Self-Care Is Worth It

Self-care is worth it
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When you put everyone else first, you tend to forget the most important person of all. Who’s that you ask? Why YOU! Self-care, easy to say but not always to remember. Check out these great CBD-infused products sure to rejuvenate your body and ease your mind.

I’m the mother of four small children ages nine to three, so to say I have my hands full is an understatement. I also work full time as a store manager and work a minimum of 45 hours a week. I feel like I go all day and then come home and go some more. And in years past I always used to put myself and self-care on the backburner. For too long I didn’t take care of myself, and it almost got the best of me. My anxiety and depression were so bad that I didn’t know how I was going to get out of bed. So finally I decided that for once, I take care of ME first.

Self-care for the busy mom.


When I look for something to help me I usually look for something that can be done even in just a few quiet moments I have right before bed to help me get a better night’s rest. My favorite thing to do is soak in our huge jacuzzi tub, light some candles and apply my Sheabrand Electric Daisy Enzyme Face Mask. This mask as the name says is electric! It leaves you skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Using natures “Electric Daisy” it’s basically its own form of botox. This face mask tightens your skin and renews it’s elasticity. I was shocked by the refreshing feeling it left my face in afterwards. You use this mask once a week, and you can find out more information or to get yours from their website, Facebook, or Instagram.

Electric Daisy

Another of my favorite self-care products is CBD-INFUSED FACE AND NECK MOISTURIZING OIL by Just Beauty CBD. This Face + Neck Night CBD Oil is the perfect nighttime product to end your busy day. The light lavender scent helps soothe you senses and help you rest better. With the main ingredients of grapseed, prickly pear, and rosehip and it’s gluten free! Simply apply 4-10 drops into your hands and apply to your face, and cleanse your face in the moring. It locks in your skins natural glow! Be sure to check you their other amazing products over on their website, or check out their Facebook or Instagram for more information.

Face and Neck

So if all else fails and you don’t take anything else away from this, take this momma: YOU are enough, YOU matter! Even when you feel like the world is crashing around you remeber that You are a rockstar. Make sure you take care of yourself, take even just a few seconds because you are worth it. Moms peace of mind starts with those few seconds of self-care. We can’t take care of those tiny little chaos creators if we are constantly in chaos ourselves.

Breathe ~ You have this momma!


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