Finding Ways To Be Active During Quarantine

My son’s school district closed in early March! So, we’ve been out of school for awhile now. We made the best of it. At first, I created worksheets for him, I bought a few balls, markers, and more. I wanted to keep him busy! Finding ways to be active during quarantine became my goal! 

Finding Ways To Be Active During Quarantine
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We are going through unprecedented times. Living in quarantine. Restrictions on where you can go and what to wear and not wear. Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer. It’s almost never ending and stressful. 

When the school district closed, parents were left scrambling! I am thankful that I work from home, so we were able to adapt pretty quickly! We made the best out of the situation. There were times when I was glued to the news and I found myself feeling overwhelmed and stressed out thinking about everything I had to do. 

Instead, I stepped away from the news and limited myself to watching less! Now, I only watch a bit of the morning news and maybe a little of the evening news. 

Almost every morning, my son and I go for a walk around the park. I do this because we spend so much time inside. I want him and I to get outside for exercise and fresh air. He and I walk about a mile and a half in the morning. I also like to go for a walk later in the morning or afternoon. All that I care about is that he gets outside several times a week! 

Focus on balance

Since I work from home, I am also a blogger. I spend a lot of time on my laptop. The best way to be active and work your balance is using a standing desk or stand while you work!

The Plane Cloud balance board

Meet the FluidStance’s The Plane Cloud balance board! I did try using it at my dining table because it sits higher than the average table, however, my laptop sits too low. I could eventually get a little stand to sit on top of my dining table to lift my laptop a bit higher. 

Instead, I use The Plane Cloud while watching TV! I can easily stand while watching my shows! This allows me to work my balance and focus on my muscles! I like that The Plane Cloud allows me to be flexible with my movement! I can move in all directions! It reminds me of a skateboard without wheels and there’s little chance of  injuring myself because I am indoors and stay in one spot! 

I love finding ways to be active! I even have a small squat machine in my bedroom, which allows me to squat any time I want! 

Face Masks

My son and I rarely go anywhere except the grocery store. I am not looking forward to the possibility that face masks will be mandatory. The store may change their policy to require a face mask or our county may decide that they are mandatory! 

Rafi Nova Adult and Teen Performance Masks

Either way, I wanted to be prepared! I received two masks from Rafi Nova. I chose the Adult and Teen Performance Masks. 

I love them and they fit perfectly. We have another pair from a different company and I don’t really care for them because I have to tie them! 

The Rafi Nova masks are stylish and we feel protected!

Sun Protection

Using sunscreen is so important to me. My son knows we put sunscreen on before going for a walk. Sometimes he dislikes it but he puts it on anyway. Or he’s just wiggly and giggly while I apply it on his skin. Either way, he knows we put it on before going outside.

Love Sun Body Face and Body Sunscreen

I prefer to use a sunscreen specifically for the face because it is less likely to mess up my makeup. When I use regular sunscreen, it’s usually too runny and can easily smudge or fade my makeup!

The 100% Natural Origin Moisturizing Mineral Face Sunscreen SPF 30 is perfect to use throughout the day! It doesn’t fade my makeup at all. I feel protected when I use it. It feels lightweight and gentle on my skin.

The Love Sun Body 100% Natural Origin Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 Fragrance-Free is perfect for all over our body! I feel confident using it on both my son’s skin and my own without worrying about irritation. 

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