4 Reasons Why I LOVE My Dog!

My dog makes me happy every morning. I get up, and Harley is looking at me with his big brown eyes and wagging tail.

The main reason why we got a dog is that every family needs a dog. However, when I was 5 years old, someone shot my dog in front of me, so that has been a traumatic experience that stopped me from having another pet until Harley came into our life. But my kids didn’t experience that, so I needed to let go of that trauma and start over with my family; it only took 45 years!

The kids begged for many years, and I finally said yes 3 years ago, and it has been the best thing for ME!  I got the dog for the kids, not me, but I fell in love the moment I saw him! 

We (oh I mean I did) named our dog Harley.  What is funny about this situation is the kids wanted a dog so bad, but after like 3 days, they were over him and really didn’t help much with him anyway, which is fine because Harley is my dog!  Three years later, everyone in the house is JEALOUS of Harley!  

Let me explain why I love my dog so much!

4 Reasons Why I LOVE My Dog!


My dog makes me happy every morning. I get up, and Harley is looking at me with his big brown eyes and wagging tail.  He is super excited to see me!  No one is awake when I get up, so Harley loves to spend this time with me. I smile every morning because of my dog, Harley. 


My Harley is a dog who barks very loud and can scare the neighbors when they walk by. But he is the biggest cuddle monster when he gets to know you.  He protects our home better than a surveillance camera. He can either hear or smell something different within minutes.

It amazes me every time he does that; when someone is at our gate, he will notify us even before he sees the person. He even knows certain vehicle sounds- like our friends will pull up, and he will start barking like hey look who is here. He sure does know when the UPS driver is in our area.  I feel safe in my home knowing I have my dog, Harley. 

Unconditional Love

My dog doesn’t care what type of mood I am in either; he wants to be near me. I don’t mind that either he is my comfort zone.  He can tell when I’m sad and will try to make me feel better by snuggling up or licking me to death.  By the way, I am the only one who loves his licks! 


Which leads me to this reason- having a dog is very therapeutic for me.  I can take him for a walk to clear my mind or throw the ball to him while thinking about things.  Ever since getting Harley, my mental health has been a lot better.

When I feel I need to balance myself, I will sit down and pet Harley.  Now don’t laugh. I also sit and talk to him.  He sits there and listens- no interruptions or excuses like I get from the kids. I can honestly say Harley is one of my best friends.  

How I show Harley LOVE

Since he shows me so much LOVE, I also show him ways I love him like his food- NO grocery store bulk food for him! Only the best for my dog- well within my budget.  I want to share a pet food company with you that is so amazing- PORTLAND PET FOOD COMPANY.  

We were able to try out samples of their fully cooked, ready to eat Homestyle Dog Meals.  Their motto is Crafted by humans and loved by dogs, which are PERFECT for this company.

  • They use all-natural and local meats, vegetables, and grains. 
  • Human Grade.
  • USA Sourced. 
  • No preservatives. 
  • No added hormones. 
  • No meat by-products.
  • No rendered meats. Ever.

My dog feasted on Hopkins’ Pork N’ Potato Grain, Rosie’s Beef N’ Rice, Tuxedo’s Chicken & Yams, Grandma Ada’s Turkey & Yams Grain, and then his favorite was Wally’s Salmon N’ Rice.  

4 Reasons Why I LOVE My Dog!  Plus how I show him love- Portland Pet Food Company

I highly recommend buying the Meal Variety Pack for $34.95 and guess what they even have a code – Enter TRYPPFC at checkout for 40% off your purchase of one (1) trial pack to test out all 5 of our ready to eat 100% Natural Human-Grade meals. Discount limited to one (1) use per customer.

If you really want to spoil your dog- heat the pouch in the microwave!  Oh yes- Harley enjoyed a hot meal when we did too. I already make him food, so having these pouches helped me when I was low on food or wanted something different. The pouches have a two-year shelf life- which is amazing! 

Now let’s talk TREATS! 

Their treats are 100% sourced and made in the USA. The dog biscuits are sustainable, natural, and delicious. My dog gets so excited when I bring out these special treats. All the biscuits are twice-baked in the oven to create a light, crunchy texture that’s easy to chew or break into smaller pieces.  Grain and Gluten-Free options are also available.  

Harley’s favorite treat is Brew Biscuits with Bacon Dog!  He goes crazy when I bring out these special treats. I feel good giving him these treats and will buy MORE! 

4 Reasons Why I LOVE My Dog!  Plus how I show him love- Portland Pet Food Company- Treats

Portland Pet Food Company is 100% Natural Human Grade Pet Food and Treats that we have tried and love.  Oh yeah, they also GIVE BACK- 5% of the net profit is donated to local non-profit animal shelters and programs. 

The best part is I don’t have to live in Portland to get this yummy food for Harley – I can go to my local Whole Foods! However, Portland Pet Food Company usually has deals going on for its customers so I would check there first!

I hope you check out Beauty Brite’s Holiday Gift Guide– so many amazing gift ideas- even for the PETS!


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