A Vacation Rental Is The Way To Go- No More Hotels!

Have you ever stayed somewhere and didn’t want to leave?  ME! Yes, it happened a couple of weeks ago and I still think about this amazing house every day. 

Vacation Rentals Are The Way To Go- No More Hotels!
We were offered a two-night stay for our truthful write up on this amazing vacation rental.

When I go on a vacation I need to relax. Recharge my battery. We usually stay in a hotel but not this time we stayed at a Sanctuary Vacation Rental. After staying there I’m going to have a hard time staying in a hotel ever again. 

Going on a vacation is already stressful but when you arrive at your destination all you want to do is RELAX and I was able to do just that at Sanctuary by the Sea.  

Check out the video of when we walked into the vacation rental.  

Here are some reasons why a vacation rental is a way to go! 

Home Base

It’s a house so think of it as your home base It’s your home away from home. You are able to go and come as you want, no one to check you in or look at you when you enter.  We had plenty of places to eat, drink, and shop in Carmel By The Sea. Oh yeah and no housekeeper knocking on your door at 9 am. We connected with this home and made it ours for a couple of days.  

Love the beach DECOR!

I fell in love with the DECOR!  My daughter and I decided we want our house to have the beach colors like Sanctuary by the Sea.  So many cool things all around the rental. 

Just like HOME!

We had a huge closet area and I hung up everyone’s clothes, put clothes in drawers and created a living area for us. I hate living out of a suitcase so this was a blessing.  

My daughter even took pictures of her room because she loved how they had it set up.  She unpacked and made it her room for the days we were there. We can’t do that in a hotel room. 

Morning Coffee

We had coffee on the deck outside and that was a wonderful start to a morning. It was so amazing to enjoy the nature around us- even the birds.

The ROOMS!  

There was so much room (well compared to our 900 sq ft home). The upstairs was amazing- a huge room, bathroom, reading room, and another small bedroom. We enjoyed our space a lot but the kitchen and family room were the areas we hung out the most in. 

My husband sat outside on the deck most of the time we were there- he enjoyed how quiet it was. Having that time outside and the quiet let him get back on track with his business.  Back home he isn’t able to relax so this was quite helpful for him! 

My favorite place!

Relaxing in the claw tub was my favorite thing to do.  I enjoyed a bath before bed every night and I swear it took away all my anxiety and tension that I had the best sleep in years.  Plus the bed was so comfortable. 

Save Money- No Eating Out!

We saved a lot of money by buying groceries and cooking in the vacation rental. A full kitchen and yes they have pots/pans plus everything you need to cook even a BBQ outside.

We then took that money we would have spent eating out for 3 meals and enjoyed our time shopping and doing things like a day at the state park. I made sandwiches for our hike too.  In the morning we would sit at the table and enjoy our breakfast.   


We didn’t have to plan everything in one day!  We were able to break up our plans and just enjoy our time. I really felt this would be a great place for a family reunion or even a girls retreat.  I want to plan one soon! No rushing for us- just relaxing. 

I feel vacation rentals give you more options than a hotel room, plus you can rent based on your needs.  There are small cottages to huge mansions- it is based on what you need and want. I highly recommend Sanctuary by the Sea vacation rental but please check out all the rentals that are offered. I’m a big fan of Carmel by the Sea. 

About Sanctuary Vacation Rentals

They have 100 homes across the Monterey Peninsula, including Carmel-by-the-Sea, Carmel proper, Carmel Highlands, Big Sur, Pebble Beach, Pacific Grove, Monterey, Marina, Seaside, Carmel Valley and the Highway 68 corridor near the airport and Laguna Seca. Plus most of the homes are within walking distance to the area’s beaches, restaurants, shopping, and tourist attractions. 

Sanctuary homes all invoke a sense of peace and harmony, allowing guests to relax, revitalize their lives, reconnect with one another, and above all, have fun. Sanctuary’s goal is to provide guests with a sanctuary from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Its vision is to inspire and nurture the hearts and souls of guests with the beauty and magic of the Monterey Peninsula while staying in one of its vacation homes.

I don’t think I can ever do a hotel again- knowing there are other options out there like Sanctuary Vacation Rentals.  We highly recommend looking into these vacation rentals in the Monterey area because it is one of the most beautiful areas in California

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