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Let’s be honest, raise your hand if you get that recommended eight to ten hours of sleep that doctors say you need daily? That’s what I thought. I am the mom of four kids ages almost eight to two. I’m pretty sure I haven’t slept a solid eight hours in at least that many years. So how do we go about getting a good nights sleep? What do we do when it’s not just yourself but your child who suffers from sleeplessness? Find out how our family is trying to combat and conquer a lack of sleep.

Finding better sleep can be a struggle. There are pillows, blankets, medication, therapy, and more. Find what works for you.

Enough is enough.

Before Sensacalm

When I first heard of weighted blankets I was skeptical, to say the least. How could something as trivial as a blanket do all the things I was hearing about! At this point, my second daughter’s lack of sleep was affecting not only her physical but mental health. Dark circles surrounded those beautiful blue eyes, you could just tell she wasn’t resting at all. Her behavior problems continued to increase as did her agitation.

My daughter suffers from ODD ( Oppositional Defiant Disorder ) so getting enough sleep is one of the key ways we keep her anger issues in check. She also has PTSD from a horrible car accident when we were 2.5 where I was close to being killed. Couple that with anxiety from the fact that her grandfather ( my father ) has been missing for over a year and a half, add to her not sleeping well. I tried giving her melatonin, I tried cutting out her tv and screen time before bed. We tried defusers, and I was at my wit’s end. I had to find something to help this poor child. I need to make sure she is getting a good nights sleep.

Can this be the answer?

That’s when I finally heard about Sensacalm. When I found out that they were linked to helping improve sleep, I was so excited because this could be the answer to our prayers. I loved that it is a nonmedicated option to help. I chose the 4lb Small Peppered Gray and Raspberry Blanket for my daughter. This beautiful blanket is the perfect fit for her little personality. Beautifully embroidered with her initials in the corner. One of my favorite things about Sensaclam is that their blankets are machine washable where others aren’t.

Finally Sleeping

When I first opened the box I was so excited for my sweet girl to try it out and see if it could help get her to sleep. That night she snuggled into her bed and I laid it on her, and she was asleep within 5 minutes. For the first time in her 5 years of life, this child slept through the night. I kept expecting her to wake up all night long, so when morning came I was elated that she had slept so well. Being realistic I expected that it was probably just a fluke and that the next night she would be back to waking up every couple of hours. I was wrong. This sweet little girl is now sleeping through the night now every single night. Her dark circles under her eyes are gone, replaced with true genuine smiles that light up her entire face.

Monkeying around.

Micheal Mellow Monkey

We also decided to get an adorable Michael the Weighted Mellow Monkey for her to try help calm down those tantrums that sometimes spiral for up to an hour. This gives her that added weight when his arms are around her to help calm her down and snap her out of that cycle of anxiety. Not only does she love Michael so does my two year old who fell asleep with him snuggled up next to her the first day we got him. This mellow monkey is a hit for sure in our home. This monkey can help your little one in getting a better nights sleep.

What about momma?


I figured if there was a chance that a weighted blanket would help my sweet girl sleep then it could possibly help me sleep too. I suffer from Major Depressive Disorder and anxiety. Add in the four kids on top, I don’t get anywhere the amount of sleep I should. So I decided to try one for myself and chose the Medium Blanket in pepper grey and charcoal. I chose to get a 15lb blanket, and love the softness of the fabric. After about two weeks of using it every night, I am to be able to tell a big difference. While I don’t sleep longer, the sleep I get leaves me feeling more relaxed and calm throughout the day.

Getting a good nights sleep.

These are amazing products by Sensacalm, I’m happy to report that our nights are starting to be restful. This is a must-have product if you or a family member is suffering from sleeplessness. Be sure to check out their website, Facebook, or Instagram for more information or to get your very own weighted blanket.


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