4 Ways To Improve Your Travel Experience

As a single mom, I don’t have the means to travel. Being a homeowner and full time caregiver and mom, I have been focused on making sure we have everything we need and keeping a roof over our heads. However, I hope we can start traveling again soon! We share 4 ways to improve your travel experience. 

4 Ways To Improve Your Travel Experience
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As a mom, I am always looking for ways to make travel easier. Whether I am running errands, going to doctor’s appointments, etc. I want to be sure life is easier! I am already stressing out about everything else, the last thing I want to be is unprepared! 

Cincha Travel Belt

When I saw the Cincha Travel Belt, I knew I could use it. I like our luggage to be organized and neat. When I travel, I am always worried about the safety of my son, but also carrying our luggage! 

The Cincha Travel Belt allows me to worry less about our luggage because I can easily keep our luggage secure and in one place when we are on the move! 

I chose to have the Cincha Travel Belt monogrammed with my first initial. If I could have chosen 3 letters, I would have had it monogrammed with “mom.” 

Cities I’ve Never Been To accessory bag

The Cities I’ve Never Been To accessory bag from Urban Undercover is so cute and convenient. I use this pouch when I carry a tote bag! I like to use the pouch to carry my smaller items, such as ear buds, keys, etc. 

If I don’t want to carry a purse, I can easily use the pouch and throw it in my tote bag! The pouch can also be used as a makeup bag! 

There are plenty of cities I would like to visit and re-visit since it’s been years! This little pouch is just a fun reminder to travel more! 

His & Hers Travel Bundle

The His & Hers Travel Bundle from Simplily Co. includes the Simplily Large 16 inch Weekender and Falcon Keeper Large 16 inch Weekender! Both weekender bags are lightweight and versatile. 

The His & Hers Travel Bags can easily be used as a gym bag, overnight bag, or a weekender bag! These bags will come in handy when my son and I travel! I love dreaming about taking my son to Disneyland since we are both familiar with Disney World

The weekender bags are so roomy and perfect because I tend to over pack! I always like to pack extra clothing just in case! 

I love my Day Owl Backpack in Pale Pink. If I could afford it, I would gift all of my son’s teachers with a Day Owl Backpack because it is so handy! My son in the special education class and I see firsthand how hard his teachers work to teach the students! 

I volunteer once a week in my son’s classroom and chaperone his field trips. I always find myself bringing not only my purse but a big tote bag or backpack! I like to keep my essentials with me, which includes a water bottle, snacks, phone charger, battery pack, and anything else I need. 

When I received the Day Owl Backpack, I wanted to see if it was just as good as the reviews claim! And yes, I really do read the product reviews. I do take them into account when buying products. 

Day Owl Backpack pockets

Let’s talk pockets! The reviews are all true. There are plenty of pockets! There are plenty of spaces to store your things! 

There’s a small and shallow backpack at the very top. It can be used to keep your wallet, ID, keys, passport, tickets, boarding pass, etc! It just depends on what you’re using your backpack for. 

There is also a zipper on the side that can hold your water bottle! This comes in handy since I tend to carry water with me. I once went on a field trip with my son’s class. I had a big tote bag and guess what? I didn’t use the outer pocket to keep my water bottle in and it leaked a bit inside the bag! The designated pocket for my water bottle is perfect for my busy mom lifestyle! 

Inside Day Owl Backpack

I love the main compartment. Plenty of room to keep my essentials in. Sometimes I do carry paperwork, a book, snacks, etc. 

There is a specific pocket you can store your laptop in. I have a 15 inch laptop and it fits perfectly. 

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