Stylish Accessories You Need This Summer

Summer is almost here. My son will be out of school in about a week. The weather here in Northern California is already in the 80s and 90s! How is your weather? Are you ready for summer? 

We are so excited to share stylish accessories you need this summer! 

Stylish Accessories You Need This Summer
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How did you spend your summers as a kid? How do you spend summers with your kids?

When I was a kid, I loved summer because we had a pool in our backyard and we could go to the community pool! We also went to the water park with friends and family! As an adult, I just prefer to stay indoors trying to stay cool! Thankfully my son loves to be at home too. However, I do plan on going for walks with him, just to get outside each day! 

In addition to being a mom, I still like to look stylish and feel pretty! I know I tend to put myself last because I am busy taking care of my son, our dog, the household, and everything else. 

Stylish Wrap

The sun is out and as a dog mom, I find myself taking him outside to potty throughout the day. That means a lot of sunscreen, wearing a hat and sunglasses! For added protection, I have been searching for UPF clothing! 

When I saw the Sienna Duster in Dusty Rose, I was impressed that it covered most of the body! I’ve UPF clothing in tops, shorts, pants, etc. Why not one chic piece that covers most of the body?  

Sienna Duster in Dusty Rose

I love the lightweight duster! It is easy to wear, especially under the sun! When I am outside in the heat, the last thing I want is being weighed down with long sleeves and feeling even more hot! The Sienna Duster is cute, however, as a petite woman, I wish it came in petite sizes. However, on the bright side, the Sienna Duster almost reaches my ankles, which means more coverage! 

The Sienna Duster can be worn open without using the belt or lightly tightened around your waist. I prefer to wear it wrapped around my waist. How would you wear it?

The Sienna Duster can also be worn as a cover up at the pool or beach!

Stylish Sandals 

When the weather warms up, I like wearing sandals! When I received my sandals from Empty Provisions, I was surprised with the color! 

Frances Leather Sandal in orange

I received the Frances Leather Sandals in orange! As I get older, I am finding myself wearing fun colors! I love the sandals because they will easily go with my dresses, shorts, and jeans! 

The Frances Lather Sandal straps use velcro as opposed to a clunky buckle, which makes putting on my sandals even easier! The sandals feel roomy and comfortable on my feet! They feel lightweight and let my feet breathe!

Essentials On-The-Go 

There are times when I need to go grocery shopping or take the dog for a walk. When I saw the wristlet phone holder from ATRAC, I knew I had to have it. 

I was sent the Black & Gray Keychain Wristlet phone holder with wallet, Lip Balm Holder, and Magnetic Bracelet Keychain. All of these products can make your quick errands feel less cluttered! 

Wristlet phone holder with wallet, lip balm holder, keychain

When I’m walking the dog, I don’t want to deal with holding a ton of things! I just want to walk my dog while we both get our exercise. That is where the wristlet, lip balm holder, and keychain come in handy. 

I love the Keychain Wristlet phone holder with wallet! It is seriously perfect to use for a trip to the store or run a quick errand and I need the essentials.

I especially love the Lip Balm Holder because I always carry lip balm. If I leave the house and notice I don’t have my lip balm, I go back for it! So this holder is perfect! 

The Magnetic Bracelet Keychain is perfect for me to use even when I have to take out the trash or get the mail! I can take my keys with me. 

Everyday stylish bags

When I use a purse, I like it to be simple and stylish! I have a favorite everyday crossbody bag that I use but it’s getting old and showing its wear and tear. It is time for a change! 

When I saw the Eve Tassel Bucket Bag from The Retro Bag, I knew it would be perfect!  

Eve Tassel Bucket Bag in black

The Eve Tassel Bucket Bag is cute and compact, but offers plenty of room for my essentials! The bag is made of vegan leather! 

Eve Tassel Bucket Bag shoulder strap

The Eve Tassel Bucket Bag comes with 2 straps that allow you to style your bag as you wish! I prefer crossbody bags because I like having my hands and arms free! 

Eve Tassel Bucket Bag inside

The Eve Tassel Bucket Bag has plenty of room for your essentials. I love the outer pockets, I usually put my lip balm, sunglasses, and sometimes my phone in those pockets. 

Another bag I love is the Athena Backpack from Urban Originals

Athena Backpack in Terracotta

I was sent the Athena Backpack in Terracotta! In person, it looks like a light orange color which I love. This bag would make a pretty Autumn piece but I plan on using this year round!

Athena Backpack in Terracotta straps two ways to wear

The straps allow you to wear the Athena Backpack as a backpack or crossbody purse! There are times when I wish I had a cute and stylish backpack purse, especially when I am out shopping! I tend to favor using a crossbody bag when I am out for a walk, at the grocery store, or picking up my son at school. 

Inside Athena Backpack

Not only is the Athena Backpack stylish but practical! I love the keychain strap, places to store your cards, and pockets! There is also plenty of room to carry any essentials and mom essentials I may need for my son! The backpack easily fits my Samsung tablet as well! 

Haute Shore Ryan Fix

Looking for a lightweight and stylish tote? I love the Ryan Showoff tote from Haute Short. The camo is cute and perfect for date night or everyday wear. 

Haute Shore Ryan Fix straps in front

Not only is the main bag green camo, but the striking contrast of hot pink, orange, and olive strap shows off your sassy side. This tote can be worn over the shoulder or as a crossbody! 

Haute Shore Ryan Showoff Wristlet Pouch

The beautiful Ryan Showoff tote also includes a matching wristlet pouch! There are times when I use the pouch as a wallet since I have so much little stuff to carry or carry as is, to hold the essentials. Either way, the tote and matching wristlet is so cute!

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