4 Ways To Be Chic And Comfortable

We found 4 ways to be chic and comfortable! If you live on a budget like me, you can still look chic and be and feel comfortable! These products work at home or when you are out and about. 

4 Ways To Be Chic And Comfortable
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I like wearing clothes and accessories that allow me to be me. I don’t like a lot of fuss. I prefer products that work and fit into my lifestyle.

Be Chic

Lamair Foldable Tote Bag

I found the Lamair Foldable Tote Bag to be perfect for me. While it is made for men, I found it useful when we are out and about. The tote is lightweight and it folds to a compact size when not in use.

The Lamair Foldable Tote Bag is perfect for travel, running errands, and everyday use. I like to volunteer in my son’s class, we go to doctor’s appointments, and run errands. The tote allows me to carry our essentials!

Jambys 3 sizes and 3 colors

I was sent 3 pairs of Jambys boxers in various colors. I found the small to fit me perfectly. The medium is too big and I am saving the large size for my guy! I’ll have him try on the medium to see if they fit him too! 

The Jambys boxers are unisex, so you and your partner can both wear them! They may be boxers but they are also functional as shorts with no crotch flash technology! I love that the Jambys boxers are super soft, lightweight, and breathable. 

The boxers feature pockets too! You can wear Jambys as pajama bottoms, lounge in, and wear at home! 

Be Comfortable

I am a stay at home mom, caregiver, blogger, and college student. While I do sit for most of the day, I do make time to get up, walk around, do chores around the house, and workout! Since I sit so much, my chair would feel less soft. I sit at the dining table and every few months, I have to rotate our chairs just because I wanted to feel a little relief in the padding of the chair. When I saw the Seat Socket, I knew I could use it! 

Seat Socket on chair

The Seat Socket provides added cushion and softness to my chair. It also acts as a reminder to be aware of my posture. My dining chairs sit up higher, so now I sit even higher with the Seat Socket.

If you need a bit of relief, whether it’s from your lower back, legs, sits bones, the Seat Socket will offer relief!

Caynga Journey Medium and Small

When I saw the Caynga Journey I knew I could utilize them for safekeeping around our home. My son is starting therapy, which means we will have people in our home for hours! We are also starting respite care, which means there will be a caregiver in my home when I am not home.  I have items that I’d like to keep safe and protected.

Caynga Lock and Case

As you can see, the medium has a lock and the small case has a smaller case that fits inside! 

Caynga Journey Medium

I wanted the Caynaga Journey Medium to be used to keep items safe and locked away. I plan on storing this in my closet. The Large would have been better, but I was able to stuff a few items that I want to keep safe inside of the case. 

I was able to change the lock combination but I didn’t understand how it stays locked. Then, I looked on their website and saw the pictures of how it keeps the case locked! 

Caynga Journey Small

The Caynga Journey Small is meant to be taken on-the-go with you! I love how cute and compact it is. It can fit in your purse or tote bag

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