Keep Your Family Healthier This Winter

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As a mom of four, I feel like someone is always battling some sort of cold. With the two oldest in school, and then the two youngest in preschool our house is constantly a petri dish of germs. Add into the mix that I work at a daycare teaching the one and two-year-olds, this mommy is constantly on the search for ways to keep our family healthier.

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Keep Your Family Healthier.

So what are some ways we can keep your family healthier this Winter? If you are like me you sanitize and clean everything in sight. So when it comes to mopping I want something that will get the job done right. All of the flooring in my house is tile, so I’ve been on the search for an all in one mop. That’s just what I’ve found with the Sienna Flex Steam Mop.


I like to clean, it relieves stress for me. So when I turned on the Sienna Flex Steam Mop, I was anxious to see how it cleaned! I wasn’t let down at all let me tell you! I had just cleaned with my pad mop the day before and I couldn’t believe the amount of junk that came up with the flex mop. To the point, I was disgusted that my kids had been playing on the floor as gross as it was!


I think my favorite thing about this mop is that I don’t have to use any cleaning chemicals with it. The Sienna Flex Steam Mop uses the power of heat to sanitize, heating up to 212 degrees. This mop is ready to go in just 30 seconds, for a safe and fast clean. I also love this because my oldest daughter is allergic to everything under the sun and this gives me the knowledge that my house is safer and healthier for her to be in. Be sure to check out their website for more amazing products to keep your family healthier this Winter.

Keep It Clean!

What is something else your family is constantly in contact with? That’s right all those electronic devices. Be it your phone or tablet or computer, these devices see so many different places and come in contact with so many different surfaces. I had never really thought about it much but how many times do you clean or disinfect these items? A great way to keep yourself and your family protected is to make sure these devices get a proper cleaning. Make sure to keep your electronics clean with disinfecting wipes. ( Be sure to use and follow all instructions when cleaning your items)

Finally, let’s be honest, kids are gross. They are constantly coming in contact with germs. No matter if it’school or the playground, to church you are constantly surrounded. I affectionately refer to my kiddos as the plague bringers. By the time mommy gets the cold it’s way worse than when they had it. With that being said, the easiest way you can help keep your family healthier this Winter is by following the most basic of rule, and that is wash your hands. Making sure to have your children wash their hands will help prevent the spread of sickness and keep us all a little healthier.


At the end of the day.

At the end of the day sometimes no matter what you do you will still catch that cold. Let’s try our best to keep your family healthy. What are some ways you help keep yourself healthier in the cold and flu season?



  1. Karen says

    I try my best to stay hydrated, get enough rest, get a flu shot, run a humidifier, and keep the towels separate from others, I don’t like getting the sickly germs,

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