A Vacation Rental Is The Way To Go- No More Hotels!

Have you ever stayed somewhere and didn’t want to leave?  ME! Yes, it happened a couple of weeks ago and I still think about this amazing house every day. 

Vacation Rentals Are The Way To Go- No More Hotels!
We were offered a two-night stay for our truthful write up on this amazing vacation rental.

When I go on a vacation I need to relax. Recharge my battery. We usually stay in a hotel but not this time we stayed at a Sanctuary Vacation Rental. After staying there I’m going to have a hard time staying in a hotel ever again. 

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3 Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

Are you an accessory kind of person? We all are, in our own little ways. Maybe you like to pop a necklace on to decorate the space your blouse leaves, or you like to put a ring on every other finger, to really make a statement about your fashion choices. Maybe you prefer to just wear a simple watch, to get across how practical of a person you are. Or maybe you like to shove a lot of items in your day bag, and see where the day leads you into using them!  Here are 3 Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed!

3 Accessories You Didn't Know You Needed
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Cool Upgrades Moms Want And Need

As moms, we are usually the last to upgrade or buy new things for ourselves. When it comes to new clothes and such, my son is the first to get new clothing and shoes, meanwhile, my shoes are a couple of years old. However, my son is growing like crazy, so it seems he needs new clothes once or twice a year. We found some cool upgrades moms want and need! 

Cool Upgrades Moms Want And Need
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Moms, let’s face it. We love spending time with our families and when we are out and about running errands, or just spending the day away from home, we like to stay connected. Our kids may or may not have their own tablets and we have our smartphones. We are a generation that uses electronics

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We Found A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker In Time For Summer Adventures

Summer is here. Are you ready for adventures in the sun, at the pool, or even at the beach? We found a waterproof bluetooth speaker that fits any lifestyle!

JBL Charge 4 - Outside Listening
JBL Charge 4 – Outside Listening
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Summer is here and that means that most people are outdoors, vacationing, or relaxing. There’s nothing worse than hanging out outside or with friends and having no music to liven up the party and worse than that, is having music when suddenly your speaker runs out of battery life. Well, JBL has a solution to that problem.

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Traveling with Little Ones; How we Survive the Trip

Tips to Make your Vacation Travels Easier and Stress Free

Our house is truly blessed by family who have vacation homes for us to use each year. My cousin has a beach house and offers us a discounted rate for our summer vacations.

Planning the trip is always easy. Getting there, however, is always a pain in the butt. I usually have a toddler and small dog in tow and it is difficult traveling without pulling out my hair.

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Safe Driving With The New Uniden R7 Radar Detector

Why is safe driving important to you and your family? When we’re in the car together, our son is our precious cargo. As any child should be. Driving safely should be the only thing on your mind while behind the wheel.

Safe Driving With The New Uniden R7 Radar Detector

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What if there was a device that could help keep your driving in check?  The Uniden R7 Radar Detector could help monitor your surroundings, thus preventing you from speeding!

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Pack Everything You Need in This Toiletry Organizer

Ellis James Designs Quilted Toiletry Bag
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As a blogger, I used to travel to different beauty events in the Los Angeles area. I’ll admit, I’m not exactly a light packer, but I’m also not an “I may need this heavy sweater in July” person either. However, I do pack a little more than I need to, which means I’m stuck bringing two toiletry bags. If you’re an over-packer and you want to get things down to one bag, I have one that you need to get. Now, I can fit everything I need in just one affordable toiletry organizer from Ellis James Designs.

Quilted Hanging Toiletry Bag

I recently had the opportunity to test out the Ellis James Designs Quilted Hanging Toiletry Organizer. I don’t like to spoil things this early in a post, but man, this is amazing! It almost makes me want to over pack because of all the room you get! Let’s start out with the basics:

  • Dimensions: 12 W x 9 L x 6 D inches
  • Materials: Soft Touch Quilted Nylon
  • Water-Resistant and Padded for Protection

There’s a hook design so you can hang your bag wherever you want. The multi-functional pockets and holders with a detachable pouch, make organizing your products easy. The small pouch fits perfectly in larger handbags.

Ellis James Designs Organizer

Ellis James Designs Organizer Aerial View

Ellis James Designs Organizer Front Pouch

Ellis James Designs Organizer Opened

How Much Can You Pack?

While this toiletry bag can fit a lot of products, and it’s best to work it so that you fit everything you need.

The pouch by the hook is where I put my skincare. When traveling, you’re allowed travel size products and my skincare fits perfectly there. If needed, I can also fit a small bar of soap, and a mini shampoo and conditioner.

The middle pouch holds my face products: foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, blush, primer, and highlighter. The last pouch is my eye and lip products. I don’t use a lot of the two, so they both fit perfectly there. The last pouch is where I put my brushes in. I like to keep those separate since I do clean my brushes even when I travel. The little pouch I use for extra medicine, and anything else I can fit in there that I’ll need.

Ellis James Designs Organizer Hanging Side

Ellis James Designs Organizer Middle Compartment

Ellis James Designs Organizer all the way opened

Ellis James Designs Organizer hook

Ellis James Designs Organizer large compartment side

Ellis James Designs Organizer small detachable pouch

Ellis James Designs Organizer large compartment

Overall Thoughts

The Ellis James Designs Quilted Toiletry Organizer is absolutely amazing. It fits everything I need when I travel, and the quality is incredible. It lasts through road trips and being pushed around in my luggage. This particular organizer comes at an affordable price of $45.95, and it’s definitely worth it.

If you’d like to see a packing like a pro blog post, let us know in the comments below! Be sure to share our packing tricks as well!

La Bufadora, A Beautiful Piece of Ensenada

LA Bufadora, A Beautiful Piece of Ensenada


My husband and I love to travel. In May, for our anniversary, we decided to take a cruise to Ensenada. Ensenada is beautiful and has many things to offer but my favorite experience there was the trip to La Bufadora.

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How to Make Jewelry Organization Easier

How to Make Jewelry Organization Easier 

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One of the most difficult items to pack when traveling is my jewelry. I’ve been using the same jewelry roll since college, or maybe longer. For the most part, it gets the job done. Although, I still struggle with keeping my necklaces, and sometimes other pieces, from getting tangled. This all changed when I discovered the Brelox Travel Jewelry Organizer. It makes jewelry organization easier.

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Ultimate Travel Pillow For The Whole Family

Ultimate Travel Pillow For The Whole Family with the Infinity Pillow

Ultimate Travel Pillow For The Whole Family

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As a single mom, I haven’t had the time or resources to travel as much as we would like to. I miss traveling. Due to my son’s special needs, we usually traveled by car or train. In the last several years, I’ve only traveled by plane a few times. Each time, it was such a culture shock for me because I learned so much from what other travelers used.

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