7 Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence and Feel Good in Your Skin

Self-confidence is key to success, happiness, and feeling fulfilled in life. But what if you’ve never felt confident before?

Most people have felt a dip in their confidence at some point in their life, and it can be a tricky thing to fix. Some of the tips below can help give you a confidence boost, but it’s important to remember that they aren’t a substitute for actual confidence and self-esteem that can only be built by hard work, and sometimes therapy. Nevertheless, if you’re feeling a bit down about yourself, some of these tips may just give you the reprieve you need!

7 Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence and Feel Good in Your Skin

Boost Your Confidence with Makeup

The first way to boost your self-confidence with makeup is by using a good foundation. A good foundation can help even out your complexion, hide blemishes and dark circles, and make you look more focused. Most people more than anything want to have great skin – it’s why people are willing to pay so much for treatments and products to facilitate it. If you’re hoping to improve your natural skin, give Revive Your Hair and Skin a read to learn how. 

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Finding Your Way Back To A Normal Life

Slowly I’m finding my way back to a normal life after my world was turned completely upside down. What does this new normal life look like? How will I adapt and change to find this new normal, and what does the future look like?

Finding Your Way Back To A Normal Life
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Ok, let’s start at the very beginning, I remember waking up on this day ( November 5th, 2016 ) thinking this day would be like any other. But boy was I wrong, this day from hell was just the start to my beginning nightmare. The morning and afternoon was normal just like always but that’s when it all changed. I remember leaving work around three pm and getting on the interstate, I was headed home to take the kids to the pumpkin festival in town. The next thing I remember I woke up in the major trauma center two towns away.

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Self-Care Is Worth It

Self-care is worth it
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When you put everyone else first, you tend to forget the most important person of all. Who’s that you ask? Why YOU! Self-care, easy to say but not always to remember. Check out these great CBD-infused products sure to rejuvenate your body and ease your mind.

I’m the mother of four small children ages nine to three, so to say I have my hands full is an understatement. I also work full time as a store manager and work a minimum of 45 hours a week. I feel like I go all day and then come home and go some more. And in years past I always used to put myself and self-care on the backburner. For too long I didn’t take care of myself, and it almost got the best of me. My anxiety and depression were so bad that I didn’t know how I was going to get out of bed. So finally I decided that for once, I take care of ME first.

Self-care for the busy mom.


When I look for something to help me I usually look for something that can be done even in just a few quiet moments I have right before bed to help me get a better night’s rest. My favorite thing to do is soak in our huge jacuzzi tub, light some candles and apply my Sheabrand Electric Daisy Enzyme Face Mask. This mask as the name says is electric! It leaves you skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Using natures “Electric Daisy” it’s basically its own form of botox. This face mask tightens your skin and renews it’s elasticity. I was shocked by the refreshing feeling it left my face in afterwards. You use this mask once a week, and you can find out more information or to get yours from their website, Facebook, or Instagram.

Electric Daisy

Another of my favorite self-care products is CBD-INFUSED FACE AND NECK MOISTURIZING OIL by Just Beauty CBD. This Face + Neck Night CBD Oil is the perfect nighttime product to end your busy day. The light lavender scent helps soothe you senses and help you rest better. With the main ingredients of grapseed, prickly pear, and rosehip and it’s gluten free! Simply apply 4-10 drops into your hands and apply to your face, and cleanse your face in the moring. It locks in your skins natural glow! Be sure to check you their other amazing products over on their website, or check out their Facebook or Instagram for more information.

Face and Neck

So if all else fails and you don’t take anything else away from this, take this momma: YOU are enough, YOU matter! Even when you feel like the world is crashing around you remeber that You are a rockstar. Make sure you take care of yourself, take even just a few seconds because you are worth it. Moms peace of mind starts with those few seconds of self-care. We can’t take care of those tiny little chaos creators if we are constantly in chaos ourselves.

Breathe ~ You have this momma!

Create A Comfortable Workspace

I have worked from home or been a stay at home parent for years. I have worked outside of the home too. However, as a special needs parent, I have always preferred to be a stay at home parent. Now that I am a single mom, I have to be a stay at home parent and work from home. With the novel Coronavirus, many people are working from home too! It’s taken a toll on everyone. I am so excited to show you simple ways to create a comfortable workspace

Create A Comfortable Workspace
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I work from home from my laptop. I don’t have a desk. Instead, I use our dining table. Since I use a laptop, I started noticing my neck and back were hurting. I even tried elevating my laptop with a stack of hardcover books. It was a nice improvement. 

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When You Have Lost Yourself

When You Have Lost Yourself
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When you finally realize that at some point you have lost yourself. Where do you go to pick yourself back up and start again?

As I look in the mirror the tired eyes look back at me. Dark circles from being up and down all night with a three year old who refuses to sleep in her own bed. My hair loosely tied back with two days worth of dry shampoo. Slouchy clothes, from years before no where close to fitting.

You hear the bigger kids in the other room arguing over who’s watching the tv. You sigh and wash your face as you try to steel yourself for another day. Take a deep breath and do it all over again.

When you have lost yourself

You have lost yourself.

I love my kids, they are the reason I breathe every day but sometimes there are days where the arguing from them drives me up the wall, or they won’t eat dinner after I’ve worked hard to make it. Or when you are just completely touched out. And then the mom guilt kicks in and I feel horrible for feeling that way.

I have four kids ages 9 to 3. There is never a dull moment in my household. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. But I have realized that I had lost myself somewhere in the midst of being a mom. That was who I had become, I was mama, there was no Kansas any longer. My identity revolved around that role.

Brooklyn Cardigan

After so long not taking care of myself I decided it was time to find me again. I started with looking for some functional clothing that helped me be comfy but also look nice and that’s when I found the beautiful Duffield Lane line of clothing. I think my favorite item is the Brooklyn Cardigan. This beautiful Cardigan is so soft and goes with any outfit to keep you warm and looking stylish.

Blaine Dress

And I think my favorite dress that they make is the stunning Blaine Dress. I love how it goes with everything. You can dress it up or pair it down. Perfect for church or a PTA meeting. This dress is flattering on any shape, even mine and it’s hard to find self-love after carrying and birthing four kids. If you are interested in finding your perfect fit or style check out their website, Facebook, or Instagram.

Lennon Dress
Phoebe dress

It’s not always easy learning to take care of yourself again. Just know that you are worth it. If you can’t take care of yourself and put your mental health first, it’s going to make it hard to put that into your home. As mom’s, we tend to feel like we have lost yourself and put everyone but yourself first. So mom to mom just let me say…


You are WORTH it.

You are doing an amazing job momma, keep your head up!

You haven’t lost yourself!

4 Ways To Bring Positivity Into Your Life

As a single mom, I go through so many different emotions. I feel like I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders because I don’t have any help. However, I do my best to stay positive and upbeat! We are so excited to share 4 ways to bring positivity into your life! 

4 Ways To Bring Positivity Into Your Life

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I am a single mom to a teen with Autism and I am raising him all on my own. When he was in school, that gave me a chance to run errands, go to appointments, etc. It was nice having alone time to get things done while he was at school. I also used that time to go for a walk throughout the day! It was cool enough in the morning and the fresh air was uplifting! 

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A Different Kind Of Pain Management

A Different Kind Of Pain Management
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When constant pain and aches are part of your every day you are always looking for a different kind of pain management. I’ve never liked being on medication constantly and that’s when I started looking for something new.

Car accident 2016

It’s been nearly four years now since my life was turned completely upside down. A seemingly normal day came to a crashing halt when my family and I were struck head-on by a drunk driver at 3 pm in the afternoon, forever changing my life. I still don’t remember very much, and I doubt that I ever will, in retrospect is probably the best. I remember leaving work that afternoon to take my kids to the local pumpkin festival. The next thing I remember waking up completely unable to move.

I was told there was a car accident, and that I have broken several bones. I didn’t care, all I cared about at that time was where were my children and were they ok. I remember I must have asked where they were over a hundred times. Looking back, I’m sure that also had something to do with the concussion I had. Turns out the concussion was my least serious injury. Of all four limbs, there was only one that wasn’t broken.

My left arm was so mangled that I now have a plate and 8 screws in it, My right wrist was broken and now has a pin. My right knee had a laceration down to the bone, ( had it been any worse they said I’d have lost the leg). My right heel was by far the worst of the broken bones I had. My heel was shattered, the doctor said that it looked like a bomb when off in my heel. He also said usually the force it takes to break a heel will break persons back. So I guess you could say I was lucky.

In the span of the first week after the accident I had 5 surgeries. Before it was said and done I ended up having a total of 7 surgeries in correspondence with the accident. I was left wheelchair-bound, I spent 8 months of recovery learning to walk again. I’ve lost 50% range of motion permanently. You can read my initial thoughts on the accident in this original blog, ” Starting Over: Life After Tragedy.”

Getting my life back.

Basic CBD

So pain is something that I now live with every day. Pain management isn’t always easy, shortly after my accident I weaned myself off of all narcotic pain medication because I didn’t like the way they made me feel. I know how easy it is to become addicted, and that’s something I didn’t want to put my children though. So I started researching alternative pain management options. That’s when I found out about Basic CBD.

First let me say that I am in no way a medical professional, and all the opinions in this are my own. I have found that using these CBD products has helped with my pain management tremendously. I urge you to do your research about the products before you use, and always check with your doctor because starting something new.

A Different Kind of Pain Management.

Basic CBD THC Free

With that being said, after extensive research, I decided to give CBD products a try. Basic CBD is grown in Colorado, and are always pesticide-free. These products are also vegan and non-toxic. There are two different kinds that I have tried. The Basic: Zero THC and Basic: Full Spectrum CBD Oil. Usually, I can take the Zero THC oil and it does the trick, but on high pain days, I will take the Full Spectrum. Using the dropper take 1ML under the tongue.

Since starting Basic CBD I’ve also noticed a decrease in my migraines. After being on many different kinds of medication for my migraines I could never find anything that helped, using these at the start of a headache and laying down has now decreased the amount of time that I am out of commission from the usually debilitating migraines.

I’m really glad that I’ve finally found something to help with my pain management. I can finally start looking forward to days with limited and no pain with no side effects. This has finally given me my life back. To get your own Basic CBD be sure to visit their website, Facebook, Or Instagram.

Three Fun Ways to Build Self Esteem

In a bit of a rut? Want to build more confidence and improve your skills? The Coronavirus isn’t helping those with mental health issues. Today, we share three fun ways to build self esteem! These are fun ways to go about it!

Three Fun Ways to Build Self Esteem

Travel- especially solo travel

Travel is always a good use of your time and money, and travelling solo can be so empowering. For obvious reasons with a global health pandemic going on at the moment travel isn’t possible right now, but it won’t always be this way. Have a think about where you’d most like to go in the world, and start planning your trip for the future when the virus is under control and life as we knew it before can resume. If there’s one thing that this health crisis has taught us it’s that we shouldn’t take travel for granted, and how incredible it is that on any normal day we can book a trip, hop on a plane and go. Solo travel is great for your self esteem as it shows you that you can manage alone- if you can navigate a foreign country, what can’t you do?! 

Find your personal style

It’s easy to say that confidence should come from within, but it’s not that easy to be completely happy in your own skin. We all have our hang ups and insecurities, although the right clothing, hair and makeup can certainly minimise these and help us to feel more confident. Work on your skin, issues here are often a result of underlying problems in the body such as hormonal imbalances meaning topical washes and over the counter treatments won’t be that effective. In other cases, your skin might just need a pamper and cleanse after being subjected to pollution and daily stresses, a hydra facial acne treatment will leave it feeling and looking fresh. Your hair will also be strongly linked to your self esteem, so when you’re able to visit a salon. Go in with a vision and have them bring it to life for you based on your hair type, length and colour. Buying new clothes and makeup and making an effort with your day to day look can also help you to love yourself and enjoy your appearance- have fun with it!

Try a new hobby

Hobbies are essential for people of all ages to have, even if you think you’re too busy to try something new, it’s so worth making the effort to fit it into your schedule. This is because hobbies allow you to build new skills, meet like minded people and stay productive on your days off. Do you spend your days off work lazing around watching Netflix and going back feeling like you’ve achieved nothing? Having hobbies prevents this from happening. You could start up a sport, try baking, crafting, blogging, the list is endless. Even right now while most of the world is locked down, there are a ton of great hobbies from home that you could start and would keep you busy and entertained. It’s so satisfying seeing yourself improve. 

Getting A Good Nights Sleep

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Let’s be honest, raise your hand if you get that recommended eight to ten hours of sleep that doctors say you need daily? That’s what I thought. I am the mom of four kids ages almost eight to two. I’m pretty sure I haven’t slept a solid eight hours in at least that many years. So how do we go about getting a good nights sleep? What do we do when it’s not just yourself but your child who suffers from sleeplessness? Find out how our family is trying to combat and conquer a lack of sleep.

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Keep Your Family Healthier This Winter

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As a mom of four, I feel like someone is always battling some sort of cold. With the two oldest in school, and then the two youngest in preschool our house is constantly a petri dish of germs. Add into the mix that I work at a daycare teaching the one and two-year-olds, this mommy is constantly on the search for ways to keep our family healthier.

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