Toddler Fashion Built For Fun

Toddler Fashion Built For Fun
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As the mom of four children that are eight and under, I’m always looking for the fashion that covers all our needs. We are always looking for toddler fashion built for fun. Keep reading to find out about this adorable company that I’ve found to fill all my kid’s needs.

I have finally found a company that meets all the needs I have when looking for clothing for my kids. Doodle Pants are here to take the fashion world by storm in regards to children’s clothing. From space theme to under the sea there is seriously something for everyone to choose!

Toddler Fashion Built For Fun.

Doodle Pant Fashion
Sea Turtle Leggings

When buying clothing for the little ones I look for things such as durability and how much range of motion they are able to achieve. You know as well as I do if something isn’t comfy and is movement restricting they are going to hate it. With Doodle Pants Clothing I don’t have to worry about that. These clothes are tailored to move and stretch with your active little one. My two year old loves running and playing outside. She climbs and hops all over with ease in her Sea Turtle Cotton Leggings. Doodle Pants are the perfect toddler fashion built for fun!

Sea Turtle 3D Hoodie

To match her leggings she has the adorable Sea Turtle 3D Hoodie. This is the perfect sweatshirt for little kids. I love that it has a zippable ” Turtle shell” on the back which is great for sticking her binky or small treasures in so she doesn’t lose them. It would even fit a diaper and wipes if you didn’t feel like carrying a diaper bag! If your anything like me fewer items to carry are a godsend.

When these two pieces are put together they make the perfect outfit. I love the fact that so much of their stuff is gender-neutral. Now your little one can be anything that they want to be and look amazing doing it. Which is exactly what kids need, to be able to be free and express them-selfs whenever they want. Sometimes I feel like that creativity gets taken away when I hear someone say that little girls can’t like dinosaurs or little boys can’t like rainbows. These adorable clothes let your little ones be innocent for just a little longer.

Doodle Pants

So what do you think? Do you think Doodle Pants are the perfect toddler fashion build for fun? Are you interested in getting some rocking 3D fashion for your little one? Be sure to check out their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more information.

What’s your favorite Doodle Pant style?

Shapewear: Our Little Secret

Shapewear Our Little Secret

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Let me tell you about shapewear our little secret. Growing up I was never skinny but I was always short, so that makes me look even heavier. I was always made fun of for being overweight and especially in middle school and freshman year of high school. At my heaviest, I was in size 18 clothing and hit about 205lbs being only 4’10 you can imagine how it looked. I battled weight up and down and until the summer of Junior year when my battle with depression came to a head did I lose any significant weight. In the span of 6 months I lost down to 135 lbs and honestly, I looked sick. I finally got healthy and usually stay between 145-155 lbs now.

With that being said I’ve never been “flat chested” either so finding bras that fit is always a chore. It’s either too tight or the cups don’t fit right. I for one detest underwire and can’t stand to have it in a bra, it is like slow torture wearing one all day. Not to mention when the wire snaps and tries to impale you slowly.

Shapewear our little secret


So I started looking for a brand that would fit all my needs and that’s when I found Sonsee. Sonsee is for plus size ladies and caters to all their needs. They have sizing experts ready and willing to help you find the perfect fit every time so you don’t have any guesswork.

High Back Bra

Here are my thoughts on the products that I received. First I got the High Back Bra. This bra is a game changer because I’m having no more back pain. It gives support in all the right places and there is NO underwire *happy dance here*. It comes in nude and black and is so soft on your skin. A big win in my opinion.

Shapewear Shorts

The next thing I received was the  Shapewear Shorts. To be honest when I first got them I was like, I’m going to look like an old lady. But then I put it on, and I’m in love! After four kids lets get real there are muscles that are not in the correct spot and are stretched out. The support I felt instantly made me feel so much better. It also helps hide those little problem areas, don’t get me wrong I’m all about self-love but I could use some toning up and the shapewear provides that coverage. The fabric is breathable and great for year round use. The waistband is designed for tummy control and made to not roll down.

Sonsee Shapewear

Sonsee Woman


So there you have it, shapewear our little secret weapon. Gives confidence and provides support for those problem areas. Perfect for anyone, having the proper undergarments make all the difference. For more information visit their Website, Facebook, or Instagram.

Loving Your Body After Having A Baby

Loving Your Body After Having A Baby
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I have always battled with self-image and since having my children it continues to be an issue that I’ve struggled with. I guess I’ve never gotten out of the mindset of from when I was in school, I was always the short overweight oddball. Lately, I’ve decided that it’s time to love the body I have. Now I’m learning how important loving your body after having a baby is. 

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Bringing Back Vintage Fashion For Kids

Bringing Back Vintage Fashion For Kids

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As the mom of four little ones, I have the hardest time finding clothes that not only look cute but also fit well. I always thought my mom was overreacting when she’d tell me just wait till you have kids, you will see that laundry is never ending!  It never fails that someone has grown out of something. I’m pretty sure they plan it out for as soon as I buy them new clothes. So when I look for new fashion for kids these are some of the key features I look for.

Finding the perfect fashion for kids.

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Much Needed Personal Pampering

Much Needed Personal Pampering - Christie Brinkley Authentic Beauty Collection
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As an expectant mother I wanted to share some things that I am using to get through it and to pamper myself while getting ready for my world to change!

Its so easy to get caught up in cleaning your house, getting things ready for your baby to arrive and letting the time slip away without taking care of yourself, or doing things for yourself to keep you looking and feeling your best!… [read more]

Products to Help Your Breastfeeding Journey

Products to Help Your Breastfeeding Journey - Milkies- Nursing Blend Breasfeeding Supplement - Lactation Massager by LaVie

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I’m the mother of four children, ages ranging from six years old to three months. I always thought that breastfeeding would be easy. I never imagined things wouldn’t go according to plan. With my first two children I really didn’t have the knowledge that I needed to move forward, so when things got hard I just gave up and used formula.

(First and foremost I’d like to say that I have no problem with formula, I honestly and fully believe that FED is best. So just wanted to say there is no mommy shaming in this post! )… [read more]

Celebrating National Snack Day With a Bang

Celebrating National Snack Day With a BANG

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Did you know that March 4th is National Snack day? I didn’t either but I’ve found some awesome snacks that I think you and your family will love. So let’s get down to the tasty goodness!

Now I have four kids ( ages six, four, two and three months), three of which are old enough to love snacks. I’m pretty sure that

“Can I have a Snack mom”??? 

is the number one thing I hear in my house every single day. So I’ll start with some of our favorites in this household.

Go Organically Fruit Snacks

Go Organically Fruit Snacks:  These are one of my kid’s favorite snacks by far! These tasty treats are USDA-certified and made with real fruit. At 70 calories each, I don’t mind giving them to my kids when they are in need of a snack.

Keeping with the fruity theme another go-to snack here is Welch’s Fruit Rolls. Did you know that fruit is the first ingredient? My kids love them and can’t get enough. I don’t feel bad sending these to school with my oldest daughter to school because I know that there is nothing in it to set off an allergy attack because she has so many allergies.

Munk Pack Oatmeal Fruit Sqeezes


Another favorite here is the Munk Pack Oatmeal Fruit Sqeezes. These are so great, helps keep your little ones full while at home or on the go, these are perfect to just put in your diaper bag or a school lunch. They are great for breakfast for your little ones too. This perfect snack is whole grain, vegan, and gluten-free. A great choice for any time of the day for sure.

So now that we have covered kids you ask “Well what’s a good choice for me”? I’ve found some I think you’re defiantly going to like.

Sparkling Ice is your option if you want to cut out the soda. For me, its all about the fizz and this carbonated drink is a great switch. It has zero calories and zero carbs. Its got Vitamin D and B-Vitamins along with antioxidants. There are over twenty flavors, from lemonades to teas. My favorite is the Black-Raspberry!

If you’re always on the go like I am, sometimes I honestly forget to stop and eat, which isn’t great but its life as a mom sometimes. Well, Gaea Veggie Snacks are great on the go option for that busy lifestyle. They offer Pickles ( My Favorite! ) carrot and cauliflower.  They are all natural and resealable and are great on the go snack.

Carrington Farms line of Paks

Carrington Farms line of Paks is great for adding in some extra nutrition in almost any product! Mix in water, smoothies, or sprinkle over some ice cream, great for keeping you fit and full.

What tasty snack will you choose?

A Feeding Pillow Like No Other

A Feeding Pillow Like No Other

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Being a new parent is hard, being a parent to a new baby when you have three others is really hard and exhausting. With that being said, adding a baby that has special needs brings a whole new challenge. I’m constantly looking for things to help improve our daily life and make things easier.

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Must Have Child Health And Safety Items

Must Have Child Health And Safety Items-Baby Comfy Nasal Aspirator Safety Nail Clippers and Hydrator- ICOE Emergency Contact Bracelets

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Having a sick little one is something that no parent wants to go through. But kids can be tiny little germ machines. My oldest started Kindergarten this year and within the first week had a nasty cold that she ended up sharing with the rest of her siblings. Why is it they always want to share their germs? As a parent I’m always looking for things that make our life a little easier when it comes to the kiddos feeling yucky.

I have three (soon to be four) kids and it seems like someone is always feeling sick or under the weather. Allergies are an issue in our house, as well, and always a concern when our daughter has to be cared for by others. So I thought I might share a few products that are helping us to make our children’s sick days a little easier to bear as well as give me a little peace of mind when my oldest is at school.

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Safety In The Car

 Safety In The Car - Diono Radian rXT Convertible and Booster Seat

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As a parent, one of my worst fears has always been getting into a really bad car accident. Just last November those fears came true when my family and I were struck head-on by a drunk driver. I’ll never forget the terror I felt when I woke up in the hospital. My first thoughts were for my kids Were they ok? Were they alive?… [read more]