Preparing For Warmer Weather Ahead

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This past year has been a whirlwind of events between the current pandemic and life in general. This summer, however, things are starting to fall into a place of “normalcy” and with that comes a sense of relief. I am finally able to enjoy warmer weather and all that, that entails. Sunshine, swimming pools, and cookouts.

First on the list with a group full of kids and warmer weather – sunscreen!

Photo Cred: Noodle & Boo

Sunscreen safe for kids

I know sunscreen seems like a common-sense item – however with a winter full of eczema finding the perfect sunscreen for my youngest has been pretty tricky. We came across Noodle & Boo SPF 30 Play Day Mineral Sunscreen. Noodle & Boo is made up of both Titanium Dioxide as well as well as Zinc Oxide – providing optimal skin coverage with up to 40 minutes of water resistance.

Reef Safe Sunscreen

This sunscreen is also paba-free, non-nano, REEF SAFE, and pediatrician tested. Noodle & Boo is a must-have in our outdoor bag because whether we are at the splash pad OR the playground, I know my kid’s skin is covered from harmful UVA & UVB Rays!

Covid Cases may be on a decline in my area due to warmer weather, however, the use of hand sanitizer is not!

Photo Cred: Dr. Bronner

While I generally try to stick with “clean” beauty products, I must admit that my guilty pleasure includes Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers! I love to catch them on sale and stock up on the in seasons scents. I keep them in my car, each of my purses, my kid’s backpacks, lunch boxes, etc. However with my daughter’s Celiac diagnosis, I had to look for a safer alternative, and for us, that was Dr. Bronner’s hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer to protect against germs

I cannot do this company justice enough with how clean and how many ways there are to use Dr. Bronner’s soaps – but their hand sanitizer gave the right amount of CLEAN scent while also giving me a clean conscious that the items my girls are using are gluten-free and safe for their bodies.

One other way I have prepared for the warmer weather and frequent outings include Once Upon A Farm snack packs!

Four Healthy Snacks to Add to Your Back to School Stash

I have reviewed Once Upon A Farm yogurt packs in the past and if anything, it just ignited our love for this company. I love how clearly labeled everything is and that I can make a purchase of their products knowing that they have chosen the most organic goods when it comes to the recipes they use. Our fridge stays stocked with Once Upon A Farm yogurts but recently we added Dairy Free Smoothies and Overnight Oats!

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What ways are you preparing for the warmer weather?

Summer Essentials for 2020

This year has been so crazy and not sure what is going to happen, but SUMMER is coming no matter what, and are you READY? No worries we got you covered- here are our top Summer Essentials for 2020.

Summer Essentials for 2020
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Let’s start with MAKEUP

Now I’m not a makeup fan but of my daughter is, and she loves to play around with different brands, but Ruby Kisses is one of her favorite.  The reason why she loves Ruby Kisses is that the colors are very diverse. She is mixed and has a hard time matching her skin tone, but Ruby Kisses, they have her covered!  

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Double Down Cosmetics – The Cruelty-Free Brand You Need to Try!

Double Down Cosmetics Main Image

It’s 2020, and many brands are still not cruelty-free. If this is a big deal to you, there’s one cruelty-free brand that should be on your radar, and that’s Double Down Cosmetics! This affordable, award-winning cosmetics brand offers a variety of bold and neutral cosmetics that every makeup enthusiast and makeup pro will enjoy.

The Double Down Review

Since going cruelty-free, I had the opportunity to test out a few products from Double Down Cosmetics. I chose three shadows: MEDEAIJBabsGlo, and Control ($10 each). All three of these shadows would also work when mixed with a base to use as a liner.

The shadows are nicely pigmented and blend beautifully. They’re easy to work with, and, when used with a primer, do last a few hours. The BabsGlo makes a beautiful liner, and I can’t wait to use it more that way this summer.

Double Down Cosmetics loose shadows
Double Down Cosmetics MEDEAIJ loose shadow
Double Down The Control loose shadow
Double Down Cosmetics BabsGlo Loose Shadow

The Punk/The Future Bundle ($18.99) and Spearmint tinted lip balms are wondrous. They give a subtle tint to the lips while moisturizing them. I have been grabbing these lip balms more often than some of my higher end ones.

The Punk/The Future Bundle

If you do a lot of traveling or go into the city for school, their Starts With Foundation & Contour Ain’t About Geometry Bundle Bags ($10) is a great product). There is plenty of room to fit everything that I need in there.

Starts With Foundation & Contour Ain't About Geometry Bundle Bags

Overall Thoughts

I’ve enjoyed the products that I’ve tried so far! What’s even better is that they are super affordable, cruelty-free, and organic. If you are in the market for new makeup and want to try a new brand, I can’t say enough great things about products from Double Down Cosmetics. If you enjoy bold colors, get yourself the BabsGlos! 

How to Protect Yourself From Summer Bugs

One of my least favorite things about summer are the summer bugs. Usually, I avoid them like the plague. Unfortunately, I decided to move, during the summer, to a new apartment, which requires me to take Coda for walks outside. As much as I love being outdoors, I hate getting attacked by the myriad of bugs the warmer months bring. Thankfully, I was sent Stay Away Mosquitos, from Earth Kind, to keep those nasty bugs at bay.

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Goodbye Summer Bugs

Before you think, “great, another stinky bug spray,†think again. Not only does Stay Away Mosquitos protect you from summer bugs, but it also water-resistant, non-flammable and unscented. So, it won’t stink up your house, or for that matter, your clothing and your family.

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Summer Fun with This 3D Board Game

Summer break is almost here and I am already “tired” of hearing, “I’m Bored”. It happens every year. The first few days of summer are a bliss. Sleeping in, relaxing, and unwinding from the constant motion of a school time routine. After those first few days though, it turns into a constant mantra of “I’m Bored”. It’s inevitable. One of my favorite ways to get through this boredom, however, is board games.

This is Melanie and she is 4 years old in the 99th Percentile, just to give you an idea of the size of Gridopolis.
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Puddle Jumping Our Way Through Safe Water Play

Puddle Jumping Our Way Through Safe Water Play

Summer is still in full swing where I live. North Carolina doesn’t usually start to cool down until the end of September which is both a blessing and a curse. Safe water play in these warmer months is extremely important. One huge benefit in our favor though would be our puddle jumpers. Whether its a day at the lake, the community pool, or even our inflatable pool in the back yard – I have peace of my mind that my children are safe in their puddle jumpers.

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Easy Summer Fashion for Busy Moms

Well, we finally made it to summer! I don’t know about you, but I’m loving the sunshine and warm weather. But, then I knew it was important to start looking for easy summer fashion for busy moms, like me.

Easy Summer Fashion for Busy Moms
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At the beginning of summer, our family took a big, much needed vacation. Basically, it was our way of detoxing from all the hurried demand of the school year.

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Discover Items That Will Help You Have A Healthier Summer

Are you looking for products that will help you be healthier?

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Healthier Summer…what is that? Just today I was in CVS looking at their health products and dreaming of wearing my bathing suit. Yeah, I know I probably should have been looking earlier this year but oh well. So you might be in the same boat- wanting to be healthier but don’t know what to get. No worries- we got you!

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Shave Less with These Subtle Changes

Summer is here and the weather is HOT! It is safe to assume, we have all taken our shorts, skirts, and bathing suits out of the closet. This also means adding the extra time during our shower to shave. No more pants or sweats to cover up that hair sadly! I have to admit that shaving is my least favorite part of summer. It only takes a few minutes but I loathe feeling like the smoothness of my legs isn’t lasting as long as I would like it to.

Shave Less With These Subtle Changes
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Traveling with Little Ones; How we Survive the Trip

Tips to Make your Vacation Travels Easier and Stress Free

Our house is truly blessed by family who have vacation homes for us to use each year. My cousin has a beach house and offers us a discounted rate for our summer vacations.

Planning the trip is always easy. Getting there, however, is always a pain in the butt. I usually have a toddler and small dog in tow and it is difficult traveling without pulling out my hair.

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