Cool Upgrades Moms Want And Need

As moms, we are usually the last to upgrade or buy new things for ourselves. When it comes to new clothes and such, my son is the first to get new clothing and shoes, meanwhile, my shoes are a couple of years old. However, my son is growing like crazy, so it seems he needs new clothes once or twice a year. We found some cool upgrades moms want and need! 

Cool Upgrades Moms Want And Need
Beauty Brite Disclosure

Moms, let’s face it. We love spending time with our families and when we are out and about running errands, or just spending the day away from home, we like to stay connected. Our kids may or may not have their own tablets and we have our smartphones. We are a generation that uses electronics

myCharge Power Lumens

Whether I am at home or out and about, I like to carry an extra battery charger. This has always been a habit of mine. I like to carry an extra battery charger and/or an outlet charger. Before smartphones, I once ran out of battery on my phone and I was away from home and really needed to make a phone call. Ever since then, I make it a point to make sure my phone is charged. 

myCharge Power Lumens nightlight propped up

Even when I am at home, I use a battery charger to charge my phone. The Power Lumens 10,000mAh from myCharge is so handy! It could easily be used outside as it lights up! However, I like to use it at night and even turn on the light as a nightlight as I am relaxing in the evening. 

The Power Lumens easel is very useful when using outside, you can prop it up and direct the light where needed. 

You can find myCharge products at Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart

Convertible Sarong with Pocket in Breezy Pink

As a mom, I like to carry a tote bag with me when we are out and about. The tote allows me to carry extras that I can’t fit in my purse! I love the Convertible Sarong with Pocket in Breezy Pink! The pink just caught my eye right away. How often do you see a pink sarong and tote bag? I mainly use it as a tote bag! If we happen to go to the pool or beach, I can use it as a sarong! 

The Convertible Sarong with Pocket is lightweight and easy to carry as a tote or wear as a sarong. When using as a tote, it’s meant to hold lightweight items, such as sunscreen, a battery pack, snacks, keys, wallet, etc. 

Velvet Caviar Coffee First and Nude Lips phone cases

After three very long years, I finally upgraded my phone to the Samsung S10! Since I was upgrading my phone, I knew I needed a new phone cases. When I bought my phone, I immediately bought a phone case!  It’s slim, stylish, and protects my phone. While I adore my phone case, I do like to keep a few extras on hand! Not only that, I like phone cases with cute designs on them! 

Phone cases with style

I found the coolest phone cases! The ones I chose show off a little sass and dress up my phone! I chose the Nude Lips and Coffee First phone cases from Velvet Caviar! As you can see, they are the cutest cases ever! My only complaint is trying to decide which one to use! So, I can easily switch them out whenever I want! 

Velvet Caviar Nude Lips phone case

Velvet Caviar has a ton of cute cases to choose from and Nude Lips and Coffee First really stood out to me. I chose the Nude Lips (they also have Red Lips) because it fits me. I really don’t wear lipstick, but I do like wearing lip gloss or lip balm. If I do wear lip gloss, they are neutral and subtle looking colors! Plus, the Nude Lips phone case is just sweet and sexy! 

Velvet Caviar Coffee First phone case

The Coffee First phone case caught my eye because well, I love coffee! I have a cup just about every morning. I love that the Coffee First phone case features iced coffee and hot coffee! While I prefer iced coffee, I tend to brew my own hot coffee at home. Iced Coffee is usually a treat for me. 

Hoodie Set in Pink

The Hoodie Set in Pink looks super cute on the website, however, once you see it in person and try it on, you’ll quickly realize it’s more for teens or young adults. When I wear this, it would have to be at home because it is very thin.

If I were to style this, I’d wear a light sports bra and white, grey, or pink tank top underneath. As a mom, I can wear the hoodie set as pajamas or just bopping around the house. The shorts are lightweight and cute! The shorts are perfect to wear on my morning walks

FlexiLexi Fitness Pants

The Color Palette Flexi Pants and the Twilight Flexi Pants are super cute, however, they are a little tight on me. They are described as “very stretchy†but they don’t feel as stretchy on me. The legs are really tight on me too. 

Time to work on myself

Since walking and low impact workouts aren’t giving me the results I want, I am going to try adding cardio again. My plan is to try Jillian Michaels and 21 Day Fix workouts!

I will keep the leggings on hand as I am always working on myself. When I slim down a bit more, I will keep trying them on to see how they fit. 

What upgrades could you use in your life? Do you like treating yourself to new stuff just to match your personality?

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  1. Quite unique thoughtful ideas, a simple upgrade is sometimes the best

  2. I LOVE treating myself to new stuff and particularly like the multi colored flexi pants

  3. Dana Rodriguez says

    I really love those pants. So cute!

  4. Shannon D Citrino says

    I really like that one pink utfit you have a picture of. The shorts and sleeveless hooded top.

  5. Sandy Klocinski says

    Awesome ideas! Such cute clothes.

  6. paula peterson says

    Iced coffee is my mom treat as well. I love the idea of carrying an extra charger on me, great share.

  7. Christina Gould says

    The Power Lumens sounds great. I’d love to get one. Thanks for posting!

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