Create A Comfortable Workspace

I have worked from home or been a stay at home parent for years. I have worked outside of the home too. However, as a special needs parent, I have always preferred to be a stay at home parent. Now that I am a single mom, I have to be a stay at home parent and work from home. With the novel Coronavirus, many people are working from home too! It’s taken a toll on everyone. I am so excited to show you simple ways to create a comfortable workspace

Create A Comfortable Workspace
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I work from home from my laptop. I don’t have a desk. Instead, I use our dining table. Since I use a laptop, I started noticing my neck and back were hurting. I even tried elevating my laptop with a stack of hardcover books. It was a nice improvement. 

Improve your posture

minder® Laptop Tower Stand

When I saw the minder® Laptop Tower Stand from obVus Solutions, I knew this would be perfect! I’m so grateful obVus Solutions was kind enough to send me their laptop tower stand! I am a blogger and use my laptop most of the day! I can now adjust the stand as needed. 

I love the sleek and stylish design. I can adjust if I want to sit or stand at my table. If I absolutely had to travel and take my laptop, I can easily travel with the minder® Laptop Tower Stand because it is lightweight and compact! 

The minder® Laptop Tower Stand is the ultimate companion for those who work at home, distance learner, blogger, or busy parent! 

Take health on-the-go

Saje Pocket Farmacy

Before quarantine, I used to volunteer in my son’s classroom, run errands, and go to doctor’s appointments! I am excited to add the Saje Pocket Farmacy because it comes in a beautiful and handy zippered case! 

Inside Saje Pocket Farmacy

Inside the case, it comes with Peppermint Halo® Oil Blend, Fortify® Oil Blend, Gutzy® Oil Blend, Stress Release Oil Blend and Pain Release Oil Blend. The pocket farmacy will come in handy at home and on-the-go! It’s compact and I can easily carry it in my handbag

Lastly, I also keep the Saje Pocket Farmacy at my desk, to use throughout the day when needed. 

Add an oil diffuser

Aroma Om® White

An oil diffuser makes a great gift or even a gift to yourself. Adding an oil diffuser to any room can create a calming environment!

I love my oil diffusers, so I am so excited to receive the Aroma Om® White! It is so clean, beautiful, and perfect for any room! 

For the evening: 

I plan on using the Aroma Om® White in my bedroom. Such a great way to unwind and relax after a stressful day! 

For the day: 

I keep the Aroma Om® White at my workspace. I can use uplifting oils to help get me through the day. 

Essential oils kit

Saje Best of Saje Community Favorites Diffuser Blend Collection

I love sets of essential oils. It is such a great way to get started with oils or add to your collection. I also think sets make a great gift! I received the Saje Best of Saje Community Favorites Diffuser Blend Collection

I can easily add these to the Aroma Om® White to boost, calm, or even clean and purify the air!

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Stephanie is a full time single mom to a teen with Autism. She is a homeowner and starting a new chapter! Feel free to contact Stephanie for more information on how she can help your company.


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    I agree about the importance …I’ve set up a soothing space for me and enjoy it a lot.

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