Bringing Back Vintage Fashion For Kids

Bringing Back Vintage Fashion For Kids

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As the mom of four little ones, I have the hardest time finding clothes that not only look cute but also fit well. I always thought my mom was overreacting when she’d tell me just wait till you have kids, you will see that laundry is never ending!  It never fails that someone has grown out of something. I’m pretty sure they plan it out for as soon as I buy them new clothes. So when I look for new fashion for kids these are some of the key features I look for.

Finding the perfect fashion for kids.


Knit Overalls

Can they move well in it? One thing that I find so important in finding fashion for kids, is finding something that isn’t movement restricting. I know I don’t like for fabric to not be moveable and I’m sure kids don’t either since they are always running and playing. Making sure it moves in all the right places, such as knees and elbows making sure they get the full range of motion.

How does it feel? Is it soft and soothing to your child’s skin? I don’t know of anyone who likes scratchy feeling clothes. It makes your day miserable if you don’t have something that feels great on. I like things that are going to wrap my little one in love.

The Feltman Brothers 


Knit Cardigan

Keeping all these things in mind. I’ve found a great brand that meets all my needs for great fashion for kids. Not only is the fabric extremely soft, but it also gives skin the extra protection.  By making sure it’s not to tight and is very breathable. I found that my little Iris had no problem crawling and playing at the park in these adorable vintages themed clothes. That is the very reason I fell in love with The Feltman Brothers line, vintage style at its best. The company founded in 1916 strives to provide timeless fashion for kids.

My favorite piece that I’ve gotten so far are the lovely Knit Overalls in sea coral. The design is so simple but you can dress it up or down depending on the occasion to give your little one that perfect look. The Knit Cardigan and Bloomer set is another favorite in our house. The Cardigan adds the perfect cover for an extra bit of warmth on those cool days. The bloomers are great because if you use cloth diapers like we do you find that your bottoms are always a little tight fitting but there are perfect and doesn’t restrict the legs. I’m sure you will love The Feltman Brothers line as much as we do. For more information be sure to visit their Facebook and Instagram.

Knit Cardigan and Bloomers

What do you search for when finding fashion for kids?



  1. I love the idea of dressing little ones in vintage fashion! Maybe that’s because I’m a lover of the style, for myself. 😉

    These outfits are just ADORABLE!!

  2. Viviane says

    This is a great post and the outfits looks well on your baby, love it

  3. Natalie L. says

    Such a great post!!! I love these styles. So cute and creative! I am trying to go a little vintage, I’ll have to try these brands for my kids!

  4. Oh I just LOVE this!! I so adore vintage clothes on babies. I would love my kids to only wear these type of clothes, but it’s harder to find. This is a great post!

  5. Melissa says

    These outfits are absolutely adorable!!! I love finding new clothing lines for my kiddos.

  6. Deb says

    These outfits are just adorable! I love them so much and will likely dress my children in things like this when I have them!

  7. I love vintage clothing, the outfit here is adorable. I try and pick up my kids clothes from small businesses that I’ve found online.

  8. Alexandra Cook says

    Aww, that was the cutest baby outfit I have ever seen. You ahve such an adorable daughter. Love her so much.

  9. Preet says

    Oh my, Such a cute adn adorable little girl. She has the future of becoming a supermodel. Love her outfit so much. So fashionable at a young age.

  10. Such a cute cape! I love the color and the style. 🙂

  11. Your kid looks like a doll and the cute dress only enhances the impression.

  12. Why did you?! So cute! Huhu. Yea vintage is not out of style at all.

  13. Such an adorable post!!! I love all the styles. Vintage, sure looks good on kids.

  14. Geraline Batarra says

    Oh the dress is so cute. Baby girls are fun to dress up. You will never stop looking and buying outfits that you think was cute and that fits her.

  15. Christa says

    This is so adorable! My only requirement for buying baby clothes is that it washes easily. Lol.

  16. Sania Ahmed says

    OMG such a doll… she looks super cute in that cape.

  17. Bindu Thomas says

    What a lovely post and great outfits for kids. Thanks for sharing this post.

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