About Liana

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I am a momma of 3 and happily married for 15 years. My three children are my world and their brilliance never ceases to amaze me. I attended the University of Connecticut and received my Bachelors in Spanish and Social Work and my Masters in Secondary Foreign Language Education. I am a certified SACC (Sexual Assault Crisis Counselor) and have been doing volunteer work on the crisis hotline for 16 years! I taught Spanish in the inner city schools grades 9-12 for 10 years in the state of Connecticut.

My babies!

In 2014 I had my first thyroid storm which was the beginning of the decline of my personal health. I began having seizure like episodes that escalated to a deterioration of my physical and mental health. In 2015 I was diagnosed with Functional Dystonia and with a heavy heart I had to leave my career as a teacher in 2016. I fight for my health daily so I can be there for my family in the long run. I have an amazing team of medical doctors that have helped lesson my symptoms to the point where I can live and function daily so I can be active in my childrens lives.

After a dystonic attack, I would be in incredible pain and in bed for days at time

Over the past couple years, I have embarked on a health and wellness journey. I turned my bad habits around and made major changes to my lifestyle. I began eating better and exercising daily. I lost half my body weight to the point where many people found me un-recognizable. I recently began sharing my jouney here on Beauty Brite and I hope to inspire those who need that extra push to be better for not only themselves, but for their familues. I have had only THREE dystonic attacks in the past two years, which has allowed me to get back to work. But this time, I am working on a farm with HOUSEPLANTS!

I have a passion for gardening and hope one day I can begin homesteading so I can live off the land. We currenly have 17 chickens along with herb and vegeteble gardens. We recently adopted a kitten named Aiko and we have 3 birds (2 parakeets and a cockatiel). Over six years ago, I dove into the wonderful world of houseplants and the addiction is real!! I love writing and learning about different cultures and the arts. I find different cultures and traditions fascinating and beautiful. I have a interest in body modifications, in particular tattoos and body piercings. Currently I have 21 piercings ( I used to have 38!!) and 13 tattoos including a back piece that has been in progress for 18 years!

I find cleaning and organizing relaxing ( strange I know) but a good clean space really makes this momma happy. I love the art of home decor, makeup & comfortable fashion. One of my favorite things to do is cook for my family. Seeing them excited over a meal I prepare always makes me smile.

Chicken marsala, a household favorite!

My husband (who is my best friend) and I have a goal to visit each state in the USA once our children are grown and moved out of the home. I am thankful and grateful for him every day, because without him, I don’t know if I could have found the strength to get up and keep pushing through each day.

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