Double Down Cosmetics – The Cruelty-Free Brand You Need to Try!

Double Down Cosmetics Main Image

It’s 2020, and many brands are still not cruelty-free. If this is a big deal to you, there’s one cruelty-free brand that should be on your radar, and that’s Double Down Cosmetics! This affordable, award-winning cosmetics brand offers a variety of bold and neutral cosmetics that every makeup enthusiast and makeup pro will enjoy.

The Double Down Review

Since going cruelty-free, I had the opportunity to test out a few products from Double Down Cosmetics. I chose three shadows: MEDEAIJBabsGlo, and Control ($10 each). All three of these shadows would also work when mixed with a base to use as a liner.

The shadows are nicely pigmented and blend beautifully. They’re easy to work with, and, when used with a primer, do last a few hours. The BabsGlo makes a beautiful liner, and I can’t wait to use it more that way this summer.

Double Down Cosmetics loose shadows
Double Down Cosmetics MEDEAIJ loose shadow
Double Down The Control loose shadow
Double Down Cosmetics BabsGlo Loose Shadow

The Punk/The Future Bundle ($18.99) and Spearmint tinted lip balms are wondrous. They give a subtle tint to the lips while moisturizing them. I have been grabbing these lip balms more often than some of my higher end ones.

The Punk/The Future Bundle

If you do a lot of traveling or go into the city for school, their Starts With Foundation & Contour Ain’t About Geometry Bundle Bags ($10) is a great product). There is plenty of room to fit everything that I need in there.

Starts With Foundation & Contour Ain't About Geometry Bundle Bags

Overall Thoughts

I’ve enjoyed the products that I’ve tried so far! What’s even better is that they are super affordable, cruelty-free, and organic. If you are in the market for new makeup and want to try a new brand, I can’t say enough great things about products from Double Down Cosmetics. If you enjoy bold colors, get yourself the BabsGlos! 

Bring Cheer To Your Holidays With Flurry Of Elegance Bouquet

I love flowers. Nature is beautiful. I love houseplants. I’ve only had fresh flowers in our home once when my son was born. They were a beautiful little bouquet. As a new homeowner, I am so excited to add the Teleflora’s Flurry Of Elegance Bouquet to our home. I love personalizing our space and adding beautiful and fun decor to our home. I’ve been making our house feel like home little by little. 

Bring Cheer To Your Holidays With Flurry Of Elegance Bouquet
Beauty Brite Disclosure

I’m addicted to houseplants mainly because it’s a natural and beautiful way to bring nature indoors. My houseplants give me something to care for, watch grow and thrive. My very first houseplant was a miniature african violet. At the time I had no idea how to take care of it but it came in a wick watering container. Since then, I’ve added new houseplants to my collection! I have always loved houseplants.

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Cool Items You Didn’t Know You Need

As a mom, I feel like I want to be prepared. Whenever I have to run errands and plan on being away from home for a few hours, I like to carry a few essentials, including a phone charger or a portable phone charger in a tote bag. If my son is with me, I like to carry snacks and even a bottle of water. We gathered a few cool items you didn’t know you need! These items are perfect for any home! 

Cool Items You Didn't Know You Need
Beauty Brite Disclosure

Life can be unpredictable and unexpected. If you want to be prepared or just looking to make your life a little easier, we are so excited to share what we found! 

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3 Back To School Essentials For The House

It’s Back To School time! We all know school supplies are mostly for school, but we have some fresh ideas for back to school essentials for the house. Sure do, things you probably wouldn’t think about or have on your list.

Beauty Brite Disclosure

Let There Be LIGHT-Healthy Light that is! 

Teens will have a lot of homework and if they have a desk they will need a lamp. Just in case they are working in the wee of the night or early morning. So we want to introduce you to the Ottlite LED Desk Lamp which is a healthy light option for your kids. Eye strain is no joke so yes this is a back to school essential.

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Back to School with this Reusable Juice Box

Beauty Brite Disclosure

School, soccer, band practice, dance recital, football practice, and so much more. The back to school grind will be here before we know it. It’s never too early to start prepping ahead for the busy school year though. Especially when it comes to food and beverage storage. I’ve been looking for containers with a convenient size but versatile function. Precidio has really upped the competition this season with their “Drink in the Box” and Snack in the Box.

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