Beauty Brite Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Beauty Brite Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Welcome to our Holiday Gift Guide 2018! We are so excited about this year’s gift guide and hope you enjoy!  This post is a collaboration between a few of our writers!

While you’re here, feel free to check out our Holiday Gift Guide 2017! Thank you for your continued support! We write for YOU!

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The GoBe2 is the perfect watch for any occasion, while tracking your sleep and other habits, keeps you up to date with all your health needs.

Running out of space on your smartphone with all your photos? What if you could automatically backup your photos without worrying about storage space? Check out the Kwilt Shoebox Plus!

Are you always on your smartphone? What about when you’re out and about and worried about a low battery? You need the battery pack chargers that will keep your devices charged! Both are so convenient and so powerful!

Looking for the easiest way to keep your cell phone in place while in the car? I have the VENA cell phone case with credit card pocket. Along with the VENA Magnetic Car Vent Clip. It keeps my cell phone where I want it instead of sliding around on the console or falling into the floor if I have to quickly apply my brakes. It makes it much easier when using GPS, too, since it’s at eye-level.

Add a little personality to your laptop with a cute design with SkinIt! A simple sticker to personalize your laptop!

Gift the ultimate in home monitoring systems with Panasonic HomeHawk Front Door Home Monitoring Camera. Link multiple cameras together, get alerts when motion is detected, record and keep video, talk to whoever’s at your door even when you’re not home, get better images at night and see in color! We are totally impressed with this home monitoring system.

Are you looking to cut the cord on cable? We found an ultra-thin TV antenna that is perfect for any household and lifestyle.

Are you always on your laptop or at your desk and find yourself hunched over? If you’re looking for a great gadget that reminds you to keep your body aligned, check out the Posture Stand! Remind yourself to sit up straight and improve your posture!


Looking for a unique, soft, and adjustable travel pillow? It’s time to meet the ultimate travel pillow that can be used at home, on-the-road, train, or on the airplane! Always on the go? You need to see this pillow!

Create the perfect playlist no matter where your travels take you with a portable, waterproof baby boom speaker. And don’t forget to capture every fabulous moment with the retro, yet stylish Polaroid Snap Camera.

We found a cute and stylish looking overnight bag from Lemur Bags. We featured the Pineapple bag! No matter what, we still get compliments on the bag. Pineapples are fresh, fun, and cheerful for sure. How can you not smile when you see the Pineapple bag?!


Treat your pets to great Aromatherapy options. Each bottle eliminates pet odor and leaves your pet smelling fresh and their coat shiny. Clean head to toe and leave your pet’s coat soothed and soft.


We discovered a steam cleaner that cleans hard surfaces, floors, mattresses, and even converts to steam your carpet! This one product allows you to clean top to bottom all around your home!

Need to improve your existing mattress? We made one simple change to our mattress and upgraded our sheets that add comfort to our sleep! It’s time to get cozy and improve your sleep!

Fill your home with the warm glow of fall, winter and holiday scents with these soy-based, elegant and affordable candles.

Looking for a natural way to cleanse and purify your indoor air?  Add warmth and glow with a beautiful oil diffuser.  Using essentials oils is a fun way to improve your atmosphere.

We gathered a few products to keep your indoor air healthy and clean!  Perfect for all budgets!  You can start with something as easy as a houseplant, salt lamp or an air purifier!

We found a luxurious set of bath towels that you can have personalized! They are made of Egyptian Cotton and super soft on the skin!

Fitness and Health

Have you tried Kettlebells? Not only do they work your strength and cardio but they are perfect for any fitness level! Are you a busy mom? Kettlebells are perfect for you!

Are you looking to boost your overall wellness? We rounded up some of our favorite products to get your started!

Heal your body with organic alternatives such as Hemp Oil and CBD. Cure inflammation, anxiety, and depression with a tasty gummy or wonderfully smelling salve.

Are you already making goals for the new year? Include yoga as an easy and fun way to improve your health in 2019. We’ve found the best 7 piece set for beginners.

Babies and Kids

Do your little ones love dinosaurs? These Tiny Raptors will be your child’s favorite new companion.

When the little ones are sick, you probably reach for a thermometer! Check out the thermometer that is perfect for the whole family!

Leave sparkle everywhere you go with Enchanted Fairy Bags. Accessories for girls aged from 4-6. Perfect as a stocking stuffer.

These outfits will be just perfect for your little one, from top to bottom there is something everyone will love!

Teens and Tweens

Have static free and tangle free hair in minutes with three different, flexible hairbrushes. One brush is even designed to obtain the perfect ponytail while also storing your favorite hair ties!

Pull gross toxins and dirt out of your pores with a pain-free (AND AFFORDABLE) charcoal mask. Charcoal has wonderful skincare benefits and helps prevent oil and shine!

Beauty and Fashion

Do you find yourself carrying a handbag, tote bags, and maybe even a gym bag or yoga bag? Switch to the Infinity Bag and see why it can keep up with you!

Have you tried coconut oil for beauty? Check out the fun products we tried for face and body!

Have you considered organic cotton clothing? We found an awesome company that offers beautiful pieces for men and women! h

The holidays mean candy and chocolate as well as grown-up goodies such as wine and liquor. What do you do when your teeth start to suffer from those guilty pleasures? Check out the best teeth whitening kit for whiter teeth in just 30 minutes.

Get Smoother and Fuller lips with the added benefits of CBD Oil. Great smelling, tinted lip gloss without harsh chemicals and no artificial flavors or scents. Enjoy natural smelling and tasting lip gloss as well as the absorption benefits of CBD.

Food and Drink

Are you looking for the perfect items to add to your kitchen collection? This espresso machine is perfect for giving a boost of energy to a parent or teacher and is a must-have for every coffee-obsessed adult.

Are your ready for the holiday party season? We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite picks for the wine lover or liquor connoisseur in your life.

Spice up those boring Holiday recipes with a culinary classics gift set that is perfect for the Foodie in your life.

Sweet, creamy honey spread adds the perfect touch to your favorite snacks and coffee. Gift honey to that sweet person in your life.

Gardening for the brown thumb is now possible! Each gift-able box comes with three seedling packets, three garden inserts, labels, germination stickers, and a how to guide

Treat your family to a sweet, gummy treat that is NON-GMO and has vegan ingredients! Kids and adults alike will love these gummies and you will love that they have no sugar and are Non-GMO!


For those who have (or know someone who has) a special needs loved one, Chasing The Merry Go Round by Kelly Bargabos is an enlightening peek into the life of a family and their special needs son.

The contemporary romance of Hungry For Love by Maya Sacher is definitely a new twist on the genre. I’ve never read anything quite like it. It’s a fun read for sure!

Ever been interested in learning how one becomes involved in a cult and what it takes to escape one? Sanity Lost & Found by Tarra Judson Stariell is one for the To-Read pile any dedicated reader has on their bookshelf.

For those who like reading novel series that incorporate one or more core characters throughout, perhaps they might enjoy discovering a new author in Caroline Fardig. This mystery/thriller series is a good one.

Ever wondered how to go about making positive changes in your life? Elevate: The Essential Guide To Life by Joseph Dietsch not only explains why we do (or don’t) do things, but contains actionable steps to take to make your life your own and the best it can be.


Have a budding bartender in your life? Help inspire their cocktail creativity with a subscription to Shaker & Spoon’s monthly craft cocktail boxes.


Essential Oils are not just for your diffuser! Oils like Geranium Rose and Peppermint can be added to daily hair and skin routine to improve overall beauty health.

Treat her skin to K-Beauty favorites. Korean beauty is all the rage, and for good reason, their products do amazing things for the skin. From masks to moisturizers, there’s something for every skin type and beauty enthusiast.

Looking for a beautiful and personalized jewelry or meaningful keychains? Check out the beautiful pieces we found.

Perfume and Cologne are a classic Christmas gift. Check out our favorite scents for men and women.

Gifts that give back

Wrap them in healing comfort. Going through cancer treatment isn’t easy, but you can bring a little bit of comfort with blankets from Healing Thoughts. And for each blanket purchased, another one will be donated to someone else battling cancer.

Give hope with soap. Indulge in luxurious, cruelty-free bath and body products while also helping to improve access to soap and other hygenie products for needy families at home and around the world.

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