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Saving Time and Money with Homemade Iced Coffee

Coffee is by far, one of my favorite treats. It’s delicious and so dependable. Plus Caffeine and I need Caffeine with 4 kids who are constantly on the move. Iced Coffee is my usual preference but it isn’t always convenient to go out and buy it. Let me share with you how to make homemade iced coffee using the supplies you already have at home which will save you both time and money by avoiding the drive-thru.

Saving Time and Money with Homemade Iced Coffee

Here is an easy homemade iced coffee recipe
Course Beverage


  • Coffee
  • Creamer of your Choosing
  • Sweetener of your Choosing
  • LOTS of Ice (Your cup should be completely full)


  • Brew the Coffee in which you will be using for your Iced Coffee. 
    (You can use cold-brewed coffee which isn't hard to do but must be made in advance, think of 8-12 hours in advance so the night before. I will be using hot coffee as I usually always forget to make cold brew well enough in advance to use it in the morning when I am searching for coffee).
    Homemade Iced Coffee
  • Fill the mug, tumbler, glass, whatever item you will be using for your coffee to the brim with Ice. 
    (I like to use Ice from the gas station because it is smaller so I can fill more space in my tumbler with ice BUT regular ice from the refrigerator or an ice tray works fine too. Make sure the ice is solid and not partially already melted, or it will melt quickly when it comes time to pour in your coffee.)
    Saving Time and Money with Homemade Iced Coffee ice
  • Add your desired amount of creamer to the ice.
    (This needs to be done BEFORE you add the coffee. The coldness helps prevent as much of the ice melting. I like A LOT of cream in my coffee but you can always add more creamer after you have put the coffee in, so put an ample amount in and then if need be add more afterward.)
    Saving Time and Money with Homemade Iced Coffee add Creamer
  • With this step you can pour your coffee into a regular mug and mix in your sugar or sweetener of your choice and then pour the coffee from the mug to the cup holding your ice/creamer OR you can go ahead and add your coffee to the mug, tumbler, or cup of your choosing and use a liquid sweetener such as agave or this awesome sweetener I have found called Trala which is an organic coffee sweetener. 
    Trala Organic Coffee Sweetener Iced Coffee
  • Once you have added the coffee to the container holding your ice, stir stir stir! Once you have stirred and mixed adequately, ENJOY! 
    As you can see in the image, even though I used hot coffee, I still have plenty of ice left behind. 
    Saving Time and Money with Homemade Iced Coffee Cold
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Trala Organic Coffee Sweetener

Trala is an Organic Coffee Sweetener that comes in the flavors of Original, Hazelnut, and French Vanilla. The consistency makes it easy to add in hot beverages or even cold beverages. Trala is an organic vegan-friendly sweetener that is sweet like sugar but has fewer calories.

Okay so now that I have shared how to make a homemade iced coffee using freshly brewed coffee, let me tell you the “lazy” way to make iced coffee without dirtying more dishes than necessary. I despise washing dishes but I believe in cleaning as you go which helps a lot with the task. Cleaning as I use dishes, still doesn’t make cleaning dishes appealing though.

Two Words: Instant Coffee.

Nescafe Instant Coffee

That’s right, instant coffee. Nescafe has a fantastic line of instant coffees ranging from lattes such as mocha or caramel to their special gold blend. Any of Nescafe flavors are sure to be a hit though! The directions say to heat water until it boils, pour water into your mug and stir in the coffee blend,  however when I make iced coffee I like to fill my glass with milk or almond milk for a creamier outcome and then add the pack of coffee as is. Stir and add ice! IT really doesn’t get any easier than that. Want a frappe without the McDonalds or Starbucks price tag? Add ice, milk, and a pouch of Nescafe Latte Mocha to your blender, Blend these ingredients, pour into your glass, top with whipped cream and syrup.

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