Must Have Child Health And Safety Items

Must Have Child Health And Safety Items-Baby Comfy Nasal Aspirator Safety Nail Clippers and Hydrator- ICOE Emergency Contact Bracelets

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Having a sick little one is something that no parent wants to go through. But kids can be tiny little germ machines. My oldest started Kindergarten this year and within the first week had a nasty cold that she ended up sharing with the rest of her siblings. Why is it they always want to share their germs? As a parent I’m always looking for things that make our life a little easier when it comes to the kiddos feeling yucky.

I have three (soon to be four) kids and it seems like someone is always feeling sick or under the weather. Allergies are an issue in our house, as well, and always a concern when our daughter has to be cared for by others. So I thought I might share a few products that are helping us to make our children’s sick days a little easier to bear as well as give me a little peace of mind when my oldest is at school.

BabyComfyNoseâ„¢ Nasal Aspirator

First is the BabyComfyâ„¢ product line. For me as a mom, the one thing I hate the most as a nasty, runny nose. I never can seem to get those bulb syringes to work the way I need them to, and the kids hate having it stuck up their nose.

This is the same problem that creators of the line found themselves having in 2010 when they created the BabyComfyNose™ Nasal Aspirator.  The company continues to develop new and innovative ways to help parents with improving the health of their children.

BabyComfyNailâ„¢ Deluxe Safety Nail Clippers

My favorite item in the BabyComfy™ product line so far is the BabyComfyNail™ Deluxe Safety Nail Clippers.  Anyone who has small children knows what a chore trimming their fingernails can be. Usually, the nail clippers are so tiny that I’m terrified that I’m going to accidentally cut skin instead of the nail ( its happened before and then I feel terrible afterward).

The BabyComfy Nail is designed to keep the skin back while only clipping the nail and is big enough that you don’t feel like the Clippers are going to fall out of your hand if the baby happens to wiggle.


One of the hardest things for a little kid to do when they are sick is stay hydrated. My one-year-old only wants to lay around and cuddle, so finding something to help keep the fluids coming in is really important. The BabyComfyHydrator™ holds 2 oz. of fluid at a time to prevent them from taking in too much and making them feel worse. It’s shaped like a sippy cup on the end to help intake easier. This product is great for making sure your little one gets exactly what they need.

You can purchase the combo pack with all the items included or purchase them separately depending on your needs. I would say these are a must-have for any parent with small children.

ICOE Bracelets

The next product is something that really hits home for me. My oldest daughter was diagnosed with a severe peanut and tree nut allergy when she was about a year-and-a-half old. Since her diagnosis, we must constantly be diligent about what food she eats or comes into contact with.

She started school this year and I’ve had the biggest fear weighing on me that she might accidentally ingest something that causes an allergic reaction for her. We have finally found a great way to avoid this issue with I.C.O.E Bracelets.

The I.C.O.E Bracelet has you covered no matter what the need is. From allergies to personal safety conditions, they can meet all your needs.

We had my daughter’s allergies, my contact information, and special instructions in case of ingestion engraved on her bracelet. She will wear this anytime she is in the care of others and I don’t have to hold my breath waiting for the phone to ring notifying me of a medical emergency.

Toddler Size ICOE Bracelet

They have three different sizes, from toddler up to adult. All bracelets are made from 100% silicone and can simply be washed with soap and water if they get dirty. They are hypoallergenic and latex free.

You can choose color and design and custom request all pertinent information that needs to be included for your child’s individual needs.  These bracelets have most defiantly put my mind at ease and gives my daughter that extra sense of protection when she’s away from me.

ICOE Autism

I think these are some great products to add to your household for the health and safety of your children. Having extra peace of mind when your little one is feeling under the weather or has special needs and is in the care of others always makes things easier.

Are you looking to add products such as these to your household?

For More Information:

BabyComfy: Website | Facebook | Twitter

I.C.O.E Bracelets: Website | Facebook | Twitter




  1. Wendy says

    Very cool stuff. Makes me nostalgic (almost) for when my kids were small enough to have needed some of these items. Great ideas to keep in mind for grandkids, though. 🙂

  2. You know what? I bit my kids nails to cut them. My mom told me that she did that to me, my sister and brother when we were babies and it worked like a charm, so I tried it with my boys and it did.

  3. These are some great essentials to help when your children are little. This nasal aspirator looks less intrusive (and more comfy) than the blue bulb ones we used when my kids were little.

  4. These are all great products. My daughter had a medical bracelet for her food allergies for years, until she out grew it. I’ve been thinking about getting her another one. Thankfully she is 12, and is pretty aware of food around her, and what she ingests.

  5. These all look amazing! Our kids’ safety is so important! Those bracelets look just wonderful for kids on the spectrum and who have allergies.

  6. My children have (knock on wood) thankfully not been sick very often. I like cutting their nails while they are asleep, until they’re old enough to know to sit still.

  7. Kristina says

    I love the bracelets to notify others of allergies. My 6 year old is on the autism spectrum and this would be great for him to have!

  8. Erica says

    The I.C.O.E bracelets are great. I imagine it must be really nerve wracking having a little one with a food allergy. This would definitely give me some peace of mind. I think this is a great idea for adults who have severe allergies as well.

  9. Those bracelets are an interesting idea and I’m sure they will help a great deal. Parents do so much to keep their child healthy and safe and it’s really lovely to see.

  10. Andrea says

    I really like these allergy bands, they are great way to keep people up to date wherever you children go about their allergies so that others can be aware and prepare.

  11. I haven’t seen any of these products before but they seem like no brainers to me! The perfect addition to keeping your child safe and healthy at all times

  12. I am in love with the bracelets. What a nice way to inform but not be so medical about it. I can still remember my aunt’s ugly red heart bracelet. It said “ALERT” on the red band. Not pretty.

  13. The bracelets are so great. Especially with allergies and going to friend’s houses or things like that.

  14. That is so cool to see that there are other things out there that will help make our babies feel better!

  15. I am going to have to check out hose bracelets. My daughter has epilepsy and one of those bracelets would be handy.

  16. Sarah says

    I love those bands. I’ll have to check them out, they could really come in handy.

  17. These are great products! Like so many other parents, I love the bracelets. What a great way to remind caregivers and even others you may come in contact with about your child’s health!

  18. I need one of those nose sucker things. My kids are horrible when it comes to blowing their noses, and forget about my toddler. Can’t wait to try some of these out!

  19. These products are so useful for new parents! I haven’t seen bracelets like this before, but it looks great.

  20. Mrs. Rooks says

    I really like that nasal aspirator. Seems much more sanitary and easier to clean than the normal bulb aspirator. Those bracelets are also so cool and helpful!

  21. Those bracelets are really awesome, I need to look for those for some friends with kids with allergies. Can I tell you I hated cutting my babies’ nails LOL, that would have been great!

  22. I love the sound of the baby nail clipper. I like how that even if the baby wiggles the clippers will not catch the babies skin! x

  23. I have to thank breastmilk, but I can count on one hand how many times both my 8 and 6 year old have been sick. The very few times, I can say that it really sucks when you really can’t do anything for them. Definitely the products you highlighted are must haves.

    thrifting diva

  24. Those are some great products. I love the I.C.O.E Bracelet, these would be quite handy.

  25. I love this! I wish we had these when my kids were little. My son has autism and I would have loved to get that bracelet for him.

  26. These products are genius. Trying to trim fingernails or clean out a nose is not easy on babies or toddlers. They don’t really like to cooperate.

  27. These are all great products! I love those little allergy bands for children with allergies.

  28. nicoleandthecouches says

    These are great products! I use similar things on my son and they are complete lifesavers! We don’t have any need for the bracelets but they are a great idea for those that do!!

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