues! 

The Wrapped In Love Wallet makes a great gift for friends, neighbors, co-workers, and more! 

Upgrade your business

Most people carry business cards! Why not upgrade with a personalized Business Card Holder

Business Card Holder

As you can see, it is so nice looking! I love carrying it in my purse. Since I don’t have business cards, I can easily use it to carry my credit cards and ID. 

No touch in public places 

Whether you are carrying around hand sanitizer or looking for a handy tool to keep with you, we found the perfect option! 

LINCs in yellow and red

Here is a great example of how you can use LINCs!

I received two LINCs in yellow and red! 

Homemade Tigger Design

When I saw the yellow LINC, I thought it needed a unique look! I immediately thought of Tigger! I looked up his pictures and decided to mimic his Tigger stripes! What do you think? 

Homemade ladybug design

As for the red LINC, I wanted to add my own design. I decided a ladybug would look cute! What do you think? 

Instead of a plain look, I wanted to add a little flair! Now, I can’t wait to grab a LINC on my way out! They easily clip to my waistband, purse, tote bag, etc! It is very easy to reach for my LINC to open a door or push a button when needed! 

Carrying a LINC allows me feel safe about not having to tough public surfaces! I have always been a germaphobe about touching public surfaces, so this tool is perfect for me! 

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