How To Prepare For A New Pet Part 3: Pet And Household Needs

Adding a new pet to your home takes so much responsibility! They can add so much love and teach patience! Since adding the dog to our household, it forced me to upgrade our carpet shampooer! I used to try to deep clean our carpet at least once a month, but now that we have a dog, I try to do it more often than that! Let’s discuss how to prepare for a new pet part 3: pet and household needs! 

How To Prepare For A New Pet Part 3: Pet And Household Needs
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We’re focusing on pet needs and household needs! In the meantime, be sure to visit how to prepare for a new pet part 1 and part 2

We adopted a dog a little over a month ago, however, after adjusting to our new normal with Coronavirus, distance learning, and dealing with many other personal issues, I decided I need to re-home the dog. After very careful thought and consideration, I realized I just could not afford to keep our dog. I need to put all of my focus and energy to our family, household, and making ends meet. 

My life is way too chaotic right now to have a dog in our life. Being a full time single parent and doubling as a teacher is very difficult. Plus, I have to juggle walking the dog and caring for her in between all that. That left me with very little time! 

I hope to find the perfect home for her! 

In the meantime, let’s talk about what new pet parents need! 

Household needs

First and foremost, I forgot how much a dog can shed! I am finding dog hair everywhere! I like to wear dark colors too, so finding dog hair on our dark clothes can be embarrassing. I find myself removing hair outside when I notice it in the light. 

I find myself vacuuming more often. When I smell dog, I make sure to vacuum and even shampoo our carpet! I’ve been trying to keep our home smelling neutral! 

SmartPaw Hairfree Clothes

When I saw the SmartPaw Hairfree Clothes, I knew I needed to try it! I like that it is reusable, sustainable, and non-toxic.

Not only do I not have to worry about our clothes covered in dog hair, but now it’s removed in the washer and dryer! 

I prefer to use the SmartPaw Hairfree Clothes in the washer only and so far, it’s been effective! 

I used to dread having to wash her dog bed, blankets, and towels but now I don’t have to worry about washing the next load of laundry. The dog hair is kept off our clothes! 

Pet Needs

With any new pet, your new member will need a bed! I chose the Cuddler Bed! My dog loves her new bed. Now, she has two beds. She can either hang out in the family room or my room. She seems to like to be near me, now she can be comfortable wherever I am. 

Cuddler Bed in pink

Since the product I received does not come with a removable cover, I throw the whole thing in the washer and dryer. 

Cuddler Bed with dog

Also, I received a much smaller version. 

Your new pet will need a leash and harness! I chose the Harness and Leash Nylon Reflective Set which includes a leash and harness!

Harness and Leash Nylon Reflective Set

The Harness and Leash Nylon Reflective Set offers safety for both you and your pet! 

I like that I can walk my dog in the early morning hours or evening without worrying about it being too dark outside. The reflective strip offers a bit of protection so cars can see us! The harness allows you to use a leash with your small breed dog! 

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