Loving Your Body After Having A Baby

Loving Your Body After Having A Baby
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I have always battled with self-image and since having my children it continues to be an issue that I’ve struggled with. I guess I’ve never gotten out of the mindset of from when I was in school, I was always the short overweight oddball. Lately, I’ve decided that it’s time to love the body I have. Now I’m learning how important loving your body after having a baby is. 

Loving your body after having a baby. 


I have grown and birthed four beautiful children. My skin stretched and warped as they grew, not always returning unhindered. There are stretch marks and not in the same place. I was lucky enough to be able to help create these beautiful lives, how could I not love a body that did that. I’ve also survived a horrific car accident that should have killed me. I broke three out of four limbs, and have had eight surgeries in just over two years. I have massive scaring up my left forearm, where I had a plate and eight screws put in.

While I may not love every inch of my body, My kids don’t see the pain. They don’t see the scars of the past or the scars from the accident. They see mommy, whom they love no matter what I look like. My children don’t care if I’m super skinny, or if my hair is always done. All they want is for me to be present and happy.

So with bathing suit season right around the corner, I’ve been looking for something that is going to flatter what accents I have and hid my issue areas. Look no further then Tempt Me swimsuits. From one piece to bikinis there is something for every body type. I chose two different styles, and the main thing I was looking for was coverage. Other places when you get the coverage you don’t always get style but this is where Tempt Me is different. They strive to do both!


Off The Shoulder

I love the One Piece Polka Falbala Swimdress, it gives me that vintage feel. I love how I can put it on and feel completely comfortable around anyone. The second swimsuit I chose from Tempt Me was the Vintage Off Shoulder Ruffled Swimsuits. I love the bright colors in this swimsuit, and how the black of the base sets off the colors in a pop. To be honest, when ordering online I was a little worried because I don’t usually get the bikini style bottom but I was really impressed by just how much coverage this swimsuit provides.  I usually HATE shopping for swimsuits but Tempt Me made it easy and fast. If you would like more information Be sure to check them out on their Website, Facebook, or Instagram.

Loving Yourself

Todays Takeaway:

You are beautiful. Learning to love yourself is one of the most empowering things that you can truly do. When those little ones look into your eyes remember that YOU are their entire world. So love your scars, love your stretch marks because you are amazing! Learn to love your body after having a baby.



  1. The female body is such a miraculous thing! We are strong, and the fact that our bodies can grow a life within us is something we should celebrate. You are beautiful pre-, during, and post-pregnancy.

  2. Brie says

    So, I am not a mother. But I freaking love body positivity. This is something that is so important and I know is huge for the new mother community. Thank you for sharing these amazing tips.

  3. Michael says

    Yep, why lose though in the first place. Continue loving everything about you because your body is your temple =)

  4. Alyssa Dawson says

    I really struggle with this! It’s easier said than done, because I really liked my pre-pregnancy thighs and bum! hahah!

  5. I agree that learning to love yourself is one of the most empowering things that you can truly do. I learnt that in a hard way during my high school days but I am thankful I am a much better person. By the way, I am also short but I no longer feel bad about my stature too. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Blair says

    It’s hard enough with pressure that is put on us by media, fashion and peers to have that look or style, we can’t keep putting the same pressure on ourselves. As a guy that has carried some extra weight most of my life I have have to accept that this is who I am and pear is a shape too. Taking control of who you are if that is eating healthy and exercising or not, if it’s being aware of your fashion style or not be you. Being proud and comfortable in your skin should be what matters.

  7. Based on your picture, it’s not that obvious, you look young and vibrant. You are correct, love yourself is the key. Sometimes, blemishes are beautiful just dimples, its a beautiful defect. We should love our flaws/blemishes. Great inspiring article. Keep your heads up!

  8. I’m having a lot of difficulty with this. I’m 8 months postpartum

  9. BMB says

    I am 3 babies (1 vaginal, 2 c-sections), 2 years of IVF weight and almost 40 years old. Loving my body is hard these days. I still wear a maternity suit (my youngest is 8 months old). I will look into this company and see what they have to offer. The black polka dots looks really cute on you.

  10. Christa says

    Thank you for such an honest and inspiring post. I’ve missed out on so much fun because of body image issues. This summer, I want to throw on a bathing suit and have fun in the sun!

  11. Alexandar Cook says

    This is very empowering. Honestly, after giving birth In used to hate me. glad I ahve a supportive partner that telling me how beautiful I am even I am feeling not.

  12. Oh I love the swimsuit! I am pregnant at the moment and going on holiday in May – I am adding it to the list! You look FAB!

  13. Looks like a nice and comfy addition to your collection. Nice reading your post.

  14. Melissa says

    Our bodies are definitely amazing! God has created us in an amazing way! I try to always love my stretch marks because they remind me of my three blessings! 🙂

  15. Sarah says

    Loving your body after a baby is so challenging but can also be very important. Just remember it grew a human that’s a wonderful thing in itself.

  16. Geraline Batarra says

    Women’s body was so amazing. I agree with you so much. We should really take care of our body always.

  17. You are beautiful.Embrace your beautiful body

  18. Angie says

    There is so much pressure out there from society and some crazy idea that women should bounce back and look exactly the same after giving birth as they did before becoming pregnant. We just created life and brought a brand new human being into this world. Why would we want to look the same after creating something so amazing?! We look even better now!

  19. Kylie says

    Wow! I think you look absolutely gorgeous in all your photographs. Even more, I love your positive message you’re spreading! Keep up the amazing work!

  20. Angel says

    Motherhood is such a beautiful thing and requires care not only for the child but the mother as well! It looks like you’re taking care of yourself too which is so so important. All the best!

  21. Bindu Thomas says

    This is really a great post and our bodies are amazing. It’s so important to take care of our own body after having a baby. Thanks for sharing.

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