Must Have Child Health And Safety Items

Must Have Child Health And Safety Items-Baby Comfy Nasal Aspirator Safety Nail Clippers and Hydrator- ICOE Emergency Contact Bracelets

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Having a sick little one is something that no parent wants to go through. But kids can be tiny little germ machines. My oldest started Kindergarten this year and within the first week had a nasty cold that she ended up sharing with the rest of her siblings. Why is it they always want to share their germs? As a parent I’m always looking for things that make our life a little easier when it comes to the kiddos feeling yucky.

I have three (soon to be four) kids and it seems like someone is always feeling sick or under the weather. Allergies are an issue in our house, as well, and always a concern when our daughter has to be cared for by others. So I thought I might share a few products that are helping us to make our children’s sick days a little easier to bear as well as give me a little peace of mind when my oldest is at school.

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